Someone else is transformed

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Gender Transformations
Characters Alfred Pennyworth Batman Robin
Category Gender Switch
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Bruce remained calm, that was all he well she could do.  That is until she heard the blood curtiling scream from across the mansion.  Having shrunk from 6'2" to 5'10" the legs were not as long, but this body had much more natural grace and dexterity!  It didn't take long to reach Alfred's room and find a blonde in her early forties in near histerics as she looked in a full length mirror.

"Alfred?" Bruce said in girly voice.

The woman fell to the floor.

"And she's out!" Dick's voice said from behind her.

Bruce turned around and looked at Dick, only it was Dick when he was 14.

"What Bree? She fainted..." Dick Shrugged then stepped around Bruce to lift the woman off the floor and place her on her bed, "You going to help Bree?"

Bruce stepped forward and helped carry the woman onto the bed.  Bruce looked her over, a black Victorian maid style dress, he then looked at himself, a black sweeter, jeans and ballet flats.  She looked at Dick, he was wearing a t-shirt and boxers.

"Dick, this is going to sound weird but I need you to tell me about my life," Bruce said.

"Come again," Dick said.

"Something very weird is going on and I need to know everything that I woke up too."

"Bree Bruce Wayne," Dick shrugged, "You just turned 17 back in October, FMH is counting down till you turn 18. You're the orphaned daughter of Thomas and Martha Wayne.  For the last decade Amelia there had been raising you.  You are a genius.  You haven't even gotten out of High school and you have multiple college degrees including doctorates in Forensic Chemistry and Investigative Journalism.  Don't ask me how you managed to get those to fly.  Amelia insists that we both attend school in order to socialize us."

"Does the plan sound familiar?" Bruce asked.

"Yeah your OCD scheme to purge Gotham of crime..." Dick sighed. 

"I have been slide into an alternate time line where we are much earlier on the progression," Bruce said.

"Come again?" Dick prompted.

"This mind is not Bree, I'm Bruce Wayne stuck in her body.  I was a man in my late thirties.  I was viglante called Batman," Bruce told Dick.

"Well not that  far off," Dick noted, "Here they are starting to speculate about your alter ego... The Bat."

"Not Batgirl or Batwoman?"

"If they had a gender maybe 'bat-bitch' but as it is," Dick shrugged, "No one has IDed you to that degree."

"What training?" Bruce asked.

"Top fencing instructors, magicians, lawyers, so on," Dick shrugged, "It's always awesome when we go to get lessons from John Zatara, his daughter comes over too.  He knows that we aren't doing this for shit and giggles."

"Up coming schedule?" Bruce cut off Dick.

"It's sunday and we have next week off.  School is eight AM to five PM and you have an hour of cheerleading practice afterwards.  Don't look at me, you and Amelia made that deal," Dick said, "I have lacrosse practice."

"WHAT ABOUT US?" Bruce said with as much mennance as he could muster.

"Older sister younger brother.  I'm not going to lie," Dick's face turned red, "I have dreamed about Bree a few times and made a mess if you know what I mean... But nothing is happening.  As far as her love life is concerned, she likes girls..."

"Tell me if any of these names sound familiar;" Bruce started, "Selina Kyle."

"You two have a weird I want to fuck you, I want to fucking kill you thing going.  You two have spent so much time trying to steal each other's girlfriends."

"Diana Prince."

"Wonder Woman, yeah she has been teaching us Greek style wrestling and armed combat."

"Clark Kent?"

"News guy from the Planet? Him and Lois have done interviews with us about the Wayne Foundation, their boss Perry is the dean that approved your doctorate in Journalism."

"James Gordon."

"Police Captian, he is tasked with dealing with high profile whackos and the 'Bat epidemic' as you are being called.  Also has a cute daughter.  She is my age though!"

"Pamela Isley?"


"Edward Nigma?"

"I read about him.  Twenty one year old genius.  Makes puzzle apps for smartphones."

"Layberinth games?"

"New software firm, just read about them yesterday," Dick shrugged.

Bruce shook his head, if Nigma signed up he would start on the path to becoming the Riddler.

"Lucias Fox."

"Toy master, while he isn't turning billion dollar profits day in and out, he makes gadgets for us and gets your designs built."

"Jean-Paul Valley?"

"Nerd you hired to build the supper computer for the Hole?"

"The Hole?"

"Yeah where you are assembling all your stuff for the Mission."

"Why am I and Alfred, err, Amelia dressed in bed?" Bruce asked.

"Funny thing," Dick rubbed his hair, "Whack job broke in last night during dinner and zapped you two with a ray gun.  Gordon and crew were in hot pursit already.  He was shouting something about shooting you two so the other him could conquer the world!"

There was a gasp.

"Aaaa," Dick looked at the Wayne girl as she mouthed Alfred, "Alfred.  Look it looks like some weird stuff has happened and you got swtiche with another you.  Just close your eyes and take my hand.. Don't say anything.  Here just a few steps to the mirror.  And open your eyes, I want you to meet Amelia Pennyworth.  Wave to her, see she is waving back.  Now you and her switched spots so you are going to have to be her for the time being.  Take deep breaths.  You remember a Bruce?"

"Yess... yes."

"Bruce is also in the same boat," Dick smiled, "Alfred meet Bree Wayne, currently being played by Bruce Wayne."

"You too?" Alfred asked in the woman's voice.

"Last thing I remember before waking up was..." Bruce started.

"The Bently being shot by that strange man with a ray gun?" Alfred offered.

"Yeah well something similar happened around here," Dick sighed, "I am going to get some breakfast."

"You alone in my kitchen un-supervised? OVER MY DEAD BODY!"

"I see this Alfred is just like Amelia," Dick walked away.

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Evva, of course Babs is going to be Dick's harem lover. The real fun is in getting her to beg him to make her one.
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The Legends of Belial is a universe created by Demon-man. They've got a forum that will have all the info you need it's an 18 plus forum so you need to register. https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/index.php?login=1
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good chapter GAV. This chapter made me curious if Babs will join the harem or not.
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Jtreat :) really liked how the story started :)
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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