Alfreda gets Bruce ready

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Catwoman's 24 hour challenge
Characters Catwoman Hippolyta Wonder Woman Batman Alfred Pennyworth
Category M/M Female Dom Futanari/Hermaphrodite Corruption Change of clothes
Previous Chapter Alfreda, it's almost time for you to wake up Bruce

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Alfreda rolled the bag encased Brucie onto his belly and opened a zip at his bottom.  She pored lube between his ass cheeks and started working in her fingers.  After making sure Brucie's hole was lubed enough Alfreda slide her rubber encased she-cock into Brucie's bottom.

"Mistress has commanded that I prepare you for your big day," Alfreda giggled as she began pumping Brucie's buttocks, "You are to be sodomized, washed, plugged, and dressed in her favorite suit before dressed in your tuxedo!"

Brucie could only groan as he was pegged by the she-male.


Down stairs, Selina was on the verge of breaking Az.

"Back off Tina and Steph, I'm going in!" Selina announced.

Selina had Az's lips on her exposed nipples while she fisted her with one hand and spanked her with her free hand.  With the occasional stich to nipple twisting and clit pinching she brought poor AZ to a string of mind shattering orgasms.  Selina smiled as the Kitty Nun went to tears while shuttering under the assault of bliss on her senses.

"Do you have anything to say My little rubber Nun?  Are you ready to serve me as a priestess of Sekhmet and Rubber Nun?" Selina teased.

"Please Mistress Selina, let this nun serve you as your priestess of Sekhmet," the Nun cried.

"I accept your service on behalf of me and our goddess!" Selina smiled, Sekhmet should be proud about this one.

Something happened, between the catsuit and a black rubber nuns habit, layers of body armor formed.  Of course Selina smiled, Sekhmet was a goddess of war and hunting.  Diana and Jane had woken from their catnaps.  Soon everyone would be up too.

"I am going to take a catnap," Selina anounced to the house, I will Wake at 1pm fully rested and then get ready for my wedding.  All of you get to learn all the collected combat skills of all the heroes and Amazons while I sleep!"

Selina went to a bed room and found that the sheets had already changed to latex.  She stripped and laid down and went to sleep.



Selina's eyes opened and saw that everything had changed.  The bed was now a grand four poster with rubber sheets.  Around her were four latex catsuit and armor clad amazon warriors and at the end of the bed was stand with a purple latex catsuit and a white latex gown.  A crown of gold and silver with silver bracelets were resting on a pillow on a dresser beyond.  Into her room burst Diana and Jane in black latex catsuits with short sleaved white rubber blouses and short school girl rubber skirts, sneakers and cat ear hair bands.

"Mommy Mommy!" Diana and Jane shouted as they rushed into the room and jumped on her bed.

"Hold up!" Selina paused her kitten daughters, then pointed at the Amazons, "Explain slowly."

"Mommy," Jane smiled, "The Amazons came to see what happened to Bruce..."

"Their queen didn't even seem to care about me!" Diana giggled, "She was flabergasted when I told her that she had been my birth mother!"

"Diana challenged her to a duel for the crown of Themascara!" Jane laughed.

"Thanks to your insistence that we learn all the fighting techniques she was no match," Diana was too damn giddy, "In the end your gymnastics lessons allowed me to defeat her with out any trouble!"

"So she surrendered her kingdom to you!" Jane shrieked.

"Stop," Selina said, "You challenged Hippolyta, queen of the amazons to a honor duel and won, what were the exact terms of the challenge?"

"If she won, Diana would return to her as her daughter," Jane made a sour face, "But if Diana won, Hippolyta would pledge herself to you as your slave and surrender her kingdom to you to be it's queen and all would serve Sekhmet, your goddess!".

"Hay Amazon," Selina shouted, "Is this true?"

"Yes your magasty!" One of her guards went to her knees, "All my sisters have sworn to serve you and your goddess my Queen."

"You get to marry your bat-bitch and be crowned the Queen all in one night!" Diana had a joker smile on her face, what a wedding present, eh mom?"

"Thank you girls," Selina was almost overwhelmed, "Now change into your catsuits so you can put on the bridesmaid dresses, and get my other kittens here to draw me a bath!"

Selina waited for the girls to leave then got out of bed, it was then she saw the former queen of the Amazons curled up on the floor at the foot of her bed in a latex kitten catsuit.

"No one can hear Hippolyta and me talk until I say other wise," Selina commanded, "OK questions and answers time Hippy."

"What do you wish of me my Queen," the Amazon was utterly defeated.

"I got this opportunity because I pleased a goddess and she made the arrangements for me to earn my rewards," Selina said to the imprisoned woman, "Now the terms were I had to make the Bat's ask me to let them serve me after playing with them.  The decision had to be theirs.  Now here you surrendered yourself and your kingdom to me with out me doing anything.  Is the land of the Amazons going to go along with this?"

"They will bow to you as their queen and will obey your orders as my last act as queen was to cede you my crown.  They will not rebel against you," Hippolyta breathed, "The Amazons will worship your cat goddess too your majesty."

"Look, I wanted the bats," Selina confessed, "But Diana just had to barge in.  I had to deal with her, so I played with her head.  I'm not treating her as my lezsub bitch."

"She does love you," Hippolyta conceded, "Having sworn to be your slave, I can not harm you in any way my Queen."

"Well I still have a few hours to play with them before it all become perminant," Selina shrugged, "I will give her fondness for you as her other mother.  Now no more private talks.  If they could hear us normally then they shall."


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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