Go with Catwoman an The Baroness as the crush any who dare to question them

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Boardroom of Dispair
Characters Destro The Baroness
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    "Mmmmyesss..." Baroness said, leaning back on the snake-themed throne, which was absurdly plush and comfortable.  "Cobra Commander may have been a fool, but he certainly was one for the personal luxuries.  Now we know why he was always slouching in this thing,"  The new leader of the Cobra organization looked at her gathered subordinates, many of whom seemed uneasy with the change, but made no move against her.  

    In fact, there were some that seemed perfectly fine with the shift in leadership.  One was Zartan and his Dreadnoks, who didn't care who payed the bills so long as they got paid, and her lover Destro.  

    "Are you mad that I was put in charge, Destro darling?  I know you had designs on leadership," she said.

    Destro smirked, the metal helm he wore making the effect more intimidating.  "I had designs on controlling Cobra, yes.  But mainly because I wanted that fool Commander OUT.  If I had to pick someone else other than myself to rule, I would have chosen you."

    Baroness blushed.  "You're so sweet, darling," she said, ignoring the mutterings of the others.  She turned to them, and demanded, "What say you all, then?"

    Tomax and Xamot traded looks.

    "Well if nothing else," Tomax started.

    "You are certainly," Xamot continued.

    "Much easier on the eyes and ears," they said in unison.  Even Baroness had to snicker at that.

    Dr. Mindbender stepped forward.  "You are leader, then you must have a plan," he said.  He wasn't happy about this, although he hid it well.  He didn't think a woman should be in power.  

    Baroness grinned.  "As a matter of fact, I do," she said.  "It will not be an overbearing battle, but something more subtle.  One that will cripple G.I. Joe, but will take time to complete."  

    The gathered officers traded worried looks.  Baroness smirked, and detailed the plan, which involved a buyout of every company that provided weapons and equipment to G.I.Joe, and replacing it with Cobra tech.  Mind control devices would be placed in headsets, in vehicles, and the like.   Anyone they couldn't brainwash would be given faulty equipment that would blow up and kill them in the field.

    The officers were impressed.

    "Solid plan," Major Bludd said.  "But if we don't do something, the Joes'll get suspicious."

    Baroness quirked an eyebrow.  "I am aware of that," she said.  "I have some plans along those lines.  Minimal risk, and not that important, but with high reward if we actually complete them.  And best of all, they're the kind of schemes that Cobra Commander would come up with.  Only I'm not going to waste as much manpower on them."  


    Catwoman, sitting in the office of the Legion of Doom headquarters that was once Luthor's, purred softly, looking over her new surroundings.  She wasn't sure what to make of this.  She hadn't truly been a supervillain for a while, and now she was... well, basically in command of all of them.  The power was thrilling... she just wasn't sure what to do with it.  

    Circe came in, frowning.  "Our leader, hard at work," she said.

    Catwoman quirked an eyebrow.  "Going from catburglar to warlord is a big jump for me," she said.  "What do you want, Circe?"  

    "Some of the others are starting to protest," she said.  "Plus, I think Joker's getting bored."  

    Both women shuddered.  All villains, even the strongest of them, feared the Joker.  

    Catwoman sighed.  "All right, I'll think of something for Joker to do," she said.  "Who's protesting, by the way?"

    "Grodd for one," Circe said.  "That flesh-eating thug thinks of human women only as food."  She scowled.  "If he weren't already a beast, I'd turn him into one."  

    Catwoman scowled.  "Any others?"

    Circe frowned.  "A good number of the male villains don't like it.  Like you said, you were a catburglar before now.  And a hero," she said.

    "And now I've been put in charge of the Legion," she muttered.  "Wonderful.  I've been made boss of a group of the most powerful... deadly... heh."  She smiled, advantages starting to occur to her.  "Who do we know is on my side?" she asked.

    Circe smirked.  "All of the women," she said.  "The Rogues Gallery are being cooperative, and Black Adam and Sinestro don't care just so long as the leadership is competant.  Joker will behave as long as he gets to mess with Batman."  

    Catwoman nodded.  "okay... I'll let you deal with the dissenters as you see fit," she said, Circe grinning cruelly.  Catwoman suddenly felt very sorry for them... "As for the others, I think I have an idea on our first evil mission.  Gather them in the main meeting hall." 

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