Franklin and Valeria come home

by 2sleepy
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Fantastic Four Invisible Woman
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Franklin and Valeria Richards had been visiting one of the Franklin’s pocket dimensions when the fertility virus was first released.  When they came back to this dimension their robot nanny Herbie detected unusual energy and activity.  They all decided that they should head to their dad’s lab to find out just what was going on.  As Franklin and Valeria were heading down the hall to the lab they heard some strange noises.  It wasn’t the usual sounds of the computers, some machines running some sort of experiment, or even of something being built.  No what they both heard was screaming, shouting and moaning, like someone was being hurt.  Franklin and Valeria slowly and quietly snuck up to the door.  Val had Herbie access the internal security cameras for the room.  Valeria could see a formula that her dad had been working on with of course with some errors to point out.  Franklin could make out that the top of the board read Fertility Virus.  

“Fertility Virus?” what do you suppose that means Franklin asked.  Valeria started to pan the camera around when Herbie suddenly cut off the feed.  

“Oh My, Oh Dear, I can’t allow you two to see something like that.”  “I think we should quietly go to your rooms” said Herbie.  

Franklin was of course way to curious now.  His mind was racing, Fertility Virus, cutting off the screen, and then trying to usher them to their rooms.  Not to mention the screaming, hollering and moaning that was still going on in there.  Franklin just had to find out what was going on.  He slowly eased the door open and was shocked.  Valeria quietly squeezed her head under her brother to peek through the crack too. 

“Wow I guess we know why Herbie didn’t want us to peek” Franklin whispered down to his sister.  Valeria quietly nodded in agreement, as she watched her parents wildly rutting into each other like animals.  However the biggest surprise was how much their mom had changed.  She was HUGE.  Invisible Woman was sitting on the lab table with most of it covered by her belly, and had two bean bag sized tits resting on her belly.  Reed stretched himself out as he thrust into Sue.  His hands were molded into suction cups that were pumping Sue’s milk, while he had stretched his head up to kiss his wife.

Herbie quickly shooed the kids away from the door.  “We need to get to your room then find some help” Herbie told the kids.  Herbie quietly led the kids down the hall toward the living room.  It motioned for them to stop.  The elevator had chimed and Herbie wanted to make sure was safe.  It was Ben Grim followed by Alicia Masters, with Crystal dragging Johnny out behind them.  Both women were wrapped up in very bulky overcoats.
Crystal turned to Johnny “I can’t believe you left us, You know we need your help.”  Ben teased “Oh let’em be, you know he’s always out like a light.”  

“Oh yea, well I can make her hotter then you stone cold” exclaimed Johnny.  Alicia and Crystal had maneuvered the boys to just in front of couch.  

“Look I don’t care if its rock or a hot rod your both going to help us NOW!” Alicia yelled as she and Crystal pushed the men onto the couch.  Together the women dropped their coats to reveal their massive bellies.  Both women looked full term with quadruplets and ready to pop. Together they each pulled their man’s rod out of his pants and mounted him.

Herbie turned to the kids, “Okay kids, I want you to crawl behind the couch to your room.  Don’t look over the couch, and don’t be seen.”  Of course the kids were to curious not to look.  Once they reached the hallway leading to their rooms both kids glanced over their shoulders.  The kids saw Crystal and Alicia bouncing up and down on their uncles both of them topless and pregnant. 
Herbie ushered Franklin and Valeria into Frank’s room.  “Oh My, Oh Dear, what to do, who can help?”  Herbie went on pacing back and forth in the room.  If Herbie had been paying more attention to its scans it would have noticed that the kids had been exposed to the weird energy. 
While Herbie was scanning for any news about this virus.  The virus began to affect the kids.  Valeria was sitting on the bed kicking her legs when she started to feel strange.  She was sore and hot all over.  Oddly Valeria was starting to feel, what was it envious?  She was, she was jealous that her mom, Crystal, and Alicia were all pregnant. 
Franklin kept remembering his mom and dad in the lab.  He liked seeing her with that pregnant belly.  Franklin suddenly heard Valeria start to cry.  He looked over to see her huddled on his bed rocking back and forth crying in pain.  
“AAAAHHHhhh” Valeria cried out.  Franklin was astonished as Valeria started to grow right before his eyes.  He saw the back of her shirt tear.  Franklin watched Valeria start kicking her legs wildly as the seams of her pants began to pop.  She flipped onto her back heaving, as her breasts began to expand.  Valeria’s arms and legs kept growing longer.  Her clothes finally gave way as her hips and breasts swelled to maturity.  Valeria groaned as she stood up off the bed.  Her tattered clothes fell away from this young woman now in her 20s.  Valeria began to examine her new body.  She had a body any professional model would kill for.  With a nice firm bubble butt, a fine pair of boobs hanging from her chest, and legs that went from here to eternity she had one smoking hot body.  Val couldn’t decide if she needed to cover up or pose sexily.  Valeria looked over to Franklin.  She was surprised to see he was starting to undergo similar changes.  

Franklin was sitting in his desk chair, with a glazed look on his face.  He continued to daydreaming about his mother, while he started to masturbate fantasizing about ravishing her.  As Franklin was jerking off, he started to grow.  First his dick grew wider, and longer bursting free from his pants.  His body quickly followed growing longer well muscled arms and legs.  Franklin finally stood there with a body of a professional athlete in his 20s.  Franky stood there stroking his massive rod.  Eventually noticing the new matured Val he let out a whistle.  Valeria decided to strike Wonder Woman’s pose, with her hands on her shapely hips, and her boobs puffed out proudly.  

“I think we need a Sex Ed crash course.  Want to show me what that thing can do?” Val asked as she giggled at the proud rod pointed at her.

Herbie just noticed a spike of the weird energy there in the room.  Herbie stopped his external building scans, to reinitiate his visual cameras.  Herbie panned the room the kids were nowhere in sight.  Instead Herbie saw two well endowed young adults standing there with lust rising in their eyes.  Herbie was puzzled not finding the kids.  He quickly scanned these two adults, their DNA was a match.  The kids had grown to become these two adults??? 

Valeria still stood posing.  Her hands on her hips, with her impressive mounds thrust forward.  Val gave a sly smile while staring transfixed on Franklin’s new endowment.  Images of Franky stuffing that giant sausage into her kept playing in her mind.  Instinctively Val now knew all sorts of ways to please a man.  Valeria approached Franklin, seductively swaying her hips and rolling her chest.  She was glad to see Franky’s dick twitching in excitement.  Val reached out grabbing Franklin’s throbbing dick.  She started stroking him until she felt the dampness of his precum on her hand.  

“Oh we can’t have you wasting any of that.” Val cooed.  Licking her hand off and savoring the flavor, Valeria knelt before Franklin.  She was eyeing intently his oozing rod.  Valeria started by lapping up Franklin’s precum.  She then started licking his shaft from the bottom up kissing the tip of his cock with each stroke.  Val’s head began to bob up and down taking Franky’s shaft deeper into her mouth, as her hands gently massaged his ball sack.  That pushed Franklin over the edge.  Val greedily sucked up all his jiz as her crotch grew wet.  Valeria stood and pressed herself against him, smashing her boobs against his firm chest.  Val hooked her right leg around him as she began to hump his leg while gently stroking his sensitive prick.  
“I bet you want to see me all big and swollen just like momma” Valeria whispered in Franklin’s ear.

“Oh My, Oh Dear, Oh No, Oh NONOnono!” Herbie exclaimed.  “I can’t let you act in such depravity.”  Herbie targeted Franklin and Valeria.  He was preparing to fire.  The stasis field enveloped the entangled brother and sister.  Franklin would have none of that.  He quickly used his powers to cancel the beam.  Franky got a wicked idea, “I bet you would like an extra partner to keep us satisfied.” He said to Val.  Using his powers he started to twist and warp reality around their robotic nanny.  The white floating robot was quickly replaced by…

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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