Ben wakes up in Kevin's arms and starts to panic, realizing he's been changed into a girl...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
Previous Chapter Dr. Animo's Win

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    As Kevin finished speaking, Ben began to stir in his arms, groaning softly.  The others turned to him, worried. 

    "Whu..." she moaned groggily.  "What jus' happened?" She blinked.  "What's wrong with my voice?"

    "Ben..." Gwen said, "Whatever you do, don't panic."  She immediately cursed herself for saying it.  Saying 'don't panic' NEVER worked...

    Ben frowned.  "Are you implying I have REASON to panic and WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY VOICE!?!" she screamed.  "Why is it all light and fluffy and..." She looked down, noting the prominent boobs on her chest for the first time.  "No... Nonono..." She pushed herself out of Kevin's arms, scrambling to her feet and groping all over her body.  "Oh God... NO!!" she cried, tears starting to flow down her face as she grabbed her crotch, finding a rather prominent absence from her anatomy.  "WHY AM I A GIRL!?"

    "Dr. Animo hit you with an energy beam of unknown type," Rook said, gesturing out to the monitor.  "Now that we know it's affected you in some way, I intend to disassemble it and take it to Azmuth for study." 

    Ben fumed, clenching her fists tightly.  "Where's Dr. Animo, then?"

    Rook held up the void ball he was contained in.  Kevin, knowing where Ben was going with this.  "No, Ben," he said.

    "I'm just going to have a little chat with him," Ben said with a forced smile.  "And then I was thinking about seeing if Jury Rigg can take apart ORGANIC things if he doesn't fix this."

    "Okay, dude," Kevin said, "First thing?  You do that, we're coming down on your ass like we do every villain.  Second thing, occassionally turning evil is my schtick.  You're supposed to be the good guy.  Third thing, do you really want to trust the lunatic who turned you into a girl in the first place to change you back, if he would at all?"

    Ben glared at Kevin, her fists clenched tightly, one hand paratially towards her Omnitrix... and then she relaxed, sighing.  "You're right..." she said softly.  "Let's... let's just get this fixed as quickly as possible...  No offense to your gender, Gwen, but I really don't need these hanging off my chest..."

    Gwen chuckled.  "None taken," she said, her concern for her cousin overriding her mild jealousy that Ben was bustier than she was.  (Besides, she could make herself have bigger breasts anytime she wanted.   Anodite hax powers were such a wonderful thing.)

    Ben grinned a little.  "And thanks for not making some of the obvious jokes..." she added.

    Gwen shrugged.  "Eh.  Too easy.  Plus, you got enough problems right now," she said, smiling warmly.

    Ben chuckled, nodding. 

    Rook came up to Ben, placing his hand on her shoulder.  "Do not fear, Benjamin," he said.  "We shall restore you to your proper gender." 

    Ben blushed, gulping hard.  All of a sudden she felt hot, and she felt a dampness building between her legs just from his touch.  Without even realizing she was doing it, she reached up and felt Rook's hand, feeling the soft, light blue fur.  She became suddenly aware of Rook's maleness, images filling her head that she had no idea how to interpret.  She pushed him away, whimpering, clutching her head. 

    "Ben, what's wrong?" Kevin said, stepping forward. 

    Ben grimaced, suddenly remembering all the times Kevin had his shirt off, revealing his taut, muscular chest... "STAY AWAY!!" she shrieked, the dampness in her crotch getting worse.  She was visibly sweating as she backed away from the two men, leaving them to trade confused looks. 

    Gwen, meanwhile, was starting to get what was happening.  "Oh hell..." she said, teleporting over to Ben.  "Ben, can you describe what you're feeling right now?"

    Ben gulped, tears flowing down her face.  "Hot... like I'm burning up from the inside, starting at my hips and growing through my whole body.  Every time Rook or Kevin get near me this... images start flashing through my head... and... and it feels like I peed myself down below, my underwear's so wet right now..."

    NOW Kevin understood.  "Damn..." he said, stepping back.

    Rook, however, was still lost.  "What it happening?"

    Gwen shook his head.  "Whatever that beam was had a super-aphrodisiac of some kind in it," she said.  At Ben's horrified look, Gwen nodded.  "I'm sorry, Ben, but you're REALLY turned on right now.  Like, majorly." 

    "Oh damn it damn it DAMN IT!!" Ben swore, sobbing.  "I'll fucking kill Animo for this!"

    Kevin snapped his fingers, getting an idea.  "Ben, try turning into Alien X!"

    Gwen blinked.  "What good will THAT do?  You know Alien X won't work unless those two gods Ben shares the Alien X body with agree with him!" 

    Kevin nodded.  "Yeah, but Ben's body will go inert until they do.  Meaning possible relief for him.  Plus, hell, he's a Celestialsapien as Alien X.  A reality warper.  Maybe he can warp himself back to normal?"

    Gwen saw the point and nodded, turning to Ben, who was already readying the Omnitrix.  In a flash of greenish energy, Ben's body changed, becoming a human-shaped patch of night sky, stars glittering in her still-female body, her only features glowing white eyes and a trio of small horns in a trident-like crest.  Alien X stood stock straight, her prominent breasts framing the Omnitrix symbol on her chest. 

    "Oh hell, his aliens are girls now too," Kevin muttered.

    Rook frowned.  "Ben claimed he was feeling a dampness between his legs, correct?" he said as he looked over the ultra-powerful alien. 

    Gwen nodded, looking thoughtful.  "Yeah.  It's a common thing for human women to feel moistness when aroused," she said. 

    Rook pointed to Alien X's crotch.  Kevin and Gwen looked, cursing when they saw the glowing astral fluids running down her leg. 

Inside Alien X's mind...

    Ben groaned softly, still feeling the growing arousal.  She floated through the void, coming up to two glowing green faces, both of which were female. 

    "Serena?  Bellicus?" Ben asked the two faces.  Serena managed to maintain her serene pleasantness, but it looked forced, while Bellicus, who looked like an angrier version of Serena now, snarled at him.

    "Oh dear... If Ben's been affected as well..." Serena said softly.

    "What happened?!" Bellicus thundered. 

    "I don't know..." Ben admitted.  "Dr. Animo hit me with some sort of ray, and I woke up like this, a girl that's steadily getting hornier."  She looked down, seeing herself as a female Alien X.  "Damn it, it's spread to my aliens, too..." 

    "Ben..."  Serena said.  "Whatever this is, it's strong enough to affect a Celestialsapien.  Be very cautious in the near future." 

    Ben blinked.  "What do you mean?" she asked.

    "Something dangerous is coming," Bellicus said, grimacing at her growing feelings of arousal.  "We will not oppose you in any decision you make with Alien X's powers in the future." 

    Ben nodded.  "Well, that's something at least," she said.  "Can I use Alien X's powers to change us back to normal?"

    "Ben..." Serena said sadly.  "..if this was powerful enough to affect Alien X, then Alien X will not be able to reverse it..."

    Ben went wide-eyed.  "But... But Alien X..."

    "Even the strongest Celestialsapien has limits..." Bellicus said, scowling.  "Rely on Azmuth to help you through this.  And do not attempt to use Alien X's powers until you have gained control of this heat within your body." 

    Heat... Ben didn't like the way that was phrased.  He gave up, and reverted the transformation...


    In a flash, Alien X turned back into Ben Tennyson, the young woman falling to her knees, clutching her arms and shivering.  "Too powerful... Whatever did this is too powerful even for Alien X...  We need to get to Azmuth..."

    Gwen nodded, helping her up as they went to Kevin's car.  Kevin, meanwhile, began to think.  Max would need to know about this... Ben would probably be fearful of letting herself be seen like this... But he knew Max well enough to know he wouldn't be too weirded out by it.  It's bad to keep secrets from family...

    He made up his mind to call Max as soon as he got a moment to himself...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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