Back with Johnny and Hellcat

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
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Patsy Walker-Hellstrom leveled sympathetic eyes on the young man that walked with her. Everyone in the hero community knew that Johnny Storm was a player. The young man was handsome, powerful, and full of life.  Isn't that what youth was all about?  What good was it without wild oats to sew?  Still, this was different.  Johnny spoke of how this love of life and especially of women had been twisted and warped recently. Now he was haunted by desires he found disturbing and even perverse, but that did not surprise the heroine.  The man had been somewhere that even the faith of a saint could wilt like a flower in the deep desert.  The boy reeked of an evil realm he visited as strong as a carton of rotting eggs.  It was a smell she knew well... The smell of Mephisto, the Lord of Lies!

Johnny seemed to get more flustered the longer he talked as he continued "I mean, it isn't like I didn't think of girls before, and trust me, none of those thoughts were PG, let a lone G rated! But this new stuff is just off the charts... wrong!"

Patsy gently grabbed the man's arm and cooed "It's your sister, isn't it?  Mephisto has you dreaming about your sister."

All color drained from the hero's face as he turned toward his confidant.  He wanted to run and hide, but in her eyes he saw something he did not expect.  He saw compassion and understanding. Johnny mumbled in reply "How... How did you know? I didn't..."

Patsy giggled as she turned back in the direction they were walking and answered "Did you say who it was; no, but front page news of her turning porn star the other day was a good clue and with Mephisto involved, perverting life's simple pleasures is his bread and butter.  Johnny, you will be able to put this behind you.  Believe me, no one has more experience at recovering from that evil bastard's perversions than I do.  I spent over a year in his 'Arena of the Tainted.  If I can get over that, you can get over this."

For the first time in a couple days, Johnny actually began to hope that his secret embarrassment may just pass, but that moment didn't last.  Neither he nor Patsy saw anything, but they heard the whistle of a powerful project approaching before Patsy violently jerked free from her escort and fell to the sidewalk.  As she gasped in ragged breaths she clutched at something over her rapidly beating heart.  Johnny couldn't see it, but Patsy looked in horror at the murderously evil looking Bolt of Darkness.  The thing radiated foul wrongness as she tried with all her might to remove it, but it was too late.  The arrow had found its mark in her once pure heart and now her heart drank the perverse darkness of the weapon with abandon and slowly started to spread that taint to her mind and soul.  Lustae smiled wickedly at her handiwork.  Soon her Lord would have a new Queen to torment that upstart Hellstrom!


She Hulk growled defensively "Who the fuck are you calling bitch, BITCH!" The gamma infused goddess stared daggers at her friend and mentor in sin as Sue and Jan strode into the lab.  Shulky sneered "You gave rubber boy to us as our dick toy to do what we please... So wearing Reed as my non stop pleasure toy dress PLEASES ME, so you two can FUCK OFF!"

Jan moved to the side of the angry heroines as she cooed "Now Jen, hon, that wasn't all that Suzy said , now was it?  She said we could SHARE Reed, when he wasn't taking care of the brats or doing work for the team and the government, right?  There are appearances that need to be kept up."

Jen didn't even bother turning as she replied "Jan, you're lucky I don't have a newspaper or you just be a bloody stain on the business section right now.  Why don't you fly off and play with a bug zapper while the grown ups talk!"

Sue stepped forward and said "Oh, and you're being adult? 'Reed is my toy.... nah nah nah!' Greedy little bitch!" Fury blazed in She Hulk's eyes as she attempted to push past the blond bombshell, but even though the shove would have knocked the Thing on his ass, Sue didn't budge a millimeter and it was Shulky landing on her well muscled butt.

As Jen sat up in exasperation, the Winsome Wasp cooed "Reed, darling, please go to the bedroom and wait for me.  We girls need a little chat."  As Reed stopped pleasuring the powerful heroine and started to return to his normal form, Jen tried to protest but quickly found a force sphere rapidly expanding in her throat the prevented breath, let alone conversation. 

In a matter of seconds, Reed had left the form of Shulkie's kinky dress and happily strode out of the room so the mistresses could talk. As soon as Reed closed the door behind him, Sue's appearance shifted.  Her height grew to match her adversary's and her skin turned a deep red.  Demonic horns grew from her head as her finger nails grew to long black sharp spikes.  Great leather wings and a long pointed tail completed the demonic transformation as the gasping Avenger struggled to her feet.  Sue looked idly at her deadly nails as she addressed her associate "You know, Jen, I brought you girls, my dearest and most trusted friends, into this venture at the very beginning because I knew I could depend on you. You will be my lieutenants as we drag this world down to our Master's domain.  Can you imagine my disappointment when I find you tossing the whole plan away to get your jollies off.  Now, as jollies go, it isn't bad.  I do wish I had thought of it, but lets be real... The entire government is terrified that Reed will use the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy the world; so much so that they *approve* you mind controlling the man. And what do you do?  Do you keep having him turn out new and better weapons for our military; weapons which will just feed Master's ravenous hunger for souls all the quicker? Do you have him publicly doting on our children so the world can see him in a good light and relax their scrutiny on us?  Better yet, considering my eldest almost killed the Master once before, are we making sure that they are being well cared for and content as possible under the circumstances or are we giving them the opportunity to interfere and even harm us or our Master? Let's not even bring up that with their mother being 'held hostage' by the big bad Kingpin, that Reed is all they have and it is endangering the children to take him away.  I mean, I may be a demon now, but I'm still their mother and I WILL RIP OUT YOUR SOUL AND WIPE MY ASS WITH IT IF YOU HURT THEM!!!"  As Sue's tail wrapped around She Hulk's neck, the look of rage began to drain from the demonic vixen's face as she continued "Maybe I had too high hopes for you.  Perhaps your gamma power makes your corruption so dark that you forget loyalty to me."  Jen now realized that the force bubble was gone but the tail was draining her power as she quickly turned back to the all too human Jennifer Walters. Sue waved her arms in exasperation as she continued "Maybe I should have left you chasing ambulances and getting criminals off." Sue looked wickedly at her friend and smiled "Yeah, getting crooks off would definitely suit you in more ways than one."

Now that the force bubble was gone, the depowered heroine could talk again as she rasped "Sue... Please... We're... We're friends!"

The demoness patted the frightened woman on the head as she cooed "That's right Jen.  We are friends.  We have been through a lot together.  We have stood side by side against incredible odds... and still you let your greed and need to get your kinks off almost derail all we are working for.  If you weren't a dear and trusted friend, I would have already sent your soul to Master's Arena of Tainted Souls. I just need you to understand that the next time you endanger our plans, you will lose your powers permanently and if you betray me, even in jest, you will spend eternity as arena fodder as well as the cock candy of the lowest and most perverse souls in Master's realm."  Sue dropped Jen unceremoniously to the floor and watched as she returned to her jade giantess form before the demon siren continued "So, Jen dear, do we have a full understanding? Are you ready to stick to the plan?"

Shulky looked apologetic as she shook her head in agreement "Yes, Sue.  I understand.  You won't regret giving me another chance."


As Mephisto delighted in the progress his newest slaves in the mortal world, he waved his hand before the mystic portal and instantly the women threw their heads back in abject delight.  Wave after wave of intense sexual pleasure beyond human imagination assaulted the evil sluts as they orgasmed shamelessly.  The Master was pleased and his devout slaves reveled in the knowledge that they had pleased him even more than the soul shattering climaxes that issued through them like a high powered machine gun. 

As his slaves sung his praises at the tops of their lungs, the Lord of Lies laughed, but soon he was aware of something new... The Bolt of Darkness was now part of Hellcat and she was quickly becoming his!  His mighty cock stiffened at the thought of taking the chaste heroine as his willing evil consort.  There was no saving her now, not that she would soon want to be saved!

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