Mystique finds Shadowcat nailing her boytoy Fred Dukes.

by Gorel
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Mystique Scarlet Witch Shadowcat
Category Marvel M/F Body Modification
Previous Chapter Shadowcat can't resist! She needs to be big and strong!

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Big Blue smiled as she sat with her leg crossed over the other, a cigar sitting over her pouting lips as Quicksilver and Toad cowered under her outstretched arms. Inhaling deeply she blew out a ring of smoke that fluttered over the middle of the room in front of the new Lady Mastermind and Scarlet Witch. "A girl could get used to these, hope Freddy does't mind I take one out of his stash." Giggled the blue muscled sex-bomb as she blew another ring of smoke from her cigar.

Wanda traced her fingers over the 8-pack abbs she now had, along with her g-cup bust and broad hips. After having a romp with the former Blob she was now quite the muscled hottie but now all of her dresses and cloths seemed like children's wear to her. "Too bad my cloths don't fit anymore, course I can change that easy." Twirling her fingers over herself Scarlet Witch conjured a new costume, one that was similar to her original but with so much cut out to show off her new muscles and bust, the only way to describe it now was a red string-bikini with her trademark crown and cape.

Lady Mastermind smirked at the woman before closing her eyes and creating an illusion of her new attire, an open top version of her own costume that looked painted on her smooth athletic build, the bust of her jacket left open with lace crossing between the spaces to hold her larger bust together. "If you want attention Wanda this is the way to do it, make'em want to pull the strings and set these puppies loose."

Leering over to the two men with her leader Big Blue she laughed as Toad tried to sneak a hand over and do just that, before she slapped his hand away like a child. "Nuh uh Toad, don't touch what you can't afford."

"So... What are you three gonna do? Now that you've got bodies that would put Thundra or She-Hulk to shame?" Wondered Quicksilver just as Misty wrapped her arm around him and pressed his face to the side of her bust. "Simple little man, go out and put those X-asses under our heals, then head out to hit the night life to celebrate."

"Fuck yeah Girl!" Cheered Wanda as she cut a cigar of her own. "Maybe we'll get lucky, if these guys are drooling over us imagine what would happen if we crashed a club... Or a stripe joint."


"What was that Pietro? You have something to say?" Mocked Big Blue as she pressed his face deeper into her bust before pulling him back for air, making the man gasp and cough. "I said... Did you hear something."

Looking around the room they could all hear a distinct thumping sound coming from upstairs, followed by the faint screams of a woman getting her jollies off from their favorite new love pole.

"Is someone else using my new toy Freddy? Scuse me girls while I go look see who's got their hand in my cookie jar."

Lifting herself up to her impressive height she gracefully strolled out of the room and up the stairs to the top floor, the clsoer she got the louder the moans and cries got.

"Yeah! That's right, show me what you've got, make this Kitty purr."

"Wait a minute... I recognize that voice..."

"YES! I can feel it, such power... And look at these tits!!!"

Slamming the door wide open Big Blue gasped before narrowing her eyes at the now amazonian Kitty Pride riding Fred Dukes like a rodeo bull for all he was worth, and by now he was totally spent. Looking up with lazy eyes and a dumb smile across her now luscious lips Kitty panted for air with stronger lungs as her now EE cups juggled with every breath. "Huh? Oh hi... Do you mind? I'm almost done, I know he still has some left in him."

Sneering in rage both women were oblivious to the crunching sound of plaster and wood being crushed by Big Blue's grip over the door. "YOU FUCKING BITCH! I WAS GOING TO DRAIN HIM DRY TONIGHT!!! Prepair to die you centerfold wanna-be!"

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