Lois Lane See Wonder Woman and get caught...

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
Previous Chapter As Diana steps out of the van, something unexpected happens

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Diana, princess of the fable Amazons of Themyscira, growled in enthusiastic delight as the 12" long, 2" thick shlong that had been fucking her mouth for the last 5 minutes began spewing torrents of cum down her willing whore throat. She savored the manly flavor of musky crotch sweat, salty jizz, and more than a hint of urine that she had come to love as her tongue merrily swathed the retreating invader.  As the dick head reached her mouth, her hot slutty efforts were rewarded with another blast of cum that she slurped down with abandon. She barely got her treat down her throat when he jerked another couple streams at her face. She managed to catch a fair part in her widely open mouth, but it wasn't because she minded the facial.  She liked the feel of spunk running down her face and dribbling off her chin onto her magnificent rack. As he turned to gulp down more of the thick milky 'Pornstar Punch' that kept these men harder than Viagra and shooting extra large cum shots like machine guns, Diana stared at his muscular ass and remembered this was the guy that introduced her to rim jobs.  She never would have believed she would have loved someone licking out her ass so much, let alone doing it to a man, but she had been introduced to a lot of new tricks tonight and had yet to find one that didn't get her off.  She didn't have long to reminisce as the next biker lined up for his turn at her sexy mouth.  She purred like a kitten as she made sure to do everything she could to maximize his pleasure as he began fucking her face in earnest, without so much as dropping a beat with the guys pounding her ass and twat or the ones she was vigorously jerking off.  She had been the entertainment at a Lucifer's Legion biker gang bang for the last 2 hours at $100 a head per hour.  These guys were the preferred heavy muscle for drug lords and crime bosses alike, but she didn't care.  She knew that they robbed, raped, pillaged, and murdered like the barbarian hordes of old, but that didn't mean shit to her. They even told her they were paying her with laundered money from a major heist and yet it was just a cool story to her.  They were ruthless criminals of the worst kind and yet that didn't matter a bit.  They were great customers that paid well, fucked better and that made them the kind of guys a cheap raunchy whore like her wanted for VIP regulars! Besides, with what she made off the dozen she's been doing so far and the additional 16 that were suppose to arrive any minute, she was going to have one hell of a payday for Jake when she got home.

As well as things were going for her now, that wasn't how her evening started. It was nearly 10 PM when she or, more to the point, the Lady Obsession persona that made her act like Jake's willing whore-slave had sold out her life's savings as well as listed every way he could have her body modified so she would always be a trashy skank parody of the heroine she had been.  Rage, frustration, and despair filled her mind yet the cheerfully eager artificial identity forced on her by her own Golden Lasso continued to not only guide down this hellish path, it inundated her with the elated thoughts and feelings of an ardent hooker wannabe about to realize her dreams. As such, Lady Obsession headed for the largest concentration of hookers and johns to make her grand debut.  Once Obsession set her course, Diana began to feel the same erotic feelings she got when Jake first took her.  At first she thought it was more of the emotional trash the lasso inflicted on her but the closer she got to to the johns, the more certain she was that this was something from deep inside her, not the lasso.  She still had 20 yards to go and already she could tell it was a deeply repressed part of her that wanted this perverted life as much or more than the Lady Obsession persona.  By the time they reached the hooker hot spot her erotic need was easily ten times what it had been with Jake and climbing fast.

Everyone noticed the new girl and much to Diana's dismay it was all she could do to control her own dark needs as they fired up exponentially.  Wherever this came from, there was no denying it.  She wanted this bad.  The idea of being sexually used over and over again in a never ending parade of men only interested in their own pleasure was mind numbingly erotic but it paled in comparison of the vision of those same men choosing her above all these other sluts and even waiting for their opportunity to pay her their earned money for her sexual favors. It went against her training and beliefs to her core, but, much to her shame, she knew now beyond any doubt that this deeply repressed yearning to embrace the life of a common street whore was what she desired more than anything in life. Its probably why she was the only one to patrol this area as a heroine.  Even the police abandoned this area years ago.  Deep down she wanted this to happen and now this part of her was fighting to realize her darkest dreams.

While Diana fought to maintain her honor and contain the sleeping titan unleash within her soul, that left the Obsession persona to guide her on auto pilot.  Quickly a crowd of men gathered around her.  Johns and even pimps wanted to see what Jake's new girl had to offer.  It was Obsession who opened the conversation with the randy men.  She flirted and strutted her stuff. She played with the men and got them excited.  She laid out the prices and started the bidding, but when some of the men started to show waning interest it was 100% Diana who could resist no longer and said "Grand opening special tonight, boys... $10 hand jobs, $20 blow jobs, $40 straight lays, and $60 anything goes.  Groups welcome but no group discount at these prices!"  The overwhelming satisfaction of seeing the men fight to get their money into her hand blew away the last shreds of resistance. It was a competing pimp that got the first trick.  Once his dick crossed her supples lips, it was the last Diana felt of guilt, shame, or regret. The lines between Diana and Lady Obsession quickly began to blur.  After 15 minutes the sense of duality was gone and within half an hour Lady Obsession was just Diana's street name as everything the artificial persona represented was now happily accepted by the former heroine

There were 20 men there at the beginning and every one went through the line at least three times. Most were one on one, but there were plenty of threesomes and foursomes as well.  They didn't even bother to take her inside a car, let alone a motel.  She worked that crowd on the spot; sometimes on the roadside and other times on the hood of a car.  Guys waiting for their second round sent texts to friends all over whether to brag or tell them hurry up before they missed out.  All Diana knew was that for every guy that left happily sated, two more showed up.  She made over $800 the first hour and $1200 the second on sheer volume.  That's when a couple of Lucifer's Legion's boys showed up and invited her to a party in one of the abandoned factories nearby. After 4 hours with the bikers, thanks to her Amazon physic, she showed them that she could handle as much sex and any kink they could think of while still being able to rock their world as no one else ever had as well as be more than ready for more. They even made her their honorary 'little sister'. 

It was almost 4:30 AM when she took the $10,000+ she had earned so far and started to head back to the strip. The cigarette hanging from her pouting lips burned brightly as she took another long satisfying drag. It was only the third one she had smoked but she liked the taste and loved how trashy it looked. Fortunately when one of the bikers saw how much she liked the first one he gave her four cartons they has boosted from a truck the hijacked.  She was going to need them if she was going to be expert in smoke tricks and sexy smoking poses by the end of the week. As she savored her new pleasure, she heard the voice of Ivan, the best endowed of her new friends, call her from behind "My Lady Obsession... Wait for Ivan please.  I have a game you might enjoy before you leave." Diana smiled wickedly as she turned heel and waited for Ivan.  If the game involved that 15" monster in his pants she sure as hell was interested. As he approached he held up 2 straps of $10 bills and smiled "Come play my game and perhaps a good tip will be yours."

Ivan led Diana behind the factory where nearly twenty homeless men slept. Ivan whispered "When I was young, not even a teen, my family came here from Georgia.  Father worked right in these factories, but soon they began closing.  Soon there was no work and my father, who I loved, robbed stores to feed our family. He went to jail and we were forced to find ways to make money. Mother worked herself to death before Father could return but it did not matter.  He was a broken shell of the man he was.  He lived the rest of his life, short as it was, as one of these men. What we do now, I do for him."

Ivan called out to the sleeping men "Greetings friends. Some of you know me and so you know what we do tonight.  Others do not, so I will explain.  Here I have $2000 in $10 bills.  You will line up and take one bill. You may then get back in line for another or you may engage services from our most gracious Lady Obsession.  For $10 she will pleasure you with either her hands, her mouth, or her pussy, also your choice."

Diana leaned in close and kissed Ivan's cheek "You are a good son, sweetie."

As expected every man used his first bill on Diana's services.  To Ivan's surprise, she treated each of these men as well as she had treated the bikers and held none of her talents back.  Of course, most of these men were in no shape for a sex marathon so of the next round only five returned for her continued services.  As the first man gave her his $10 he said "I'll take a kiss please."

She couldn't believe her ears so she asked "Really?  You want to spend this money for a kiss from me?"  The old man smiled and nodded his head, so she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into a long hot sensual kiss.  As the starry eyes bum pulled slowly back, Diana gave him back his $10 and said "Kisses are free, baby, but only one to customer." 

As the man totter his way to his makeshift bed, an empty rusting barrel slammed to the ground.  Someone was watching! It didn't take long for strong Amazon eyes to pick out the woman and her digital camera hiding in the shadows 20 yards away. Even in this light, Diana could make out the familiar features of a former friend. She cursed as she sprinted at Olympic level speeds after the fleeing Lois Lane. The reporter was fast, but even in her kinky boots the former heroine was much faster but she dared not risk exposing herself as Wonder Woman.  Diana reached into the goodie bag her new admires had given her and fished out a bottle of tequila.  It wasn't her tiara, but her aim and timing was no less perfect as the thrown bottle found its mark on the back of Lois's head and rendered her soundly unconscious.

As Diana reached the knocked out woman, she heard the tell tale click of Ivan's Glok arming.  The Amazon stood in his way and said "I wouldn't do that.  Believe me, that will bring a world of hurt down here that will screw all of us over."

Ivan growled "This bitch has been hounding us for weeks.  She needs to be dealt with!"

The Amazon slut replied softly "She's also Superman's main squeeze and he will go fucking nuts if anything happens to her. Besides... She and Superman... know me.  They'll take me away.  They'll throw me in a looney bin and try to make me act like *they* think I should act."  Ivan could see that this woman really feared what would happen if she were discovered and lowered his weapon. Diana continued "Look, my boss will know what to do.  We've handled things like this before."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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