Wasp returns to her hive and children, feeling hungry and horny from the stress.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Transformation Pregnancy M/F
Previous Chapter Iron Man contacts the Abominable Avengers for help.

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Waddling back into her hive and breaking the door frame with her wider hips Janet huffed angrily at being left behind with Greer. The Tiger Abomination had left to her own quarters to sleep off her meal, feeling tired after gorging on so much from the meat locker. Wasp herself had eaten so much that her makeshift top and loincloth were just about ready to snap off her burgeoning form, small bumps on the surface of her womb appeared often as her latest pregnancy reached its peak.

"I can't believe I couldn't go with them, I'm stronger than I've ever been... Alright so I'm a giant scaly monster and as big as a whale and ready to drop, but I can still help can't I?"

Looking around her response was a series of confused stares from her children as they finished building the final honey-combs to her hive, having torn down walls to make more room, her lair was now much larger than when she left. In addition her brood had matured in her absence, now young adults they look at their mother with renewed interest as she sulked in front of them, the sound of buzzing wings filling the hive as they fluttered around her.

"God this appetite of mine is ruining my figure, I like my new tits but my ass is just huge!" Arching her back and slapping a claw against her scale-covered, muscular ass it barely shook from the force. "I guess after this batch I can try to lose some of this weight, I wonder if the treadmill can take my... (Rrriiiiip) HEY!"

Distracted from her thoughts she found that one of her sons had torn off her top and was hungrily suckling from one of her erect nipples, quickly joined by another as her two sons fed off of her milk. "Haven't you heard of asking?... Of course not your like 2 days old." Huffing in defeat she waited for them to finish when she gasped in surprise at the steel hard erections bobbing under her belly. A powerful surge of arousal hit her then; the sight of twelve large and powerful male abominations circling her made her hot and moist, her troubles were forgotten as she began squeezing her thighs together as her loincloth became soaked in her juices, looking at the rest of her brood she found them in the same erect state as their brothers feeding from her, making her pant with lust. "Wow... Well hung 2 day olds."

Suddenly her belly surged and her loincloth snapped off from the pressure, groaning in discomfort she recognized what was happening and lowered herself down onto her back, spreading her legs wide as she began to push. All the while her children continued to feed off of her breasts.


"Poor Iron Man..." Chuckled Moonstone as she held the broken man by his neck, his armor crumpled and sparking from the damage her team had done during the fight. "Not so invincible now are we?"

"Ssstop playing with him, we're hungry!" Hissed Venom, salivating at the chance at eating the brains of the genius behind the armor. 

"Shut up Gargan! He's mine to have as I want, and I like to play with my food." Scratching her talons around Stark's chin she made to tear off his helmet when the screech of a jet engine passed by overhead, followed the Abominated Avengers landing down on foot and surrounding the corrupted and transformed Thunderbolts.

"PUT... HIM... DOWN! Yelled Captain America with a clawed finger pointed sharply at Moonstone, his shield in his other hand ready to be thrown at a moment's notice.

Gathering up closely now that they were all cornered, the Thnuderbolts sneered at their new adversaries. "The fallen ones, the ones that rejected the Leader, why do you care about this... Treat."

"He said let him go, or do you have a hearing problem?" called out Spider-Woman clinging to the window of a nearby building, with four of her claws poised to shoot webbing if any of them so much as moved.

The quite was stagnant as both teams of monsters stared down one another, sizing each other up for a fight, until Songbird began to laugh at the Avengers. "Deaf? Us? Hardly... But you will be."

Everyone for half a mile collapsed to the ground holding their ears as a shrill scream filled the city, the force of the sonic wave was so powerful it shattered windows in an arc from its epicenter.


"AAAGH! S-so many, it hurts but... Hrnnng, I love it!" Grunted Wasp as she pushed again, giving birth to another winged abomination before it was taken away and placed in one of the spaces in the wall. She had been giving birth for over an hour and already she had a sizable litter of 12 and growing. "Hnnng, ah fuck! Just one more, just... One... More!" With a final cry she gave birth to her last child and collapsed in exhaustion, her stomach shrinking and tightening back into a set of abs as her latest litter was fed from her tits and put to sleep in their new homes in the hive.

Regaining her strength she slowly stood back up and looked over to the honey-combed wall before her, smiling with pride as she counted 15 sleeping abominations. Her hive was  less than 30 strong now and the desire to bear more was as demanding as ever. Looking down at her now trim and muscular body she chuckled at her larger flaring curves, her second pregnancy had given her an exaggerated hourglass frame with muscles bulging from every inch of her tall scale-skinned body. Raising her powerful arms over her head and arching her back in a pose she cooed at how powerful and sexy she felt, until her mind went back to why she returned to her hive in the first place.

"I wish I knew what was going on with the others, I hope they're OK."

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