wonder woman puts on the whores clothes

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
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Wonder Woman snapped to her feet as her master commanded. Her face flushed red at the sheer embarrassment of being of at the mercy of this common street pimp, but that didn't even compare to the shame that she felt for the arousal this situation was having on her.  This man was now her God and she was his slutty whore; at least she would be as long as the lasso had her under it's control. He ruled her actions for the moment which, while humiliating, wasn't her fault. No, it was her *reaction* that truly worried her. Her nipples were fully extended and rock hard.  Her womanhood was seeping love nectar like a sieve.  Her gut churned with the liquid heat of a woman lost in the heady throws of unrestrained passionate lust. Whatever else was happening in her mind and soul, Diana knew better than provide her tormentor any new information to act on or this would get profoundly worse.  As she stared straight ahead waiting for a command.  Jake looked her over and growled "What're you waitin for, slut? Sammie's stuff is now *your* stuff. Pick your damn stuff up and follow me."

Jake led the naked heroine down the street like a bitch on a golden leash.  Soon he opened the door of a beat up van and motioned her in the back door.  Diana stiffened as she obeyed.  She was sure he was going to make her fuck him like the whore he wanted her to be.  Fear rose up in her but she was a warrior.  She would face what she must until she could find her freedom, but her moment of courage was short lived.  Her face flushed with shame as she stepped up into the van and felt her love juices start flowing down her leg.

As she sat on the van's small cot Jake sat in the chair across from her and began to fumble through things on the small 'desk' next to him.  Hope welled up in the heroine when it looked like he was about to put the lasso down, he thought better and hung on tight.  Jake turned to face his sex toy and asked "Before we get started, I've got some questions about my new lasso for you.  No tricks now.  You will answer my questions to the best of your understanding of what I'm asking, got it?"

Diana quickly replied "Yes Master."

Jake smiled "Good.  This shouldn't take too long.  Are the commands I gave you using the lasso permanent?"

The heroine gritted her teeth as she responded "Possibly, but not necessarily."  She tried to keep the answer short but when he began waving his hand in a circular motion to prompt her on she had to continue "The lasso has absolute control of anyone in its coils. How long the commands last is dependant on the person's will.  A very strong willed person can shake off commands deeply against their morals in a matter of a week or two."

Jake smiled "Great, so your ass is mine for the next week or two! But tell me this... If the commands are completely against their morals but gives them great pleasure... even if it humiliates them... What then."

In all her years as a heroine and the many times far greater villains had her where this pimp had her, no one had ever thought to ask that question.  Much to her regret she replied "That complicates things.  The ability to escape the commands is a fete of will and long term focus.  That type of sensation weakens focus and can make escape take dramatically longer... maybe a couple months instead of weeks. The greater the pleasure, the weaker the focus, and the greater the period of servitude."

Jake nodded as he listened and when she paused he asked "Great, so as much as you enjoyed blowing me, when you start turning a couple dozen tricks a night, that ought to keep you completely under my thumb for huge bitch load of months!"

Diana responded automatically before she could stop herself "Yes, at the very least."

Jake laughed "I fuckin KNEW it!  I've got you now, Wonder Whore!  Ok, next question... How does repeat sessions with the lasso affect the commands?"

Diana was really sweating now as she replied "Repeat sessions over time of the same commands reinforce the commands in strength and restart the clock on their retention."

The pimp leered at fallen heroine as he framed his question "One last question, whore... Can the lasso change your morals?"

Diana hung her head in shame as she replied "Not directly.  Over time people's morals can change naturally due to life experiences.  Over time people will accept what they feel they can not change. When that happens the strength of their moral conviction drops to the point where it can not generate enough conflict to override lasso commands no matter their will power. Over time they may even... accept the once unthinkable thing as something they support."

Jake turned back to his desk and fiddled with his iPad as he idly spoke "Fantastic! Daily reinforcement followed by nightly whoring your ass off ought to make you mine permanently in a couple months and a whole hearted convert in a year."

Tears rolled down the Amazon's face as she corrected "More like two weeks and three months respectively... tops."

Jake chuckled as he turned around and handed the heroine a handy wipe.  As she took it he told her "Clean the jizz off your body so you can be ready for the next client.  This is something you should be able to do with one towelette and in under 90 seconds." He then handed her a picture of Sammie he had on his iPad and continued "Look this over and memorize it.  Sammie may have sucked as a streetwalker, but she sure as hell knew how to look hot." He then handed her eyeliner, deep teal eyeshadow, slutty red lip gloss, matching nail polish, foundation and rouge.  "Here are all the tools you need to craft your look.  Touchups should take no more than 30 seconds but if you get a cum shot facial you need to do the whole thing in under 2 minutes tops."  Reaching back for his iPad, he fumbled with it for few seconds before he turned to show Diana and about jumped out of his skin.  Jake yelled "What the Fuck???? Wow, your fast! What did that take, 10 seconds?"

Across from him, Wonder Woman had already completely cleaned her self off, arranged her naturally wavy hair into a fetchingly sexy updo, and expertly applied her makeup in a flawlessly slutty manner that made Sammie look like a nun.  As she sat with her perfectly painted nails held up so they could complete drying. Diana responded to the question "Five seconds! The polish is 'instant dry' but even it takes 20 seconds to dry completely."  Diana looked at the clock on the desk and continued "OK, all done now."

Jake shook his head as he handed her the iPad again and said "Here are your prices for services.  Memorize them.  Hookers negotiate to set the prices for each trick, so quote prices that are 50% to 100% higher so when they talk you down you should get at least my rate.  Don't worry if you go under once in a while. Half price for a blow job is better than nothing for for doing nothing.  In any case, you're to collect at least $1500 a night, got it?" 

Diana's eyes went wide as she thought about the numbers.  The $1500 baseline would take anywhere from 60 hand jobs to 6 ass fucks.  She was in for some long, long nights. Still she had to respond "Yes Master, I understand and have it memorized."

Next Jake handed her a large Louis Vuitton knock off handbag told her "Every thing you need to freshen up is in there. It's where you keep your earnings too so guard it with your life.  Anyone triest to take it, then *fuck 'em up good*!  A trip to the hospital with some major broken bones will establish your street rep as no one to fuck with.  By the way, what's your real name anyway?"

The slutty looking heroine replied crisply "I am Princess Diana of Themyscira, here in man's world my identity is Diana Prince."

Jake shook his head and growled "Nah, ones too prissy and the other too boring.  Ok, on the street you name is... Lady Obsession.  A babe this hot needs a rockin hooker name.  Oh, one last thing... You will never try to use the lasso, tell anyone the nature of your servitude or otherwise try to escape. Now put your clothes on, get your ass out on the street and start hooking your ass for me, my slutty slave whore! And make sure you work hard to get lots of happy customers. I want guys missing rent payments so they can be fucked senseless by you!  Be back by 8:00 AM and you better fuckin have more than $1500 on you!"

Jake finally took the lasso off his new whore but the damage was done, at least for the foreseeable future.  In a matter of seconds Diana, AKA Lady Obsession, was impeccably dressed in Sammie's slutware and leaving the van to start the new career.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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