Sindy targets Susan

by gasman
Storyline Triumph to Trash
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Mind Control F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter The Empire State

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A little wiggle for the benefit of the tourist that had been so sweet as to grope her tush, and a whispered promise to suck him off for letting her know how sexy he thought she was, Sindy was strutting out of the elevator on to the observation deck of the Empire State. The dim little corners and benches where couples could sit, and make out, and probably, if they were quick, fuck, drew a naughty smirk from the self-proclaimed super-skank. If she didn't have plans, she'd probably make time to put on a little show, maybe even make a little cash. But that wasn't why she was here.

No, that was to make the capes and tights crowd realise just what a bunch of horndogs and cockhungry tramps they were. And had she hit the jackpot early! Blonde, prim, perfect little Suzie Storm-Richards out for a stroll, signing autographs, kissing babies, and looking like Reese Witherspoon's sweeter big sister. Sindy shook her head. How did she even leave the house when she had that stretchable stud she tied the knot with to stuff her snatch? (Not to mention that pretty little brother of hers, although Sindy knew not everyone found taboo as hot as she did) Maybe the rumours were true and Mr Fantastic was more into his calculus than his missus, but surely she'd look elsewhere then?

While this ran through the trashy villainess's mind, she slowly shimmied her way behind the crowd gathered around the Invisible Woman, up towards the edge of the roof. A 'tsk' escaped her lips as she saw the sensible pantsuit Sue was wearing. You could barely see her calves, let alone her thighs or ass. How would the world know what a hot little bitch you were if you dressed like an old biddy?! And so, with a theatrical dip to let the odd straggling tourist peek down her strategically torn top, Sindy pitched herself perilously over the side of the building, making sure to shriek loudly and not hurl herself fully over until at least a few eyes turned her way.

"Ohmigawd I'm gonna faaALLL!" she bellowed, before tilting a hint more forward and beginning the dangerous plummet... which stopped almost as soon as it began. A firm but soft wall of nothingness caught her almost instantly, only a slight shimmer to make it clear to a keen observer that the most powerful of the Fantastic Four had exerted her powers to save the poor girl. The cushion of forcefields gently carried her back to the observation deck, carefully depositing her at the feet of Ms Storm-Richards.

"Are you all right... Miss?" she paused briefly as she got a good look at the slut- er, girl she'd rescued, "It's dangerous to get too near the sides, even with the railings. Did you get dizzy? Veritgo or- mmmph?!"

Sue's slightly maternal chastising and quizzing was interrupted by the tanned, buxom Sindy surging forward and planting a lusty, tongue-filled kiss on the super-powered wife and mother. Her hands running over that well-hidden ass and moaning into Sue's ear, even as the former Invisible Girl wrinkled her nose at the heavy floral musk of her perfume, mixed with a lingering note of sweat and arousal, before managing to push the skank... um, very forward rescue-ee, away.

"Um... I'm very... uh... flattered... and I realise that these kind of situations often cause us to want to reaffirm our lust... f-for life! But I'm married... quite happily... And I'm sure you're a lovely girl and a lot of women would love to do you... er, have you... er... I should be going... Just be more careful in future, OK?" Sue stammered, trying to get the taste of booze, trashy lipgloss and something else out of her mouth as she made her way to the elevator.

Sindy grinned to herself as she felt the connection zero in on her target. At a distance, she could tweak a libido here and there... Up close like that, she could slide her fingers into someone's being and well and truly fuck her. The make-out session was just the way in, now she just had to tip a little filth into little Ms Fantastic's head and let it find it's own way out. And judging by the little wink Sue gave a teenager staring at her tits and the curious glance at a lady in an animal print pencil skirt, it wasn't going to take long...

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