Cyclops serves the ladies

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Emma Frost Rogue Storm She-Hulk
Category M/F Pregnancy Growth Female Dom Corruption
Previous Chapter Rogue and Storm enjoy Cyclops while they wait for Emma to finish.

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Storm was far from descrete as she moaned loudly, thrashing back and forth as she rode Cyclops like a wild bronco. She wasn't faking it, she was ANNOUNCING IT! She wanting everyone in the auditorium to know she was getting satisfied. Arching her back she swung her plump breasts back and forth, mashing against Rogue's as she ground against the man's face. "Aaaaah YES! Fuck that pussy you little shit! Knock me up and make me biggggaaaaaah!"

Rolling her eyes back Storm screamed as Cyclops came and came hard into her, flooding her completely to the point of overflow before she slumped down panting.

"Its mah turn now Stormy, let ol' Rogue have a turn with Emma's toy." Leaning in to share a deep kiss with the white haired woman she smirked as Storm pulled herself off of him and moved aside to lounge nearby. Turning herself around Rogue positioned herself over the exhausted mutant's raging boner and slammed down over it. "YES! FUCK YES! Gimma what mama Rogue's been craving you twig of ah man."

Emma smiled as she watched the two goddesses enjoy her cock-slave, she couldn't wait for them to get immense like her and have some REAL fun. Gasping for air after being force fed Emma's milk Remy pulled away grabbing his raging hard on like a dangerous snake with a pair of oranges hanging at his crotch, it throbbed angrily in his hands as if ready to explode. He could barely think as he desperately looked for a means of release.

""Poor Gambit, are you under pressure? Cooed the White Queen as she traced a finger nail up his back, making the man grunt as his erection stiffened more. "Those two look like they could offer relief... But if your interested I can make you cum like you wouldn't believe."


She Hulk yawned stretching her arms over her head before scratching an itch at her belly, standing up to her full height she smirked as her head nearly reached the ceiling of the ruined apartment. Every bit of her was massive now but the most prominent parts of her were her ass, breasts and belly. And what a belly! She looked like she was carrying a horse inside of her and every foot of space bumped with activity from within.

To be so large and so pregnant made her feel... Powerful! And yet she wanted to be bigger, more fertile, to be... Worshipped!

Looking around she smiled at the sight of both Diana and Kara sleeping on the floor and taking up most of the living room with their full curvy frames, however she was confused to find them all alone in the apartment. "Hmm where are all our kids?"

Deciding to go look she squeezed herself out of the front door, laughing to herself as her wider hips broke the framework. Once out into the hallway she heard faint moaning sounds coming from down the stairs, waddling down to the main floor she could smell a strong scent that drove her on, something both familiar and arousing. Tearing the door frame of the basement out of the way she looked down and smiled as the scent of sweat and cum hit her nostrils.

Her combined children with Kara and Diana had all grown up into adults and had abandoned themselves to a full on orgy in the basement. What few daughters the three had givin birth to were now tall curvy amazon women being fawned over by dozens of green skinned men, their bellies already plump and swollen with children of their own.

"Well well well, looks like I found your secret party." Husked the jade giantess as she made her way down the stairs, all the men leering at her with unbridaled lust pumping their cocks at the sight of her. "Naughty of you to not include me, you should make up for it...."

Leaning against the wall and arching her back, Jen wiggled her hips to the crowd of hulkish men while smiling over her shoulder. "Well? What's a goddess gotta do to get bigger around here?"

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