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by 80sRich
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
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Martha's hand instinctively found her pussy, tracing the line of her prominent lips through the tight satin material of her shorts. It was the first time she'd even done anything sexual in her costume, and after years of wearing rough army uniform she loved the way her pussy felt under the soft satin. 

She moved her hand down from her breast and down to the computer console, she zoomed the screen in, getting a closer look of Brett's tight body. It was amazing he'd kept so in shape after the three years on the street.

She slowly scrolled the screen upwards, her fingers finding her cliterous easily through her costume. Her hands dropped away from her pussy as she reached his face. Despite the water she could see that Brett was crying. Tears were streaming down his face. Guilt filled her. She felt very wrong, she'd been spying on this young man's grief. What was wrong with her? She sat back and watched, she couldn't tear her eyes away from him. She hadn't seen a man cry before, he looked so strong and yet so vulnerable at the same time.

Part of her mind told herself this was part of his assessment  she was watching how he dealt with the pain of his mothers death. He was crying in private, just like she'd done. That's why she justified continuing to watch the younger man cleaning himself in her shower. 

All of a sudden Brett's fisted clenched and he punched the tiled wall, not hard enough to break any of the white tiles but obviously enough to make him feel better. He turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower, pulling one of her white towells off and wrapping it around his waist. He then picked up her white robe and wrapped it around himself. The robe which fitted her well seemed to be big on him.

He left the shower and stepped into her small bedroom. Martha watched as he stepped into her room, standing in the middle, then walking first to the small drawers by the bed. Slowly he pulled open each drawer in turn looking through her things. He then looked in her wardrobe. 

Martha knew there was little of personal nature in the room, she'd been so long in the military, all he'd find would be her Amazing Woman costumes, her military uniform, and a few casual clothes which she used to go to the shelter. She stood up, not even thinking to check if her shorts would betray what she'd been doing moments earlier.

She didn't knock to warn Brett she was coming, she walked straight into her room. He spun round from looking in her wardrobe looking guilty.

"Ok Mr Jenkin's. What have you just found out about me, give me your report," Amazing Woman barked.

"Is this a test?" he asked, surprised she wasn't mad at him for snooping. Though he was still wondering where her pretty bra's were kept, there was no way she just had sports bra's. 

Martha gave him no answer and folded her arms across her chest, accidentally making her huge round breasts press together causing a deep chasm of cleavage.

"Ok," he took a deep breath, "You haven't been here more than 4 months, you're in the military, everything in this room, including your costume is military issue, you live here on your own, sleeping during the day and working the streets at night, you are single, and you are driven and used to spending time on your own, probably because you were betrayed or hurt when you were younger," he then smiled, "and you like watching younger men in the shower."

Martha's mouth dropped open, how did he know that?

Brett smiled at Amazing Woman's reaction, it would seem his guesses were right, even though he never dreamed the last bit would actually be true, his eyes fell to Amazing Woman's crotch, he wondered if he could see wettness there. He couldn't look for long and his eyes returned to meet those of the strong powerful black woman in whose room he stood.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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