...a new foe.

by noname002j
Storyline UltraMom: See Mega York and die.
Characters UltraMom
Previous Chapter UltraMom: See Mega York and die.

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(I've written this with the intent that in this tale Ultramom and Ultraboy are having separate adventures.)

At the KSXX Radio Station in Mega City, shock radio host Susana Silk was on the air.

“Listen up folks, unless you’ve been underground or sedated than you pretty much know that Ultramom has now made Mega York her home,” said Susana Silk, “Well kids, who the hell needs her?! I mean we were just doing just fine without her a few months ago without the blue and red fashion statement, so I say the motherly avenger should fly her skanky old ass back to Megacita. I mean Mega York was quite peacefully until Ultra Tits arrived. Crime is now up and so property damage since Ultra Bimbo has to flip over cement trunks to stop the bad guys on every adventure. Now get this kids, tomorrow the mayor is actually giving the oversized girlscout the key to the city, I know what your thinking kids… what the WTF is going on?! We need to send Ultra Milf a message… Go home! We need take a commercial break, but when we come back we’ll open the line for our listeners and give us their opinion on the feel about Ultra Cow being in our city. ”

“And we’re clear,” said the radio director George Glubber as he spoke to Susanna through the glass that sepearted the control room from the radio booth, he spoke through a microphone. “That was great Susanna, I never knew you had such dislike for Ultramom.”

Susanna Silk smiled as she relaxed into her chair, crossed her long slender legs. She was very beautiful, with long blonde hair and green eyes, in her mid-20s. She was dressed in his favorite dark burgundy, sleeveless dress with her hair falling down over her shoulders in the way many of her friends and lovers had always told her it looked its best.

“It’s nothing personal, but the trash talking of a well respected superheroine will make for great ratings,” said Susanna. “Besides Ultramom is a big girl, if she can’t handle being under the microscope of a shock radio program… then maybe she should hang up her cape.”

“Well if you want the big ratings Susanna, you need to shock the world with breaking news,” said George. “Everyone loves a hero, but they love it more when they fail and fall from grace. Think how big the ratings would get if you revealed with hard proof that Ultramom did something scandalous.”

“Like wat? Fool around with her son Ultraboy?” giggled Susanna. “The tabloids been running that old story for years…”

“You ever find it funny that Ultramom showed up here only shortly after Ultraboy took down Alpha Man,” said George. “You know that villain with all the sex related pheromone powers.”

“Yeah, I know who your talking about,” purred Susanna, “I seen pictures of him, Tall, handsome, musuarlar hunk of a man always shirtless. He doesn’t need those pheromones. Think something happened between him Ultramom?”

“It’s hard to imagine the goody two-shoes ‘Ms. Virtue’ Ultramom doing something sinful,” said George. “Sometimes I think Ultramom is a virgin and she adopted that stupid kid.

“Maybe we need to lure Ultramom to my favorite sex club.. the Wet Kitten, she’ll learn to purr there,” laughed Susanna.

“Maybe we should indeed,” smiled George.


Across the Mega York Bay was its sister city, another large vast metropolis known as Megacita.

Ultraboy had taken over as the duties of Megacita’s only superhero protector now that his mother had retreated to Mega York.

Bryce Hallmark aka Ultraboy shot across the sky over the metropolis known as Megacita. He flew towards the expressway until he came up behind a high speed police chase. The Megacita police were following a black mustang, whose occupants were firing guns at the police behind them, the shots flying off into traffic.

“Hero time,” said Bryce Hallmark as the heroic teen swooped down low flew just above the road, as he did he reached his arm under the car, and pulled out the rear axle. The car flipped into the air, as it did he caught it and sat it down gently upside down in the median.

Ultraboy nodded to the cops as they pulled up. “Hope I was able to help officers,” said Bryce as the seventeen-year-old flew away into the sky.

Bryce’s smile quickly faded as he thought about the situation with his mother. Yeah, he was angry with her, but he never meant to cause her to run off. However she was just as angery with him, he remembered their last fight as if were yesterday.


“Yes I was going to marry him,” his mother had shouted at him. “Is that such a crime? I love him!”

“God Mom, it’s been two weeks and you still sound like your under his spell,” Bryce had complained. “I can’t believe you would… what would Dad say?!”

“Your father… is dead,” said his mother tears rolling down her cheeks, “He would have wanted me to be happy… not build a god damn shrine in honor of his memory and keep myself pure waiting for him to return from the grave. Yes Alpha Man seduced with his pheromones, but I fell in love with regradless. He was going to give up crime if I agreed to marry him.”

“You can’t honestly believe that,” complained Bryce. “He was just using you, probably having a good laugh the nights he used you as sex toy.”


Bryce was stunned. His mother had just slapped him in the face, in fact so hard that she left her hand print on the side of his check.

“I’m leaving Megacita,” Patricia said while ripping away her civilian clothes changing into Ultra Mom, “There’s nothing here for me… You wanted to be the big hero here… well, it’s yours! I’ll find somewhere else…”


In the blink of an eye Ultraboy flew to a junkyard and took out his frustration on a rundown car, that was scheduled to be crunched down.

The heroic teen ripped the vehicle apart in a matter of seconds. Better to take his frustration on this tin piece of junk than a criminal, he might kill someone.

The young hero then sank to his knees, covered his eyes with his hands and wept.

Then his Ultra-Hearing picked up a screaming voice: “Help!!! Someone please help me! He’s going to kill me! Someone, anyone… please!! HELP!!!”

Ultraboy stood up instantly and jumped into the air and flew off towards the pleas for help. His red cape fluttered in the wind as he moved through the sky.

A short time later, the young hero dropped from the sky like a meteor, into a dark alley somewhere in the center of Megacita. Ultraboy carefully strode down the alley, until a slim figure stepped from the shadows.

"Oh Ultraboy you came! Thank… goodness!"

The woman was very beautiful, long flowing red hair that was mixed with hints of blonde reached her shoulders, seductive green eyes. In fact everything about her screamed sexy seductress and sinful sex. She was in her early 30’s and was dressed in the classic “little red dress,” though hers had a slightly devious slit up the side. She wore 9 inch high heel stilettos.  

“I heard your pleas,” said Ultraboy trying to keep his eyes on her face and not at her body. “You said someone is trying to kill you?”

“I knew only a hero truly pure of heart would hear my pleas,” said the seductive redhead as she stepped closer to the young hero dressed in blue and red spandex.. “What I will tell you next may be hard to believe, but is true. And if you do believe me, you may not want to trust me… but you must or this world is doomed.”

“Okey…Who are you?”

“I’m Letittia, the daughter of the Devil,” she explained, “And you must help me stop my father!”

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