The Avengers are already battling the Abominations

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter She decides to let her live long enough to see the city burn, treating her like a pet.

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As soon as Wasp left the battered husk of the carrier she was meet with an amusing sight. Thor, Iron Man, Vision and the Hulk were fighting against her many children and were putting up a better fight than SHIELD did. Laying down she pulled Maria over her lap like a pet cat while Widow and Spider-Woman fawned over their master.

"Watch Hill, watch as the last of your heroes fall to our new reign." Maria was pressed against Wasp's breast, her hair being petted idly as the woman watched in fear.


"HULK SMASH PUNY KNOCK-OFF!" Roared the Hulk as he sucker puched one of the brutes with enough force to send him flying though five blocks of pavement.

The Hulk had been bulldozing through some of the horde's most powerful abominations, one after an another they tried to take down the green hero. But that only made him madder and right now...

He was pissed!

Two of the abominations body checked him at different directions to lose his footing, but twisting around he grabbed one and threw him into a building where he shot out the other end screaming as it landed across the city. While the other was tossed over Hulk's shoulder and stomped on so forcefully he shot the monster down into the subway under foot. "NO ONE STRONGER THAN HULK! HULK STRONGEST THERE IS!!!!!!"

A heavy thud from behind him alerted him to a new challenger, turning around his eyes shot open at the sight of She-Hulk now a 12 foot abomination flexing her arms in a stance.

"Not anymore cousin!" She collided with the green powerhouse trading blows while the other abominations circled for their turn.


~Scan of the heli-carrier is complete Mr. Stark, one human life sign confirmed, Agent Maria Hill.~

"Dammit, she's all that's left?!" Yelled Tony inside his mark 3 Hulk buster armor, it was holding up much better than the last two versions as he fought with over a dozens abominations, some he noticed had cat-like attributes as they didn't so much pounded his armor so much as swipe at it with razor claws. His suit was already etched in dozens of claw marks as he blasted them all away with his disrupters and shoulder mounted plasma cannons, he stood in the eye of a smoldering crater from all the blasts his firepower caused.

"I need help out here, where's Vision?" An answer to his question came with the disembodied torso of the android falling to a heap in front of him, his eyes sparking before going dark. "Oh... that's bullshit!"

"Sure is little tin man..." Growled Tigra as she,Panther and the other cat-morphed abominations circled the armored genius.

~Mr Stark? Dr Banner is currently occupied with his cousin miss walters, her DNA strangely is a match to the creatures you are currently fighting.~

"Muther Fu.."

~In addition Thor is also currently unavailable.~

"Fine... play track 11 on my 'suck days' playlist, this is going to be a while."

~excellent choice sir, Why cant we be Friends by War.~


Thor like the others was in the fight of his life as he traded blows with Warbeast up in the clouds, every impact was a thunderclap as lightning struck in the distance.

"Getting tired Thor? You were so energetic during our last tangle." Laughed the blonde abomination as she back handed the Asgardian, the impact creating another thunderclap as they continued to battle high above the city.

"You are not yourself Miss Danvers, look at what you have done, it is still not too la..."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!" Roared the she-beast as she body tackled the Norse god and slammed him through a sky scrapper, before his body landed near Iron Man. Stark was struggling against Panther who tried to pry Stark's head off.

"THOR! Hey pal... you mind?"

Lifting his hammer as he picked himself up, he struck Black Panther at the side of the face, bringing the monster to his back several yards away as he helped Tony back up. The two stood shoulder to shoulder as Warbeast floated down to face the two, with dozens more of her kind surrounding them.

"Where is friend Hulk?"

Thor had to react fast as Hulk almost crashed on top of him from where he was thrown.

"Light as a feather..." Growled She-Hulk as she stomped up to the remaining heroes.

Up at the debree of the Helicarrier Wasp laughed and applauded while her pet Maria looked on horrified. Looking down at the prone woman Wasp smiled a cruel smirk as she brought a claw to the woman's chin and forced her to face her.

Do you see? This world is ours now, nothing you have or can do can stop us."

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