The female Avengers started to transform into the Lady Liberators

by Gorel
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Corruption Female Dom Transformation
Previous Chapter Hurricane finds Shadowlioness, demanding Logan for the Night.

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The Avengers mansion was rather quite as the men tried to recuperate, their defeat at the hands of Big Blue was a crippling blow to many of their egos.

"Well, poor bastard is fixed but he's still got that brass poll at his crotch." Muttered Tony Stark as he wiped his hands with a cloth, a collective groan filled the room as the others dealt with their own recovery. "Vision's still dry humping the cloths drier... So I'm just gonna let him stay there."

"At least he can move his hips, I'm terrified what that woman did to my colon." Indeed Captain America was rather sore after having his own shield crammed into his hind quarters, he sat on a large pack of ice and glared at his star-spangled weapon of choice at the wall with a paranoid eye.

"So you'll shit pancakes for a while, you'll pull through, no worse than one of my after after late parties."

"Your tales of debauchery do not comfort us so friend Stark." Rubbing a steak over the goose egg on his brow, Thor glowered as his headache returned. "To think I was used as a hammer myself by one of those valkyrie women."

"Hulk no strongest there is..."

Sulking in the corner of the living room with a bucket of chicken, the Hulk took his defeat the worst, his shattered emotional state left him big and green but far from angry... More like pouty.

Suddenly everyone reacted to a series of thumping sounds heading their way from the halls, the sounds getting louder and heavier, making the group alarmed just before the double doors were slammed wide open.


Crowding into the mansion the Avenger ladies stood before the rest of their teammates who stared back with awe and terror. After hours of rough naughty wild sex with Fred Dukes they had all returned as gorgeous muscle bound giantesses, not one of them shorter than 8 feet tall and build like shit brick houses!

She Hulk was the tallest at 12 feet tall, her muscles had swollen to match her cousin in size yet she still possessed her feminen curves and charms, Being just as leggy and curvy as ever. Her hair flowed behind her down past her feet and gave off an ambient green glow behind her. With her new size she abandoned her cloths since they could NEVER fit her new frame opting instead to go nude... Not as if anyone would object.

Ms Marvel was now more of a power babe than she ever was, her costume couldn't even fit her anymore, deciding instead to use her scarf as a tie-over bikini that wrapped around her bronzed muscular body, showing off everything and barely covering her tits and pussy.

Tigra stood over 10 feet tall and was covered in smooth orange fur and muscles, the sensation of her silky smooth fur kept her disctracted rubbing herself all over, her tail flicking behind her idly like a cat as the room filled with her purrs. Flicking one of her pert nipples caused her to mowl, enjoying the fact that her hands couldn't even cup each of her large melons. "Anyone else wanna pet the kitty?"

Spider Woman was just as tall, strong and busty as the powerful tiger woman beside her. Sporting web tattoos all over her shoulders, arms back and abbs. "Like what you all see boys?" Husked Jessica, her voice was smooth like honey and she flung a handful of her red silky hair behind her, cascade down like a waterfall of red.


Buzzing past the rest of her teammates Wasp hovered over a cowering Hulk, she was now an amazonian 9 feet tall, her costume abandoned for a pair of painted on leather pants and jacket, left open to show off her H-cup breasts that held the thing together from tit pressure alone. "AWWWWWWW.... Poor baby!"

Pressing the brute's head into her soft cleavage she stroked his hair lovingly like a child. "Did the big mean blue lady hurt you?" Feeling the slight nudge of a nod from him she continued. "Want Wasp to make it all better? Kiss all your boo boos away... And make that bitch pay big time?"

By now the rest of the new Lady Liberators had wrapped up the Hulk in a group hug, making the rest of the men somewhat envious of the green bruiser. Feeling another nod at her mile deep cleavage Janet pursed her lips into a smile as she looked over to the others staring at her.

"Guess what boys, we got ourselves an upgrade! The Lady Liberators are BACK!"

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