Their muscular bodies burst out of their clothing

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F F/F Transformation
Previous Chapter Spider-Woman, Tigra and Black Widow all relax in the living room

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The three super heroines moaned as their bodies flood with power, with every heart beat their muscles bulged and grew. Completely enamoured by the experience Greer, Jessica and Natasha felt up their bodies as the transformation speed up.

"Mmm.... yes more..." Husked Greer as she slowly grew taller and more built, her fur changing from orange to a dark shade of green ignoring the sounds of her costume tearing. Feeling constricted she tore open the front of her costume to free her swelling H cup breasts, the rest fell off as her thighs and hips swelled and grew.

Black Widow groaned combing her fingers through her red mane of hair as her body bulged with power, small tearing sounds could be heard as her hips, ass and breasts grew larger, the seams of her arms and legs splitting open to grant more room for her muscles. "So good, more, must have more..." moaned Natasha as her skin became polished like snake scale as she slowly became greener in complexion.

All three women had grown pass eight feet tall and showed no sign of stopping, their clothes having burst off of them minutes ago to make way for their heavily muscled bodies, and yet they still appeared feminen with flaring hips, bubble butts and firm round breasts that were nearly the size of their heads when they were human.

"I can't take it anymore!" Cried Jessica as she turned Black Widow around to face her only to mash her lips against the red head, the two moaning into each other's mouths as they collapsed on the couch, crushing it under their new weight. Greer had collapsed to her knees fondling her pussy and breasts as she watched the two make out. All the while they continued to grow and change, Natasha gasped as Jessica trailed a clawed finger down to kneed her J cup breasts.

The sounds of bones cracking went ignored as the three were lost in their ministrations as spiky growths jutted out of their backs and arms as their skins finally took on a smooth scaled texture, like snake skin. Their hands now sported sharp talons and thier feet had changed so that they now stood on the balls of their toes, which had grown stronger and barbed with their own taloned claws. Moaning as her tongue wrestled with Black Widow's, Spider-Woman didn't even notice she was growing four new arms under her original ones, each one exploring a different part of the woman under her, the red head was now crying out as she felt six hands careess her sensitive areas.

When their transformations had finally tappered off and stopped the three cried out as if they had experienced the best high of their lives, breathing hard and calming down they stood up to their now impressive ten foot height gasping at their new forms until Jessica cried out in slight pain as her head bumped the chandalier.

"Oh my GOD! we're... we're HUGE!" gasped Greer surprising herself with her deep husky voice as she felt up her muscles. Her fur was now a deep green with dark stripes, the cat in her was now more pronounced as her hands and feet now sported thick clawes, while sharp fangs poked slightly out of her mouth, her ears now wide and large as they flitted in annoyance like a cat.

"Was this because of the gas? Oh No! Everyone else was caught in it too." Natasha worried as the other two women came to the same conclusion.


The Wasp and Ant Man had gone through their transformation around the same time as the three heroinnes in the living room, the sounds of deep moans and growls echoed out from the hall way leading to the medical bay.

Janet Van Dyne the Wasp moaned deeply as she was pressed against the wall outside the medical bay door while Hank Pym pounded into her from behind, the two were still growing as their transformations began to complete. Her diaphanous wings buzzed in pleasure as her lover thrust hard into her drooling pussy, occasionally he would reach down to fondle her breasts which had still been growing and were now in the J cup range. Completely naked and nearly ten feet tall they suddenly tensed as Hank came into her, flooding her insides as the two cried out. Deep claw marks gouged the wall from Janet's orgasm.

As the two came down from the experience Jan turned her head over her shoulder to smile only to stare gapped in shock at Hank's massive green form, his beercan thick cock still twitching inside of her, looking at her clawed hands and feeling her antennae flick above her head she finally became clear minded and remember the last ten minutes.

"Hank? Is that you?" Worried Wasp nearly in tears as Hank pulled her up to hold, he was still deep inside her twitching and spurting as she grabbed hold to as much as she could for support.

"We've... We have to find the others, if this happened to us..."

Janet merely nodded as they slowly seperated from each other and ran out the hallway to find the others.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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