Jake takes her to the whorehouse

by SteveO
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
Previous Chapter Jake forces more humiliating confessions from her

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Jake took out his cellphone to make a quick call.

"Candy, it's me.  Get the house ready, we have a 'Special Guest' coming by."

"Yes, that one.  I'll be by in abit."

Jake smiled fiendishly after hanging up the phone and looked at Wonder Woman with greedy eyes.  He wrapped Wonder Woman's lasso around her neck like a leash and said "Right this way Wonder Cunt."

Twenty minutes later, Jake led Wonder Woman to an abandoned looking building.  Wonder Woman looked on, her pussy dripping with anticipation as she pondered what Jake had planned for her.

Jake knocked on the door and a blonde woman wearing black latex lingerie answered the door.

"Hello Candy," smiled Jake.

Candy smiled wickedly and kissed Jake on the lips.  She then turned her head and looked at Wonder Woman fiendishly.  "Well, well.  The mighty Wonder Woman finally caught.  We got some nasty plans for you!"

Jake led Wonder Woman into the building, Wonder Woman was shocked to see the inside was vastly different from the exterior.  The building was completely filled with a wide variety of prostitutes, catering to all fetishes.  They all stared at Wonder Woman as she was led through the building, each of them flashing an evil grin.

Jake took Wonder Woman into a bathroom.  Wonder Woman looked down and noticed the floor was stained with urine, her bare feet began to discolor as she followed Jake towards the tub.

"It's time for you to take your bath Wonder Woman, but lick your feet clean before you take your bath."

Wonder Woman looked in the tub and saw the tub was filled with semen.  The stench of cum filled her nostrils, making her pussy drip uncontrollably.    She sat at the edge of the bath tub and began to lick the bottom of her feet, savoring the putrid taste.  After cleaning her feet, Wonder Woman slowly dipped herself into the tub.  Her body soaking in the cum of countless creatures.

"By the way, take that speculum in use it on your cunt.  I want to make sure your body completely absorbs the cum, inside and out!"

Wonder Woman looked down and saw a cum covered speculum lying on the floor next to the tub.  She reached down and picked it up.  Taking the speculum, she slowly inserted it into her pussy and began to slowly open it up.  Cum began to flood her womb as the floodgates opened, making Wonder Woman moan in passion.

"Ooooh...." moaned Wonder Woman as she began to rub her cum soaked breasts.

"That's right Wonder Cunt, fill that filthy cunt with sperm!  Knock yourself up.  Imagine turning those utters into massive milk bags," said Jake.

Wonder Woman suckled her breast as she rubbed her clit furiously, determined to cum.

As she pleasured herself, Wonder Woman heard footsteps behind her.  She tilted her head back and saw shemale prostitute standing above her with her cock erect.  Wonder Woman looked at her cock hypnotically as she stroked her 10 inch cock.  She smiled as she saw the prostitute's cock began to spasm and massive glob of dick snot covered her face.

"Tell her you want her cum!" ordered Jake.

"Yes!  Cover me in your cum," panted Wonder Woman as she came.  She opened her mouth, swallowing the salty cum as it entered her mouth.

"Once you're done with your bath Wonder Cunt, we have a number of activities for you," said Jake.

Wonder Woman pulled herself out of the tub, cum dripped from body and all over the floor as she walked over and dried herself off with a filthy towel.  Jake took Wonder Woman to another room where nasty looking dominatrix was waiting.  The dominatrix was wearing black latex and wearing a massive strap-on.  Sex toys littered the floor, each of the toys were clearly used and not cleaned.

"Ok Wonder Cunt, you got a number of choices.  This first room, this dominatrix will introduce you to the world of sex toys.  Due to your meddling in the past, I had to make some budget cuts.  All these toys have been used by countless clients and hookers.  But I know a slut bag like you gets off on the idea of being fucked in the ass with a dildo that was used on a rottweiler the other day."

Wonder Woman didn't want to admit it but the idea aroused her tremendously, she tried to remain stoic as Jake ran down the list of choices.

"We also have the breeding room, which you get hooked up with fertility pills and get you knocked up by one of male or shemale prostitutes.  There's also the Zoo room, which involves animals of different kind fucking you, ensuring that you are at the bottom of the animal kingdom.  Next is the augmentation room, which involves tattooing, tattooing, breasts enlargement, Brazilian butt lifts, and my personal favorite, clit enlargement."

"So Wonder Cunt, what will it be?  Or did you have another twisted idea?"

Wonder Woman tried to remain silent but the lasso compelled her to answer.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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