The day after

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Clark Kent
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When Clark and Lois returned to their Home both of them went immediately went to bed. Lois couldn’t remember what had happened in the Meeting Room and Clark didn’t tell her the truce. Not that she really asked for it. Lex had put her out of the Trance after a very hot but short lived Orgy. He also said Cat he same but was sure that it didn’t work for her. Clark on the other Side remembered every Moment of it. The moment he was weak and offered his former Arch-Enemy his Wife, the Moment he abused Cat in front of Lex Luthor. He remembered when his wife climaxed while riding Lex Luthor´s Cock like a Fury. He remembered the grunting sounds of Lex as he ordered her to clean his Shaft with her tongue and as he came in Cat. But he didn’t regret it. He had loved it. Every fucking Second. It was the hottest thing he had ever done. His greatest Fantasy had come true. Seeing his wife fucked by Lex Luthor while in a deep Hypnosis. Just the Memory of it made him hard again and he started to masturbate. Then he stopped for a Second to activate the Diamond Lights. He could relax much better when it was on. Soon both of them were deep enthralled by the Lights and each of them masturbated while unheard Commands sank again deep into their minds. 
But without the Knowledge of Lex he had won a great Battle this day. 
“Don’t worry Clark. I won´t tell it anyone as long as you keep Quiet. I think this should be a thing between both of us.” He had said and this little Sentence had a great impact on Clarks Mind. He knew now that he could really trust Lex Luthor. He had proven that he wouldn’t break his word. This, in combination with the constant subliminal Messages had finally broken him. He accepted it now that Lex would never break his word or that he was a trustfully Men. As long as he wouldn’t do anything to harm others he wouldn’t do anything against him. He would see him as a friend. But it was too soon to tell him who he really was. But maybe one day Lex Luthor could fuck not Clarks Wife, but instead the Wife of Superman. 

As both of them slept deeply the Diamond Lights and the Emitters podcast their toxin into their brains. 

“Lex Luthor is Sexy. Lex Luthor is charming. Lex Luthor is admirable. Money is Sexy. Power is Sexy. Lois Lane loves Sexy things. Lois Lane feels attracted to Lex Luthor. Lois Lane trusts Lex Luthor. Lois Lane wants to sleep with Lex Luthor. Lois Lane doesn’t find Clark Kent sexy. Clark Kent is like a big Brother for Lois Lane. Lois Lane want to prove the World that Lex Luthor is a good Men. Lois Lane wants to be with Lex Luthor. Lois Lane don’t love Clark Kent anymore. Lois Lane wants to dress Sexy for Lex Luthor.”

“Lex Luthor is trustworthy. Clark Kent trusts Lex Luthor. Clark Kent believes that Lex Luthor is a good guy. Lex Luthor is a Friend of Clark Kent. Clark Kent has a Hypno-Fetish. Clark Kent lusts after Woman with Big Tits. Clark Kent has a Tit-Fetish. Clark Kent don’t desire Lois Lane. Lois Lane isn’t Sexy. Clark Kent want to flirt with big Breasted Woman. Clark Kent dream of Lex Luthor fucking his Wife. Clark Kent gets aroused by the thought that Lex Luthor fucks his Wife.”

As they got out of their bed both of them smiled a dreamingly smile and went to their work. Each of them now in a deep net of Mind Control that their former Enemy had woven over them. 

“Clark. Is it okay for you that I write the Biography of Lex? I mean it would take some time and I would spend much time with him?” she asked him and he said friendly. 

“No Problem Lois. Have fun and do your Work. The world must know about the new Lex Luthor. He is trustworthy I think.”

“And what if I take this with the fun literally?” she asked him teasing a felt a wave of pleasure washing over her. Much to her surprise, or to her relieve Clark answered with a visible Hard on.

“I am sure that you will have a good time Lois. Trust me. I know it.”

“I will do. And what about you? Will you be okay? I mean our personal Time wasn’t much in the last months. Don’t you miss some… fun in the Bedroom?” she asked but somehow the thought about fucking Clark wasn’t very arousing.

“Don’t worry about me Lois. I have everything I need and I have plenty much to do. I would really understand if you would go and try some…. Different food.” He said meaningful and looked at her. 

“I think I understand what you mean Clark. I think I will do exactly that. I believe it is a good time that I work so close with Lex. I will enjoy every second I think. Have to go. Can I have your Credit Card? I want to buy some new cloth for the Interviews. I cannot go to a Men like Lex Luthor like that!” she put on her loveliest face and with a sign he gave her his Credit Card.

“Why do I fear that I have to eat for the rest of the Month Dog Snacks?” he joked at her and she gave him a kiss on his cheek. 

“I will be back very soon. I promise. Just need some things from Victoria Secrets and some other nice Stores.”

After she left the Room Clark put on his Handy. He had a message on it from Cat. He wondered how much she would remember from yesterday and if he should tell her. She was like him obsessed with Hypnosis or at least she did everything to get some good fucking from him.   But right now his sexual Hunger had been sated and he felt wonderful. The Orgy yesterday and the fact that it had been his secret fantasy had made him feel good and his Mind was clearer than ever. Little did he know that quite the opposite was the Fact? Without his unconscious mind fighting against the Subliminal Messages he was fully open to them now. This was the reason why he felt so good. There was nothing he fought anymore. In this state of Mind he misjudge this as peace. 

So he lifted off into the Sky to patrol the City but nothing happened in the Moment. It was one of these extremely rare Days were nobody needed help. The minor Crimes or Dangers were taken care of some other Super Heroes and so he hadn’t to do anything. After a quick landing in the Daily Planet he finished his work for the last 2 Days and even let some Time move on while doing it. Cat wasn’t in the Office and he mused that she was in her Apartment regeneration from Yesterday. Not everyone could handle him in such a state and could hope to be on the Feet that fast again. He laughed out of nowhere as he thought about this and then he wandered around the City a bit bored. Then he remembered the invitation from Siren and thought that it would be a good moment to finish this one. He was clear in his mind, not sexual frustrated or in any other need. In this condition he was sure that he could handle a dinner with the Blond Woman without destroying his Reputation. 
He informed her that he would like to eat with her this evening and she accepted gladly. 

Then he got a call from Bruce where he was informed that Bruce was in some kind of strange Situation. He asked him if he could come close by to stop him from doing something stupid. After a question from Clark Bruce informed him that his Partner, Tim Drake alias Robin, had a new girlfriend and that she was living in Wayne Manor right now. First Clark thought that Bruce wanted to kick her out but then he heard that Bruce was attracted to this Woman and that he wanted a Babysitter as long as Tim was out. 

It was clear that Bruce feared that he would sleep with the woman who was extra ordinary beautiful. 

Clark explained his friend that … 

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