Betty gives Archie a piece of her mind

by mercury01
Storyline Riverdale Shake-Up
Characters Archie Andrews Betty Cooper Cheryl Blossom Reggie Mantle Veronica Lodge
Category Archie Bimboization Corruption Female Dom Change of clothes Romance
Previous Chapter Cheryl helps Ronni ditch Archie... and find some suitable boi clothes.

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"Know what, Arch?" Betty purred as she held his arm. "I'm not mad. Sure, the old Betty'd get mad. Then she'd sulk for a few days and be back to pining over you. Not me, though." She pulled Archie into a bone-cracking hug and crushed her lips against hers. Archie was stunned at the ferocity and hunger in Betty's kiss. She practically dominated his mouth with her tongue alone!

He gasped as she finally let him up for air. This new spiky-haired, leather-clad dominatrix was totally unlike the sweet ponytailed tomboy that Betty used to be.

"Awww, aren't you sweet," Betty giggled and ran a hand through his reddish hair. "Just one li'l ol' kiss takes your breath away. But don't you worry. I got lots more where that came from."

"What are..." Archie asked, dazed. "Where are we going?"

"Well, y'know, I figured that since you skipped out on dinner, we could skip right to the after-dinner bits," she replied as she dragged him into the sex shop Dilly and Reggie had just left. Betty had glanced inside earlier and saw a luscious black strapon. The dildo it came with was slender but long, with a nice curve to it. It was carved with lots of veins on the surface. Perfect for breaking in some virgin ass. Archie watched, wide-eyed as the towering blonde purchased it.

"See? Isn't it beautiful?" Betty showed it to Archie. "Touch it, boy."


Cheryl bit her lip as she waited outside the changeroom. She'd taken Ronni to the posh menswear boutique, ignoring all the startled looks from the assistants. They'd settled on a few styles and now Ronni was trying them out.

The boi emerged, wearing a black blazer, trousers and silk tie, an embroidered burgundy vest, crisp white shirt and shiny black shoes. The suit was tailored to broaden her shoulders and the shoes had a low heel, the only concession to femininity Ronni chose. She appeared to be elegantly butch apart from that.

"Oh wow, you look good!" Cheryl said.

"I'm glad you like it, Cheryl," Ronni said. "Come here, babe." She swept the redhead into her ams and kissed her. Cheryl moaned into Ronni's mouth. She felt the boi's hands creep down her sides and cup her rear.

"Mmmm, not wearing panties, I see?" Ronni chuckled. "Naughty girl."

Cheryl bit her lip, suppressing a cry as Ronni's strong fingers slipped into the wet folds of her pussy. The boi smiled and withdrew, licking her fingers clean. Thankfully, the clerk at the register didn't notice and Ronni paid for her new clothes without incident.

The two of them strolled through the mall, hand in hand. Cheryl felt like she was walking on a cloud. Even  glances of disapproval didn't seem to bother her. She had a boi-friend and she didn't care who knew it!

Ronni paused as they passed by an upscale cigar shop. "Hmmm, I feel like a smoke, darling," she kissed Cheryl's cheek. "Wait here for me, would you?"

"Sure, Ronni," Cheryl said breathlessly and parked herself on a bench. She was so giddy that she didn't notice Big Ethel sitting next to her, sniffling quietly. Cheryl blinked as she suddenly saw the tall, bucktoothed girl.

"Oh my gosh, Ethel! What's wrong?"


Dilly and Reggie strolled out of the salon. Dilly's hair was tousled up stylishly and had blonde highlights. Her face was made up in a sweet style that complemented her glasses. Reggie had his hair in a half-updo that fell loosely about his shoulders and his face was done up with glamorously dramatic makeup and false eyelashes.

"Wow, I was all wrong about your idea, Dilly," Reggie gushed, posing at his reflection. "I look like a million bucks!"

"Yeah, I-- ooh!" Dilly squeaked. "There's Moose! I see him!"

Reggie looked in the direction Dilly pointed and saw Moose loitering near a handbag kiosk. Just then, Midge stepped out of a store and gave Moose a peck on the cheek and the two of them started walking together.

"Ohhh, I'll, like, never have Moosie while that skinny skank's hanging on his arm!" Dilly pouted. She stomped her foot, making her big tits wobble in their stretchy confines. Reggie tapped his chin in thought.

"Hey, what if I ran interference on Midge? That'd give you time to do your thing with Moose."

"Really?" Dilly tilted her head. "Would that, like, work?"

"Honey, Moose might be dumb, but he's not blind," Reggie giggled. "He'd have to be both to ignore you!"

"Oooh, thanks, Reggie!" Dilly squealed.

"Hey, what are girlfriends for?" the young drag diva said confidently, tossing his hair.

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