Jimmy Olsen

by hairyballs
Storyline Lust Note
Characters Clark Kent Lois Lane Lucy Lane Perry White
Category M/M F/F M/F Body Modification Corruption Absolutely Everything
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Jimmy Olsen slammed the barbell back into the rack, rolled to his feet; his copper chest hair matted with sweat and made his way to the locker room of the Daily Planet gym.  Stripping off his sweat-soaked work-out shorts, socks and shoes, he grabbed his soap, shampoo and towel and padded into the shower, where Clark and Perry White were chatting as they scrubbed themselves under the steaming spray.  Casting an envious glance at the impressive endowment of the two older men, Jimmy turned his back to them in an unconscious attempt to hide his own pathetic 4” cock and marble-sized balls.

“Hey Jimmy, looks like those work-outs of yours are starting to pay off,” Clark said, as he massaged soap into the thick blue-black mat surrounding his uncircumcised 12” dick and peach-sized balls, “Your biceps must be three times the size they were last week.”   “Yes, and your chest and legs are firming up nicely” chimed in Perry, shampooing his graying chestnut hair, “Bet a young stud like you gets lots of pussy from those cute girls in the accounts office, huh?”

“Oh, I guess I get my share,” Jimmy replied, noticing how the older man’s 11” prick bounced on his ballsack as he worked the shampoo into a thick lather.  Rinsing off he followed the two men into the steam room, where, while Clark and Perry stretched out on their backs on the benches, Jimmy lay face down, only to find himself looking up Clarks partially spread legs to the enormous package of his flaccid cock as it nestled between his thighs.  “God what I wouldn’t give to have equipment even bigger than Clark’s”, he thought miserably, “Too bad there isn’t an exercise for that. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to lie about my sexploits.  Ah Hell, who am I kidding, no matter what I do to bulk up, no girl is going to do anything but laugh when she gets a look at my miniscule dick!” Lost in thought, he was startled when Clark and Perry stood up and Clark slapped Jimmy on the ass as they made their way out to the showers to rinse off and depart. “Dreaming of your conquests, Jimmy? Don’t stay in here too long, it'll shrivel up! See you in the office tomorrow.” Clark laughed.

Twenty-five minutes later Jimmy let himself into his studio apartment, dropped his gym bag on the floor and went over to his kitchenette to get a beer, draining it he threw back a second, and sipping at a third sat down on his sofa bed, opened his fly, pulled out his painfully erect cock and began to masturbate.  “God I’m pathetic, 26 years-old and still a virgin! Thank God I have a strong left hand,” he said. Two minutes later a teaspoonful of lukewarm spunk trickled out of his piss-hole and dribbled down his fist. Just then he noticed the violet-jacketed book lying beside him on the couch.  “Lust Note—what the fuck is this?” he said, opening it and reading the rules printed inside, “Must be some-one’s idea of a joke.  Maybe Lois’ bitch sister Lucy, I never should have given her a key to my apartment, though it seemed like a good thing at the time.  What the Hell, at least I can use it to indulge some fantasies.” 

Jimmy decided to indulge a really bizarre fantasy and wrote “Clark Kent has sex with Perry White in the Daily Planet steam room after a workout.

“As if!” he thought, and closed the book.

The next day Jimmy stepped off the tread mill after running his usual three miles and headed for the showers.  As always Clark and Perry were there before him and greeted him with the usual banter.  Jimmy noticed, however, that Clark kept eying Perry’s semi-hard manmeat and his own flesh log seemed to be growing.  “See something ya like Clark?” Perry asked fondling his rapidly engorging dick, “Or was your work-out just better than usual”

Clark just laughed and headsed for the steam room.  Perry winked at Jimmy, turned off his shower and followsed Clark.  Jimmy shrugged: “Wonder what that was all about?”

When Jimmy entered the steam room he was astonished to find Clark on his knees giving Perry head!  Neither seemed to be aware of Jimmie’s presence, so the amazed reporter settled down on a bench to watch, his own 4 incher hardening almost instantly.  A few minutes later Clark let Perry’s slick dick slip from his lips and stood up, giving Jimmy a smile then bent over and pulled his ass-cheeks apart exposing his rosebud.  Perry didn’t hesitate but manoeuveed his shiny wet fuckstick into Clark’s asshole and with a grunt drove it up to the hilt, his balls smacking loudly against Clarks low-hanging pair.  “Come on over here, Jimmy” Perry ordered, “Clark gives the most amazing head!”  Jimmy needed no encouragement and slid onto the bench in front of Clark, grabbed his sweaty black hair and guided Clark’s lips to the pink virgin tip of his little prick. “At least I’ll lose one cherry this way,” he thought as his best friend began to suck him off.

Soon the steam room echoed to the loud grunts, moans and yells of three orgasming males, as Perry filled Clark’s ass with cum, Jimmy shot his teaspoonful down Clark’s throat and Clark jetted about a quart of hot spunk against the wet bench and Jimmie’s feet.

An hour later Jimmy returned to his apartment and spotted the Lust Note on the coffee table, opening it he read his entry of the previous night: “Clark Kent has sex with Perry White in the Daily Planet steam room after a workout.

“Maybe this isn’t a joke after all” he mused, and, picking up the pen wrote

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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