Meanwhile, in England, Willow gets a vision of the future concerning Buffy and Dawn

by misbegotten2
Storyline A Slayer in Stepford
Characters Buffy dawn
Category Bimboization Body Modification
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Willow Rosenberg stood in front of a house.  It looked Victorian, or some other similar style; it was definitely expensive.  Standing two stories, the house had a large two car garage and four bay windows lining the second floor and three the first; one on one side of an ornate French door and two on the opposite side closest to the garage.  The roof jutted out a short distance past the edge of the house, forming a terrace over the front supported by two tall, narrow Corinthian pillars at each sharp corner. 

The front door was a bright sky-colored blue and crimson red curtains hung in each bay window.  Other than those small splashes of color, everything else about the house was white.  Whiter than white: a white that was more than a coat of paint.  It was as if the house had been chiseled from polished marble or carved out of a hunk of ivory.  Sunlight struck the surface only to be reflected out in powerful shafts of glowing energy in every direction, including straight into her eyes-

Willow was suddenly blinded and covered her face.  Hungry black amoebas consumed her vision and stung the back of her eyeballs.  Then just as quickly as they came the undulating forms receded.  Slowly she pulled her hands away blinking heavily trying to force the last vestiges of the dark blotches clouding her vision to dissipate.

Willow gasped.

She was on the porch, standing a foot from the Blue Door.  By the goddess Willow thought, not understanding how she’d gotten there.  Before she could question it, the doorbell rang of its own accord.

“Coming!” called a feminine voice from beyond the door.

Willow’s mind was reeling.  Is this a dream?  Listening to a muffled mix of noises on the other side of the blue door it dawned on her that there was something familiar about the voice she heard.   Do I know whoever here?

The blue door open and Willow’s question was answered.


It was Buffy, but not the Buffy she knew.  This Buffy looked like a pornographic parody of her former self.  Where there once was a slim athletic frame, there was a now a perfect hour glass figure with basketball sized boobs, a plump bubble-butt and long shapely legs.  Her lips looked like two soft fat pillows covered in a shiny pink lipstick. Her heavily made up face was framed by a curtain of curly thick platinum hair that fell past her shoulder to the mid of her back, hugging her voluptuous frame like a halo.  She had on a light pink blouse, that was loose but largely unbutton.  If not for the lacy violet bra Buffy had on, Willow was certain her friends’ massive new bust would be out in the open.  The blouse was tied off around Buffy’s mid, just above her belly button.  The second half of her ensemble was a white miniskirt that ended just below the ample curve of her backside.  The final touch was a pair Red pumps that Willow found so ridiculously high and arched, she couldn’t fathom how even a Slayer could take two steps in them.


Buffy squealed with delight.  She launched herself gracefully at Willow, giving the Wiccan a powerful bear hug.  Willow gasped, unable to speak a single word--partly from her increasing dismay, partly from the tightness of the hug and partly from the all together not completely uncomfortable feeling of Buffy’s huge boobs pressed into her.

“Buffy, Buffy” Willow croaked out, prying herself from Buffy’s steel trap grip.  “Xander said you and Dawn  went on  a road trip.  What is this? What happened to you?”

Buffy giggled, it was high pitched and air headed.  “It’s so awesome Willow!”  Buffy placed both hands on her hips and struck a pose, arching her back and pushing out her chest to give Willow a better view.  “My man has made me a real STEPFORD woman!”  The slayer giggled again.  She swung her right hand up to Willow’s face.

“See!”  Buffy said, referring to the gold ring now adorning her hand.

Willow inspected the ring: a plain gold band, that seem dour compared to rest of Buffy.  There was writing on it.  Willow took Buffy’s hand to examine the ring closer reading in hushed tones what was written in plain lettering:  ‘PROPERTY OF STEPFORD’.

Willow panicked.  Whatever was happening, whatever had happened to Buffy; she was flying blind against it.  She needed help; Buffy needed help.  Willow let Buffy’s hand slip away and began inching away from her transformed friend ready to sprint away. 

Suddenly Buffy gripped Willow on the arm, “C’mon and see!” 

Willow yelped as Buffy pulled her a long hallway with a hardwood floor and high white walls that lead into an arched ceiling lined with bright lights and the only other exit Willow could spot was a second Blue door at the far end.   The click-ity-clack of Buffy’s pumps on the surface of the floor loudly echoed through the space.

Buffy turned on Willow.   “Oh Willow,” she began her voice high and brimming with bliss, “My life is so wonderful since I came to Stepford.”

Willow barely listened to words that came out of her friend’s mouth; they were static in her ears.

“Life was so bad before Stepford, but now?  Stepford is happiness; it’s so awesome and hot!  Stepford had shown me who I am! A loving little number for my man!”

What’s that?  From the corner of her eye Willow watched black spots began to grow like expanding puddles of oil on the white of the walls.  The puddles took on rectangular shapes, turning into framed photographs.

“I’m so lucky my Man picked me.  Chose me to be a Stepford woman!”

They were photos of Buffy as she use to be; as Willow remembered her before coming to this madhouse.

“Gawd!  I’m so wet just thinking about it!”

The photos began to change, the Buffy’s in them started morphing into her new form.  Expanded bust, skimpy clothing, suggestive poses, etc.  Willow nearly threw up as she watched it happen to one photo of not just Buffy, but of her and Xander from High School together in the Sunnydale library, sitting on the stairs hanging out the way good friends should.

“-sucked so many cocks.  He was so proud-“

 The photo changed.  Now it showed Xander sitting on the stairs, his pants down to his ankles and his penis on display standing ramrod erect.  There was Slutty-bimbo-Buffy on Xander’s right, naked and on all fours running her tongue along his shaft.  Worse, to Xander’s left was her, but a version of her just as Bimbo looking as Buffy, sitting spread eagle at the foot of the stairs.  The fingers of her right hand inserted deep into her soaking vagina as she gazed up at Buffy and Xander with naked lust.

Willow looked away, unable to take it anymore.

“Welcome to Stepford Willow.”

Willow stared back at Buffy with disbelieving eyes-not that Buffy acknowledge this, she just looked back at her with ‘dumb’ happiness.  Then Willow noticed one last photo on the wall just past the slayer, a portrait shot of Buffy and Dawn together in their Sunday’s best.  This photo to started changing, Buffy to Bimbo- Buffy and Dawn to Bimbo-Dawn.

“Oh No” Willow gasped.  She just remembered what Xander had told her about Buffy and her sister going on the trip together.

“Buffy,” Willow demanded, in a firm monotone voice, “Where’s Dawn?”

“Little Dawnie” Buffy answered with a giggle.

The slayer walked to the second blue door at the end of the hall, swinging her hips wide with open invitation.  Buffy turned the door knob, looked back over her shoulder at Buffy and giggled again.

“She’s right here Willow with my MAN!”

Buffy open the door, which lead into what Willow quickly guessed, was a kitchen.  She saw cabinets, a sink, a refrigerator and a dinner table: on which Dawn was bent over being furiously humped from behind by a man in a silver grey suit.

Dawn was just as altered as her sister, her face heavily made up and her long brown hair was tied into two pigtails.  She had on what looked like a sexed up version of a Catholic school girls’ uniform; the skirt was hiked up and Willow could see a pink lacy thong down around Dawn’s knees, giving Buffy’s ‘man’ better access.

Willow couldn’t describe Buffy’s man.  She could see him, the expensive business suit he had on; his powerful hands gripping either side of Dawn’s ample rump, to steady the slutty little teen as he rhythmically thrusted himself into her.  But she couldn’t see his face—couldn’t describe it for the life of her; he was a shadow in a nice suit screwing Buffy’s little sister.

“Huh! Huh! Huh!” loudly panted Dawn each time the Man entered her. 

Buffy slowly pulled up the hem of her skirt with one hand, revealing not surprisingly her lack of underwear.  The scent of her excitement filled the air and with her other hand Buffy slowly caressed the lips of her own vagina.

“Dawnie was such a good girl at school today” she moaned to Willow, “that my Man is rewarding her with a good dicking!”

Dawn screamed in climaxing pleasure “OH FUCKING YES!  SO GOOD!  SO FUCKING GOOD!” She shuddered against the table, bucking her hips against the man.  “THANK YOU—THANK YOU FOR POUNDING MY LITTLE SNATCH SIR!”

Buffy’s man chuckled.  He pulled out of Dawn and gave her light slap on the backside.  Dawn moaned in contentment, got up, pulled up her pink thong and skipped away.  The man turned towards Buffy and Willow.  He didn’t bother to zip up his pants leaving his member, covered in Dawn’s juices and still erect, like a proud flagpole out for the two girls to see.

He spoke and his voice was the deepest most masculine voice Willow had ever heard.  “Well who’s your friend Buffy.”  It wasn’t a question, but a statement, like he already knew but Buffy’s ‘Shadow-man’ was just being polite.  The timber of his voice vibrated Willow and despite everything around her the young Witch felt a twinge of excitement shiver down her spine.


“This is Willow” Shadow-man said cutting Buffy off, “You never told me wait a tasty treat she is Buffy, she’ll fit right in Stepford.”

Oh wow, he knows my name. Willows thoughts were light and happy.  Everything that had just happened seemed to flee away, all that mattered was that this man knew her name.   Willows’ body became warm with excitement; she could feel a growing wetness in the core of her sex.

“Oh look at this” he sighed motioning with both of his powerful hands to erect cock.

Willow stared at it, imagined what it would taste like and licked her lips.

“Be a dear Buffy and help me clean up.”

With practiced grace, Buffy dropped to her knees in front of Shadow-man.  She took his cocking lovingly with both hands, kissed its tip and took it deep into her mouth, wrapping her pillow like lips tight around the shaft.  Buffy began moving her head up and down, pumping the Shadow-man’s rod with precision of a pneumatic jack hammer.

Willow was jealous—she wanted to be where Buffy was.  She closed her eyes and imagined that rod in her mouth, his cum spurting down the back of her throat, over her face and down her tits.  And then maybe later she could really ride it-

“Stepford does have that effect on girls.”

Willow snapped out it and realized two things:  she was gay and this betrayal of Tara’s memory sickened her.  Two she had her left hand up her shirt, fondling her boobs and her right hand down the front of her pants teasing the edge of her slit.  And like a cresting tidal wave the events which had just transpired came crashing down on her.  But instead of the feelings of confusion and dismay which paralyzed her before, there was rage.  Willow reflexively reached out for all the dark power she could find to destroy this shadow-man and his Stepford for what they had done to Buffy and Dawn.  Returning her offending hands to her side, Willow eyed Shadow-Man with the full force of her righteous fury and commanded him:

“Undo this or pay.”

The Shadow-man never flinched.  He tilted his head slightly, eyeing Willow with amusement in his eyes.  He laid both his hands lovingly on the top Buffy’s moving head.

“Undo what Willow?  Making Buffy and Dawn the happiest they’ve ever been?  You seem to be under the impression that I’m some Big Bad hell bent on bringing forth the apocalypse.  Far from it.  I’m a simple small town man who loves his community and works tires sly to ensure it functions, that everyone in it knows the role they play.”

Shadow-man spoke with easy authority, comfortable certain with his words.

“Here’s the thing thought, this—all this, don’t fooled into thinking it’s a dream.  A cosmic warning sent by the Powers that be of dangers to come?  Far from it.  This is simply confirmation of what is meant to be.  This train is rolling and you can’t stop, your ticket is already punched for this ride.  Don’t believe me?  Then just look around Willow.”

Willow realized they were no longer in that accursed house; righteous fury dissipated and disoriented confusion returned: 

They were now in a town square at the foot of a large domed building that looked like a museum, branded on the front in large Roman lettering was ‘STEPFORD MEN’S CLUB.’  Of the actual town Willow could see very little, as her line of site was blocked from all angles by a mass of people who were, for lack of a polite term, fucking their brains out.

And Willow realized she was standing in the middle of a massive orgy involving hundreds of people in the middle of a town.  Worse, Willow saw that all the women were over sexed Bimbo fantasies like Buffy, each screaming to the top of their lungs.  Willow was at the center of a cacophony of ‘POUND MY PUSSY’, ‘FUCK ME! FUCK ME!’, ‘OH GAWD!’ and so on.  And in the mass of quivering bodies Willow recognized faces:  Dawn being fucked on the grass, Anya giving head to two guys at the same time, was that Cordelia sandwiched between two large men.  Willow wanted to look away, but there was nowhere to look to, glancing up she spotted a banner strung between two lamp posts:  ‘Stepford Community Picnic’.

Buffy was at her side laying reassuring hand on her shoulder and giving a warm friendly smile—a smile that was covered in cum.  The slayer firmly turned her to the Shadow-Man, now just as naked as everyone around them, his feet firmly planted to the ground he motion to his cock, still hard and said “Come Willow, everyone had role to play, even you.”

Willow looked back to Buffy, but her friend was gone; she caught a glimpse of blond hair disappearing into the crowd.

Suddenly Willow was outside of her body looking down at herself, but it wasn’t her now standing there in the town square.  This Willow had an hourglass figure, bountiful basketball boobs that jutted from her chest with proud gravity defiance.  She had a luscious apple shaped butt and long sexy legs.  Her hair was now a deep Crimson that reached to the small of her back.  The only thing she had on was a pair of clear plastic sandal style pumps, allowing all to see every inch or her smooth porcelain body-toned muscles and shaved snatch. This ‘Stepford’ Willow sauntered her way over to Shadow-man, she pressed herself tight against his powerful form while slowly rubbing her cunt in anticipation.  Shadow-Man turned her around, knelt down and hooked both of his arms under her legs, he stood holding her high in the air with ease.  He positioned her hungry cunt over the top of his manhood, Stepford-Willow’s whole body quivered in anticipation.  Carefully he lowered her with his powerful arms, teasing the entrance of her slit with the bulbous tip of his cock, causing jolts of pleasure through Willow’s body.

And Willow had a thought, sure she loved Tara—preferred girls, but at this moment she Fucking Craved Cock!

Suddenly Shadow-man dropped her, impaling her deep on his rod, Willow—

--Jerked awake yelling in surprise.

She was in her bed, it was a dream and now she was back in England.  In the room Giles had prepared for her:  Just a dream.

Willow panted heavily, running her fingers across her brow she felt a thick layer of sweat, her sheets were soaked.  Suddenly Giles burst through her door, a look of worry on his face.

“Willow, what happen?”

Willow took a few deep breaths, then explained her vivid dream.  About Buffy and Dawn, the Shadow-Man and Stepford; she did skip over a few details.

When finished Giles looked back at her and said “Get cleaned up.  We have work to do.”

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