Jubilee lets Wolverine continue

by Wilder
Storyline Lust Note
Characters Jubilee Wolverine
Previous Chapter "Every guy in school thinks I'm the hottest girl alive and can't wait to have sex with me."

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Jubilee giggled. Everyone was being so friendly today. She did not realize that the Lust Note had transformed her as well in subtle ways, so as to facilitate the sexual acts she'd unwittingly incited. Mentally, she saw now absolutely nothing wrong with Wolverine spanking her in front of the entire class, including all the cute boys, or anything else sexual for that matter.

Being the hottest girl in school was a simple physical change - she now gave off a pheromone that made her sexually irresistible to men and women around her docile and meek. The other half of her request - that all the guys in the X-Men "can't wait to have sex with me" - was resulting in a far less subtle change. Every male member of the X-Men clan past and present suddenly found themselves rock hard and fantasizing about fucking the petite Asian beauty.

Wolverine had her bent over his lap and Jubilee gasped when she felt his rock hard cock rubbing against her taut little belly. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

"Blast you off, huh? Mmmm, sure, why not?"

She slowly slid off of him just for a moment, flashing her ass at the boys and her pert tits as she glanced at each one in turn, fixing a smouldering gaze on them all. Why not give all of her fans a show?

She turned around and began rubbing his ass up against his lap, rubbing her hot little pussy against the warm, hard bulge in his pants. Logan growled but not in anger. All the other men and boys in the room were panting and had obvious erections as well, staring at Jubilee with lustful, longing looks and at Wolverine with hatred and envy. The girls were all blushing and biting their lips, wondering how far Jubilee was going to go.

With a grin, she smirked and tossed off her blouse, throwing onto Banshee with a wink. She turned to face Logan and pressed her tits into his face as she slipped her hands behind her back to take off her bra. She tossed it aside casually, not caring where it landed. Wolverine's breath was hot and his stubble was rough, each sensation against her hard nipples and perky tits driving her crazy.

She whirled back around to show everybody her perky tits. Psylocke actually looked ashamed as she stared down at her full D-cups and her boyfriend Archangel ignored her, teasing the zipper on his crotch. Other men weren't nearly as subtle. Angelo, Chamber, Gambit and a few others had their cocks out already, stroking them, while others merely trembled with a combination of desire for Jubilee and rage towards Logan. She smirked at them all as she lost her skirt and slid out of her tight pink cotton panties.

"Get in line, boys - but behave! Logan comes first . . . don't you Logan?" she asked with a grin as she turned back to him and reached down to grab his thick cock. "Ooh! SO big!"

She didn't have a chance to say another word before a growling Logan fell on her like an animal, tearing his clothes off in a type of "beserker rage" she'd never seen before, spreading her legs roughly with the hands she'd fantasized about him touching her with for so damn long.

God, she was so fucking wet right now!

Meanwhile, Jubilee's roommate, Paige Guthrie had gone back to their shared room. Paige sighed heavily. She wasn't very focused on romance but seeing Chamber grab Lil' Miss Asian Dreamboat's ass and ignore her utterly made her feel like crap.

She sighed heavily and noticed a slim pink notebook on Jubilee's bed.

"Lust Note? Hmmph!" the gorgeous Southern blonde sniffed. "I bet it's some sorta sex diary she has jes' has to keep track of all the teachers and students she gets fucked senseless by."

Paige knew Jubilee had Self-Defense Class with Mr. Logan this period, a class she was sure that Teacher's Pet would never miss.

With a mischievous grin, Paige Guthrie picked up the Lust Note and began to read . . .

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