Mystique wakes up and wants another round.

by Gorel
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Blob Mystique
Category Marvel M/F Body Modification
Previous Chapter She's become massively built like he is, tall, muscular and dominating.

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"Trying to get away Freddy? Awww its not nice to leave a girl alone in bed." Pouted Mystique as she sat up looking eye to eye with the frightened man.

"Uh... Mornin Blue... Can I have my leg back please?"

"Awww don't want a round..." Just as she lifted her hand to pinch his chin like a baby she finally noticed the solid muscles on her arms. "Two?..."

Taking stock of her taller muscular frame she stood up and checked herself over. She knew she was sexy before, she could even make herself look like any hottie she wanted but right now she looked absolutely gorgeous. And the new height and muscles were a plus too, she certainly didn't complain that her bust was now around the g-cup range when she rubbed circles under the firm globes.

Closing her eyes she tried on different outfits on with her shapeshifting powers, from a business suit, work-out cloths even her usual costume. Smiling thoughtfully she altered the look to make her loin cloth shorter and make the front and back of her top bare to show off her abbs and lower back. Twisting and stretching she loved the feel of how strong she felt flexing one of her arms and striking a pose before her attention was stolen from a noise behind her.

Flipping her hair back as she turned she found Fred Dukes hastily trying to put on some pants and make a run for it before he was noticed, failing miserably when he caught his foot on the empty flower pot he ate from last week.

"And where do you think YOUR going stud?"


The entire living room to the Brotherhood of Mutants was dead silent as the group stared at Mystique's amazonian beauty and physique while she called up Doctor Strange, Fred was tied up with bent steel from his bed frame and looking rather frieghtened as the blue skinned woman turned power babe listened to the phone.

"So I take it the glamour potion worked? Good to hear but why are you bothering me this time? I was just about to clear the level."

"I DO apologize Doctor Strange, I don't want to keep you from your games, but there's been an interesting developement." Flexing her arm and smiling at the swell of strength forming at her arm she looked at the men in her group and smiled at their drooling faces. "And I must admit I'm enjoying the results."

"You made him drink the entire bottle didn't you?"

"Well of course, one tea-spoon wasn't going to put a dent in HIS lard ass."

"That potion wasn't meant to be taken in such large doses miss Raven, now his entire body is polluted with that magic."

"please call me Misty and what do you mean polluted?"

"There was an entire year's worth of glamour magic in that potion, giving him the whole damn thing will turn him into a glamour potion himself, everything that man gives off will make people around him more attractive and beautiful."

"Don't forget stronger Doc, I think a little bit of his strength powers got transfered along with it after the night we had, ALL night too."

"Wait a minute... You... And he?..."

Pulling the phone away after hearing gagging and puking noises on the other line Mystique hung up before standing to her full height to loom over the former Blob.

"A whole year's worth he said, I could get used to this over a year." Giggled the woman as she flexed both of her arms into a pose. "I wonder if the X-Men can handle ol' Big Blue now?"

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