Sue fucks both Franklin and Johnny

by lessonunlearned
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Invisible Woman Human Torch Fantastic Four
Category Incest M/F Female Dom Marvel
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"Just like my little brother there." Sue walked up to Johnny and Crystal "Off." she instructed Crystal, who swung her leg over Johnny and dismounted his face.

Johnny was red faced and soaked in crystal's juices, he stared up at Sue, wide eyed and panting. With an invisible forcefield she grabbed him by the neck and yanked him upright.

"Baby brother, it lools like you've been initiated already. Tell me, do you like your new life as a boywhore?"

"Yes Sue, I'm ready to fuck whenever Auntie Crystal wants me to, my slutty cock is ready to fuck and my tight boy pussy is open to be fucked."

"Boypussy?" asked Franklin

"My adorable baby brother is politely inviting me to fuck his tight ass." Explained Sue. "So obedient. Crystal, is he just yours or are you going to share with me?"

Crystal dropped her leaking nipple from her mouth "You can play with my toy Suzy, but don't you break him!"

"Well I can't guarantee anything" smirked Sue, flipping Johnny around in the air and taking a look at his pert ass. "So Johnny, you're a good boy, yes?"

"Yes Sue, I-AAA!" Johnny's sentence was interrupted by a flat SMACK across his ass from an invisible Paddle. Sue swept it away again with a flick of her wrist.

"No, Johnny, your big sister is Mistress Suzy to you now." She smacked his ass again. "You remember that."

"Yes, mistress Suzy."

"Now I hear little slutboys like you think they can fuck their aunties, without letting their big sisters have a turn on them first. And my cunny feels very empty, baby brother." Sue unzipped her crotch and began fingering her newly bald slit. She slapped Johnny's ass again and he yelped.

"But mistress, Auntie Crystal told me to, she made me fuck her." Johnny cried, Sue slapped him again

"Who's more important, your slut auntie or your beloved Sister, Johnny?" Sue ran a hand over the tight shorts on Johnny's sore butt. "Blood is thicker than water, young man."

"Mistress, do you want your whore to service you?" whimpered Johnny.

"See this, Franklin?" Sue grabbed Johnny by the hair and pulled him back against her. "See what a good boy your uncle Johnny is?"

Franklin was getting used to this by now, he was far gone, carnal pleasures were all he wanted. If he was going to help the world see things his way, the new rules of engagement shouldn't freak him out. Son and mother, brother and sister, it didn't matter in the end.

"I think he deserves a reward, don't you Franklin?"

"Yes mother." agreed Franklin.

"Good boywhores get to taste pussy, Franklin." Sue pushed Johnny down, suspending him and holding him spread in front of her open crotch at the edge of the bed. he head forced up into her snatch. "Lick me, brother."

Johnny began to lap at sue's pink pussy, tasting the juice on her lips. Franklin watched as his Uncle, a man so confident and full of himself before, was subjugated by his sister. Franklin wondered how long sue had wanted to do this, she was obviously relishing the opportunity, judging by the look on her face. her eyes were wild, her smile wicked. He had done the right thing giving them this.

Crystal moved around behind Johnny as he ate his sister's cunt. she grasped his foot long hard cock in her hand pointing it back towards her and began to milk it in her hand, a slow rotating stroke of her arm. Johnny squealed like a little bitch, and Sue pushed him into her crotch harder.

"Franklin, don't just stand there gawping." said his mother between heavy breaths. "get over here right now and make yourself useful tonguing my ass."

Franklin didn't hesitate, his mother's voice was commanding and surprisingly forceful. he knelt behind her and spread her cheeks,  Johnny's lapping was loud  from the other side.

Susan's asshole was hidden by the thin strap of latex connecting to the back of her corset. Franklin pulled it aside to reveal a tightly puckered clean and pink hole. He dived right in, tongue extended. As he slurped and lathered the taught ring, he could here his mom moaning. "Both my beautiful blonde boys sucking on my holes." she purred "I love you both so much. Good boys." hands on both their heads, she pushed them deep into her crevices, humping slightly against Johnny's lapping.

Franklin pressed his tongue against the ring of Sue's ass, and pushed into her. he was rewarded with a small shudder before he began to wiggle  it around. "ooh Franklin, your mommy looks like she loves thaaaaat" said Crystal, watching intently as she stroked Johnny. The boywhore gave a muffled cry as his reddening dick twitched in Crystal's hand. "Ooh, no Johnny. only if Auntie Crystal or Mistress Suzy lets you, remember?"

Johnny whimpered into Sue's soaking hole. "Aw, poor boy" Said Sue, I think we should let him shoot his load, but I don't want it wasted in your hand, slut." Sue yanked Johnny's head out of her snatch, "Johnny, mistress is going to be very nice and let you slide your long dick into her pussy."

"Thank you, Mistress" choked Johnny.

"But you still have to satisfy me before i let you cum."

"I promise, Mistress Suzy!"

"Good boy. Franklin, darling, you can stop licking my ass now."

Franklin pulled away from his mom's butt with a wet pop, her asshole glistened with his spit before he let go of her full cheeks and they obscured it from view.

Sue flipped Johnny onto his back, and held his dick upright with a forcefield, it was near scarlet from Crystal's ministrations, and furiously leaking precum. The dominating blonde stepped over him and knelt down over the tortured member. "oh, it must be so sore. Don't worry, Johnny. Big sister will make it feel muuuuuch better." She slid onto him slowly as she said her last words, Franklin and Crystal watched and touched themselves as the siblings began to grind against each other.

"mmmm, yeah sue, fuck your brother's huge cock." Crystal encouraged as she fingerfucked herself "Bet that hot desperate cock feels good, huh?"

"Mmm, he's the perfect shape for my cunt, Crystal, like he was made to fuck his sister." Sue rubbed her hands over her exposed tits as she rode Johnny's rod. He was desperate to cum, every nerve tingled and each sensation was exaggerated. Sue's pussy juice running over his balls made him twitch under her.

Sue bounced on him, shuddering the bed, and Crystal with it "NGH, FUCK. THAT. IS. GOOD!" She grunted "MORE! FRANKLIN! get over here and fuck mommy's ass!"

Franklin walked over to his mom, stroking his dick. "You want this cock, mom?"

"Fuck me Franklin, I wanna feel your dick in my butt, baby." she slowed her humping down as Franklin climbed up behind her on the bed.

"Here, lemme help you out" Crystal said, crawling over and  taking Franklin's dick into her mouth, she grasped the base of his shaft and began thrusting her head onto it, thrusting quickly, fucking her own throat until she choked. When she pulled up for a gasp of air, Franklin's cock was covered in gooey ropes of spit.

"There" Crystal breathed, then spat a final glob of saliva onto Franklin's dick. "Hurry up, Franklin! Mommy's waiting!"

Franklin poked the head of his dick at Sue's asshole and with Crystal holding it steady, he grasped her wide hips and pressed forward. Her tight butt was even harder to enter with Johnny filling up her pussy.

"That's it baby, get it riiiiiiiight up there." Said Sue, pushing back as Franklin's 8 inches crept inside her.

when both shafts were almost fully inserted, Sue began to pull up, Franklin watched her round pale ass slide up his shaft and he mentally commanded himself not to shoot his load right then. "So full of cock. Ooh this is nice!" Sue gave a little shiver then started to fuck the pair of blonde boys in earnest.

All Johnny could do was lie back and take it, whimpering as his exhausted dick was further tortured. Franklin on the other hand met his mother's thrusts with gusto, pushing deep into her butt with each downstroke.

"You like having two dicks in you at once, mom?" 

"I fucking loooove it. I can feel you rubbing against each other inside me."

"How bout i make it tighter then?" Asked Franklin, not waiting for a response. Sue felt her asshole stretch around Franklin's dick as he willed it wider, spreading her 3 and a half inches "How's that feel?"

"Shit Franklin! You're opening mommy's buttonhole right up!" she pushed back against him "So tight in my little asshole… aaaa, Fuck me boys! Fill dirty Suzy with your cum!" The trio became a blu of sweating bodies, Sue riding for all she was worth, Franklin slamming up into her backside and Johnny striving to fuck into his sister's warm pussy for that final release.

Sue panted and moaned, she felt full of hard pulsing meat in a way her husband hadn't allowed her in some time. Her pussy quivered and tightened. Down below, Johnny was having a harder time thrusting into her clenching cunt.

"You cumin', sue?" Crystal taunted her again as she watched while fingering her drooling pussy

Sue nodded, eyes closed, bedraggled and wordless.

"Gonna let these two pop inside your holes? I think that'd just about finish you off wouldn't it?" Crystal put her juice covered fingers into sue's gasping mouth, the blonde woman sucked diligently, taking in all stimulus. "Johnny. You can cum now." said Crystal calmly.

With a loud cry, Johnny bucked wildly, his full, tight balls contracted, and the first stream of white hot cum splashed into Sue's hole. Her eyes flew open and she wailed, shaking with both dicks in her. Franklin drove one last time into her ass and rode into his climax, "OH FUCK, MOM!" he yelped, shooting his own cream into her back passage
Sue dropped all focus on those around her, her hands flew to her clit as she frantically frigged herself, riding out each wave of orgasmic bliss as warmth pervaded her lower body. Johnny blasted 7 shots of thick semen into her, her pussy drooled white around his shaft, though not as much as Franklin's altered voluminous load of over a dozen strings of jizz.

Sue's asshole yawned open as he withdrew from her, his cum flooding out of her body, she still shook in place, bending forwards on top of Johnny, steadied with one arm while the other kept at her clit.

"Your mommy is something else, Frankie baby." cooed Crystal, gazing into Sue's gaping ass, before mouthing Franklin's cockhead.

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