Ororo doesn't get a chance to answer. Victor Trask takes charge

by MacroLass
Storyline X-Men: The Stepford Submission
Characters Beast Rogue Invisible Woman
Category Bimboization Mind Control
Previous Chapter Ororo is escorted to the surgical ward to meet Mr. Trask

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Thanks enough Doctor!", Trask barked.  "The question of whether she deserves the process is moot.  Of course she doesn't.  The point is to MAKE her worthy regardless of her prior state.  Now if you can't act in a professional manner in the operating theatre, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.  For your safety as well as everyone else's."

McCoy's eyes flickered back to Kavita, her enhanced chest heaving from her run from the other side of the complex.  She'd just managed to catch him before he went in for the surgery and relayed Hammer's demand, which meant that he was going to have to make it happen.  But there was more than one way to skin an anti-mutant fanatic....

"Of course," Henry said, mustering his dignity.  "I apologize.  The...closeness to your patient is affecting my objectivity.  Perhaps it's best if I assist from the control room..."

**Of course, I should have figured that working on his friends would stress McCoy's brainwashing,** Trask thought to himself.  "If you wouldn't mind Henry, I think that might be for the best."

"Of course.  Just let me get settled and you can begin."

While the staff down near the gurney anesthetized the patient, McCoy settled in the operator's chair...with his erect cock buried deep inside Kavita.  "It's simplicity itself," he purred into her ear.  "I'll wait until the implant is connected to her nervous system and send a surge of feedback through it.  Her powers will trigger and everyone in the room will be electrocuted."

"You're so clever Henry," she moaned passionately.  "When he's gone, we'll be the ones in charge, running Stepford for Hammer Industries...."

He smirked and triggered the intercom to the room below.  "Ready when you are, Mr. Trask..."

*   *   *

Flynn scowled and drummed his fingers on his desk.  They were doing good work here getting rid of the mutant scum but he'd had just about enough of Trask's attitude.  Maybe he was losing it?  He wouldn't be the first big brain who cracked under pressure...

So if *that* was true, what should he do?  About half of the men and women were still loyal to him and Trask.  He could turn and start working for Hammer but that just sat wrong with him because they didn't care anything about the goals behind the project.  And if he just left, his reputation would be trashed. 

One way or the other, this would all probably be coming to a head very soon.  He needed to be ready, hopefully with a plan.

*   *   *

After finishing his meal, Anne-Marie went off to change while Hammer contacted his agents on the outside of the facility.  Fortunately for him, he'd fallen off of Stark's radar after his apparent death.  His company was still intact, being run through the proxies, and the Avengers all seemed to be diverted by this month's crisis.  That meant he would be free to build up Stepford as his own personal base of operations...

His newest experiments had turned out well too.  Doctor Rao was now an obedient drone who eagerly submitted to the most degrading and heinous commands. 

And as for his new pneumatic fucktoy...

"Mastah?", a lusty Georgia peach voice from behind him asked.  He turned around to look....

Yes...she'd turned out well indeed.  This slutty mutant would be the prototype for a new generation of "heroines" whose only purpose would be to obey...

*   *   *

"First off," Suzi said as she went to the head of the room to stand next to Gambit, "I'd like to thank Mr. Gambit for 'agreeing' to be our special guest today.  Lets all give him a great big hand job!" 

The mob of women rushed forward to jack the handsome mutant off.  After much yelping (from him) and giggling (from them) they were all licking his jism off of each other as he moaned in exhaustion as they returned to their seats. 

"Our first product today is the the new Hypno-Ap for your dumbphones," the blonde salewoman started.  She displayed one of the typical simplified Stepford units that all wives were equipped with.  "It's set up to be easily accessible for you or your husband to give motivational messages, remind you of appointments, or even take the place of a missed dose of your 'sleepy juice'...."

She triggered the hypnotic swirl and instantly the whole room tranced out.  "I'll count that as an order for each of you," the busty former heroine giggled.

OOC: Artwork for this post is by biggalls and The-Hypnoman on Deviantart.

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