Black Cat

by nameless
Storyline She Venom
Characters Black Cat She-Venom
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter Heroines not part of a group

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Black Cat was grappling from roof top to roof top searching for something. She stopped on the next building she landed on and just stared out over the city. She wasn't there when Spiderman fought Venom but he told her about what happened, that Venom died, but she wasn't as optimistic. "Still no sign of it maybe Spider was right." Black Cat said with a sigh. "But we only found Brock never the suit, and we've seen it bond with other people in the past." Black Cat stroked her chin she wanted to believe it was over but Venom was to dangerous to make that assumption without proof. "All it would take is for that black pile of slime latch on to someone and even the weakest man would turn into a muscle bound behemoth with Spiderman's powers. Black Cat sighed again, "All I'm doing is stressing myself out. I'm not going to find anything,the way that venom looks it could be hidden on my costume for all I know." Black Cat joked trying to relieve some tension. Black Cat grinned, " I wonder what it feels like, having Venom on you, It fits tighter than my costume does and Brock never wore anything under it." she thought. Her face turned red as more thoughts about the symbiote filled her mind, she glanced around to see if anyone was looking and began pleasuring herself on the roof top.

The symbiote had seen Black Cat stop on the roof and was creeping towards her. It stayed silent and still hearing her talk only resuming moving after seeing her start masturbating. With her attention elsewhere the symbiote slithered behind the platinum blond woman and sprung at her. Black Cat saw the black blob flying towards her and screamed before she could even move the symbiote expanded and engulfed her wrapping itself around her like a cocoon. All her questions about the symbiote were answered and it exceeded her expectations. Unable to move an inch she could only bask in the pleasure of the symbiote grabbing her skin caressing her body as it cemented itself on her. It ripped through her costume but didn't leave her bare long taking its place as soon as it could. Black Cat's muffled moans of pleasure barely escaped her cocoon.

"This is unbelievable." Cat thought letting the symbiote take her body without resistance.

"Yess" Venom hissed "give yourself to our union and become the new Venom."

The cocoon now tightened giving it the appearance of a featureless woman.

Cat snapped back from her ecstatic mindset. "I'm may have played both sides of the law in the past but I'm no villain."

"No, but I can sense you still have the same greed and the desire for the excitement it brought you, We can bring you more than just riches we can give you power." Venom said attempt to seduced Black Cat to its side. Taste what our power will be together."

The cocoon had tightened to the point it was Black Cats skin her nipples and vagina viable through the suit. Her breasts expanded several cup sizes and her muscles became more defined . Cat could feel this new strength surge through her body and it felt good.

"Ohhh yessss." Black Cat moaned. "I want it, give it all to me."

The symbiote finished the bonding her head now the split image of Venom's with large tongue and mouth and white tear drop eyes.

"Yessss." The merged beaning moaned. "We are She Venom."

"No, I don;t think you understood." Black Cat told Venom in their shared mind. "I want this power."

The symbiote was surprised by its partner's sudden betrayal, it had succeeded in bring out Cat's dark side but not in controlling it. Maybe it had underestimated how strong Black Cat's will was or maybe it was too weak to resist regardless it was forced back to a tiny corner of her mind and sealed there.

"And I get what I want." Black Cat laughed now in full control of her symbiote enhanced body.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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