Tigra finds Wasp and her hive.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Wasp Tigra
Category Marvel Corruption M/F F/F Pregnancy Transformation Growth
Previous Chapter The Abominated Avengers fight the Thunderbolts to save Tony.

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Greer moaned as she woke groggily in the remains of her bed, stretching her powerful arms over her head she scratched an itch at her belly and was surprised to find herself much MUCh larger. The meal she made for herself before sleeping had gone completely to her pregnancy, making her belly a solid dome attacked to her. Rubbing her claws over its surface she gasped at the bumps that met her clawed hands. "Mmm... Those are new."

Tracing a claw around each of her new breasts she had grown several during her sleep, now having 3 rows of milk heavy tits on her chest, her aerolas were large and puffy with thick nipples dripping small droplets of milk onto her palms. Bringing it to her mouth to lick she purred at the taste.

Some part of her told her she should freak out at all this, she was now a massive pregnant tiger abomination, well over ten feet tall and strong enough to face the Hulk head on. But the only thoughts running through her head was how strong her cubs were, and how eager she was to give birth to her first pride. Yes, she would bear many prides, she dreampt of dozens of her children hunting the forests with her at the front of each pack, gorging on her kills and bearing more to expand her race.

Shaking her head she stood up and squeezed herslef out of her quarters, giggling how she had grown so large her wide hips broke the door frame. "I wonder how Janet's doing? She was just about ready to drop last time I saw her."

Making her way down the hallways she heard a strange buzzing noise coming from Janet's quarters and followed it, by the time she made it to the broken doorway to Wasp's quarters she peered in and gasped.


Waddling in with her claws around her round belly Tigra had discovered Janet's hive, the walls were covered in large round honey-comb like structures large enough to hold a small person but the real surprise was at the middle of the large open room. 

Janet laid on her side, nursing two of her youngest while twelve wasp abominations offered her food that they had scrounged up around the complex. It was like she was a Queen or Empress to them as they massaged and pampered her dutifully. As soon as she saw the green striped pregnant cat woman at the entrance Janet smiled and stood up, floating towards her friend and ally with open arms. "Greer! Just look at you girl, and six tits? I'm so jealous." 

Leaning in close Wasp kissed Tigra passionately, swirling her tongue into the cat woman's mouth making Greer moan and swoon from the intimate kiss,  their claws roaming over each other's muscular bodies, their breasts mashed against each other before they pulled away, not the least bit ashamed or embarassed of their sudden bout of affection.

"Look at me? Look at this place, its like a bee hive, and your kids, they're all grown up!"

"Not all of them but yeah, and they're all boys... Or should I say men." Purred Janet licking her lips as she spotted the solid erections all twelve of her adult children sported in her presence, their sacks large and heavy, loaded with cum to release. "If Hank or the others don't get back soon I just might sample them to expand my hive."

"What?! But Jan they're your own kids!" Gasped Greer yet the urge to be penetrated by any one of Janet's strong male children made her hot and anxious, the need to breed returning as she stared lustfully at the dozen or so stud wasps before her. "So what? They're male, and the urge to breed would overwhelm us to fuck them anyway so why not just enjoy it all?"

Calling one of her sons over she whispered into his ear and cupped her claws under his heavy balls, his erection bobbed under her grasp before she let him go, their wings buzzing in anticipation before she turned back to the green tiger abomination. "Well Greer? He's VERY eager to please you, what do you say?"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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