Aunt May checks on Peter

by 2sleepy
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Human Torch
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Previous Chapter It was Wasp, having made a bee hive out of the center of the city.

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The newly reinvigorated May Parker swayed into the lobby of the Baxter Building.  She was heading for Peter's apartment.  While riding the elevator May could feel her blouse and skirt growing even tighter, along with a heat and hunger she'd never felt before.  About mid way up the door opened letting an exhausted Johnny Storm enter.  He had been fighting off advances from Alicia Masters and Crystal all week.  Being the ladies man he is, he would normally be all down for the romp between the sheets.  However after four days of practically nonstop sex with two babes growing out of their cloths after each round, Johnny had to get away.  Getting into the Elevator Johnny couldn't help but notice the New Milf in the building.  Unable to keep his eyes off her, he noticed that she was huddling in the corner squirming like a kitten and seeming to grow before his very eyes.

The silence of the elevator was suddenly broken by a loud PING.  Looking down at her chest May noticed that she was suddenly sporting more cleavage then she remembered. A warmth spread through her ass as May reached down feeling her rump swell beneath her touch.  Turning to the staring man, May sauntered up to the shocked Johnny Storm.  As she stood in front of him another button sprung from her blouse to hit Johnny square in the chest.  Her tits springing free from her shirt while growing another cup size. May couldn't help but notice the nice bulge growing in the man's pants.  May slowly walked over smashing her bulging boobs against his firm chest.  

"Hey hon you look awfully familiar.... do you like what you see?" May pinned Johnny against the wall with her bosom, while she deftly unzipped his pants to let his now raging hard on spring to life.  Gently stroking his cock, May turned around to stop the elevator,  She was determined to have some fun with this new body. "I'm May by the way, what's your name stranger?"

 Johnny noticed her skirt starting to dig into her hips, using his fire powers he burned off her skirt and panties.  "I'm Johnny Storm The Human Torch."  

May cooed as she felt her skirt disintegrate.  Kneeling down May sandwiched his cock between her now massive boobs giving the first tit fuck of her long life.  Teasing Johnny's cock with her mouth May couldn't help but feel a hunger for cum, after all she hasn't had sex since Ben passed away. Quickening her pace May brought Johnny to cumming buckets all over her chest.  May had to have that hot rod in her drooling pussy.  Turning her ass to rub against his still hard cock, "Come on Torch you have a fire to put out" moaned the horny May Parker.  Johnny quickly mounted her.  He used a little trick he learned shortly after getting his powers.  Johnny began to heat himself up.  He started to pound away at her drooling pussy with his super heated dick,  Leaning over her back Johnny groped Mays massive tits with heated hands causing her to writhe in ecstasy even more so when he started to tweak her nipples.  May and Johnny started to pump in sync, his heated cock driving her mad. She wanted his cum she needed his cum. May could feel Johnny's cock grow even hotter, and start to swell.  They both quickened their pace, desperately needing release.   Johnny piston up into May one last time.  He released his scolding cum into May's ravenous womb.  May nearly passed out from being filled with his hot spunk.  Leaning against the cool elevator after the super heated fucking, she pressed the button to continue back up to Peter and MJ's room.  Grabbing her blouse and sweater from off the floor, she tried covering her breasts as much as she could.  She had to make a makeshift bra that barely ended up covering her distended nipples. while she draped the sweater around her hips trying to save some since of modesty, but it didn't hide the juices seeping down her inner thigh.

Having staggered her way to Peter and MJ's apartment, Aunt May started to feel an insatiable hunger.  Going to the fridge while unconsciously rubbing a knot forming in her stomach, May noticed a note for Peter from MJ.  Hey Tiger I'm going to Sue's apartment for ladies night.  May's nipples perked up at the thought of some more fun, all the while stuffing her faces with whatever she could get from the kitchen.

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