There's still one member of the FF for Sue to corrupt - The Thing!

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman Fantastic Four
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Hellcat fights the Bolt of Darkness, but her lusts are already driving her wild

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After her session with Reed, Sue was getting ready to leave the Baxter Building when she found Ben and Alicia in the lobby. Alicia stepped forward and hugged her. "Oh Sue, Ben told me about your ordeal. I've been so worried about you!" Her hands went up and lightly caressed Sue's cheeks."Thank you Alicia. You're always so kind and compassionate." She leaned forwards and kissed Alicia lightly on the lips, but unseen by Ben, she slipped her tongue out and licked Alicia's soft lips, letting just enough of her eldritch saliva to seep into the blind beauty's skin and then into the depths of her soul.

Alicia's lips tingled and a feeling of wicked pleasure coursed through her. She gasped and stepped back to Ben's side. He was oblivious to all this. "Yeah Suze, how you doin'? Any luck with the lawyers?  "I'm afraid not. For the time being, I'm going to have to go back to work for Fisk as a...stripper, porn star and whore." She put on a perfect performance of shame and fear, mixed with weary resignation. "Dammit, there must be something we can do!"growled the Thing, slamming a massive fist into his palm with a loud THOOM.

At his side, Alicia was fighting the confused mixture of sensations. She was full of pity and horror for Sue's situation, but at the words "stripper, porn star and whore" she felt a thrill of forbidden excitement. She imagined herself up on a stage, dancing sensually in a skintight spandex mini-dress, slowly peeling it off to reveal her splendid body to roars of appreciation from the lust inflamed audience.

With her demonic vision, Sue could see the waves of terrible lust rippling over Alicia like flames. "Oh it's not so bad really Ben. Actually, I'm starting to like it. After being a faithful wife and dutiful mother all those years, it's fun to have an excuse to be a filthy slut. And I'm very, very good at it."

"What the hell are you saying???" he yelled at her. She just smiled and winked, then turned and walked into the large living area, knowing that Ben's gaze was reluctantly fixed on her perfect ass.

Ben noticed Reed enter the room and sit in one of the large sofas as Sue slinked over to a coffee table, lifted a remote and pointed to the sound system in the corner, and deep, bass rock started thumping in the room.  She dropped the remote and began dancing slowly, running her hands over her curves and smiling seductively at Ben.

"Reed, what is this? I thought you said she was cured?"

"I think she's just perfect as she is, Ben. I wouldn't change a thing," replied Reed as he watched his slut wife with obvious adoration.

Ben gazed in amazement at his friend, then back at Sue, who was now peeling off her FF uniform, revealing the perfect globes of her tits, each with a shiny silver bar-bell through the nipple. God, she was incredible. Ben felt his rocky dick beginning to swell.

Sue had now stripped down a tiny black thong and she flexed and ground her gorgeous body in time to the music. Then she turned her attention to Alicia, who was unconsciously swaying in time to the music too. "Join me," said Sue, and it wasn't an invitation, it was a command. Alicia followed the sound of her voice and joined her in the center of the room. The two women danced together, running their hands over each other's bodies. Sue took Alicia's head in her hands and pulled it down to her breasts, and Alicia's tongue darted out and flicked at each nipple in turn. Sue gasped with pleasure, and turned her smokiest look of seduction on Ben. "Would you really want to cure me Ben? Or would you rather have me turn your pretty little girlfriend into a cock-hungry whore like me?"


Moments later, the two women were naked on all fours on the coffee table, face to face, their tongues entwining in passion. Behind Sue, the Thing squatted, gripping her slim waist in his huge  paws and thrusting his massive rocky dick in and out of her clutching twat. Her splendid ass pushed back to meet each powerful thrust. Behind Alicia, Reed stood, slamming his rigid cock in and out of the blind woman's asshole. His cock had molded itself into the perfect shape to fill her rectum completely and she barked with dark delight as the shaft probed impossibly deep into her bowels. She had never experimented with anal sex before, but thanks to Sue's "elixir", she was on her way to becoming an ass-whore.

"That's it Ben!", yelled Reed. "Fuck her! Fuck the slut as hard as you can!"

Ben's mind was in turmoil. He wasn't sure if he'd gone crazy or if this was all some horrible nightmare, but he was more turned on than he'd ever been and felt himself building towards a shattering climax. Sue sensed this and pulled herself off his pulsing cock, then held Alicia's face up. Roaring, both men pumped their thick seed over the face of the blind slut as she smiled and lapped at the thick goo, then sucked each cock in turn, humming with pleasure as she drained every last drop.

Sue licked the stray gobbets of cum off Alicia's face and smiled wickedly up at Ben, savoring the war that was going on in his mind. There was still work to be done, but she knew he would be her obedient slave soon.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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