Cheryl bursts into the lab

by mercury01
Storyline Riverdale Shake-Up
Characters Cheryl Blossom Betty Cooper Reggie Mantle
Category Archie Bimboization Body Modification Corruption
Previous Chapter Dilton has become Dilly Dolly, a girl too fixated on Moose to worry about all this science stuff.

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Cheryl was considering breaking the door down when it opened. "Dilton! Thank god you're..."

Her voice died when she got a better look at the person holding the door. It was a girl, there was no doubt about that. She was short but stacked. Her breasts had to be at least 38DDDs, and they strained against the crisp white fabric of the girl's button-down shirt. Her hips were equally as impressive, squeezing out of the pressed trousers she wore. Cheryl could see that the girl had quite a lot of junk in her trunk! (so why was she wearing such boyish clothes?)

Her face was sweet and innocent, with a cupid's bow pucker and snub nose. The eyes behind her glasses were wide and dewy and regarded Cheryl with a dull simplicity beneath her pixie-cut hair. Her head tilted dumbly as she looked at Cheryl, and the redhead could practically hear the wind whistling through the girl's empty skull.

"Um, like, I'm not Dilton," the girl chirped vapidly. "My name's Dilly, silly." She blinked, then giggled at her rhyme.

"Heh, I-I can see that," Cherly said, feeling a little creeped out. "Mind if I look around the lab?"

"Laaaab?" Dilly repeated slowly. She looked behind herself. "Oh, sure, whatever. That's all old sciencey junk, anyway. I was just gonna go shopping for sexy clothes and stuff. Hey, do you know where Moose lives? I was gonna, like..."

Cheryl looked around while Dilly babbled on about nothing in particular. Her eyes were drawn to a device that looked like a camera, laying discarded on a workbench. Some strange impulse drew her to it and she picked it up.

"What's this?" she asked Dilly. The girl shrugged, making her big tits wobble.

"Iunno," she said. "I think it, like, changes stuff into other stuff or something? The batteries are dead so, like, you can have it. Hey, um, you wanna go shopping with me?"

Cheryl turned the device over in her hands. The AI in the machine was carefully bending Cheryl's mind to want to carry and use the transmogrifier by flashing subliminal messages into her eyes. She would make a decent servant, for now at least.

"Y-yeah," Cheryl said, holding the device. "I wanna go with you. Buy some batteries..."

"Cool!" Dilly squealed. "We can find some hot clothes and go dancing! I bet you know where there's the best places to find like, the hottest boys!" She grabbed Cheryl's hand and skipped down the sidewalk, dragging the redhead with her. Betty's assault on Cheryl was all but forgotten as she followed her new friend. It even slipped her mind that Betty had ripped Cheryl's panties away, leaving her bare-assed beneath her dress.


Reggie sauntered out of the bank, wiping his mouth. It hadn't been easy to convince the teller to liquidate his college fund, but it turned out "Regina" had a more talented tongue than he could ever imagine. He even got a $500 bonus on top of the money, thanks to his skills. He burped and giggled. Who needed college when you could just use your natural talents to get you what you wanted?

Plans whirled in the androgynous boy's mind. Should he go shopping for some sexy clothes and makeup first? Or maybe he should visit a plastic surgeon? He had a waggle in his walk that he knew drew eyes, but it never hurt to get a little more padding where it counted... or a lot!

He plopped into his convertible and pouted. Plastic surgery could take days, maybe even WEEKS, and he wanted results NOW!


Betty slapped her forehead. "Damn it! I forgot!" She had a date with Archie! She rushed into a nearby gas station bathroom and fixed her makeup. She'd been having so much fun that she'd neglected to remember the date she'd set up. Come hell or high water, she'd show Archie a good time. She grinned at her reflection.

"Hell, I bet I could persuade him to dump that skank Veronica," she said to her reflection, flexing her muscles. "He'll have a hard time resisting this body... so will she, for that matter." Betty imagined,  for a moment, having a tasty little harem and she shivered with delight. "Maybe later."

She rushed down to the restaurant she and Archie had agreed upon, her leather dress creaking and her heels clacking.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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