Eau de Cobra

by C.King
Storyline G.I.Joe
Characters The Baroness
Category Television
Previous Chapter We go back to the episodes of G.I.Joe with some erotic modifications

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The Baroness looked at the bottle of Perfume in her hands. Not Eau de Cobra as that was lost of a crab at the bottom of the Ocean. No this was the result of a lab tech who had done something surprising in Cobra... used their heads.

Dr. Robert Johnson, a young chemist who had been hired by Cobra pointed out the facts. He began, "Eau de Cobra, while having many pros connected with it... had some cons. With the Commanders rushing out the product and not allowing testing, it was doomed to fail. However, I managed to replicate it using trace remains and the original ingredients. Then studied ma'am, like I mentioned in the memo."

A memo the Baroness had as an intelligence officer, and had made sure didn't go much further up the chain of command, for her benefit.

"The perfume is made up of chemicals which affects the emotional, pleasure and judgement sections of the brain. One activates the emotional section to create love, lust and loyalty. One affects the pleasure part, creating an euphoria high for the subject. the final one, negates the judgement centres of the mind allowing any idea to pass unchallenged to be accepted and obeyed.

Eau de Cobra has a problem of being gender specific, to be exact female users and male affected. Also any minor shock, like a splash of water, caused the chemical to be flushed due to electrical stimulation."

The Baroness spoke up for the first time, "I assume you corrected the problems?"

"Correct ma'am. Minor additions of special chemicals and biologicals have improved the perfume and negated the weaknesses. It now affects both sexes, any and all sexual orientations. Also longer lasting as the chemical now alters the brain's chemistry, similar to addiction. I have perfected a compound to prevent the perfume affecting someone as well as a process for reversing the change, but without those factors anyone who smells the perfume is doomed to be a love slave." finished the doctor, who the Baroness would guess had made himself immune. But she looked at him and had to ask him why he didn't do what she would have done.

"Why didn't you use it on me?"

"I love money more then sex. As long as I am paid well, I don't care what you do. I have written down the formula, if you want to keep it or memorize and destroy it. As well as made a large supply of it for use. I assume you will be paying me for it?"

She picked up a briefcase, one of ten, opening it to reveal neat piles of hundred dollar bills stacked. She told him, "We have a deal."

Gaining the supply of her new Eau De Baroness, she began to plot how to use it.

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