MUGEN decides to be a dick and makes EVERYONE'S first match a sex match...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline MUGEN
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Absolutely Everything Mega Crossover
Previous Chapter An Engine of Worlds - MUGEN

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    Despite MUGEN's threats, the heroes of various worlds still planned to try and free everyone.

    MUGEN, if it had real eyes at this point (or anything resembling a real body), would roll said eyes in amused annoyance.  

    "What's that?  EVERYBODY wants a Sex Match first?  Well, I'm more than happy to oblige!"  

    MUGEN cast the warriors down through the void, making them appear in the various arenas he had set up, all based on stages and areas from video games, cartoons, and anime that it knew of.  

    As they landed, every warrior saw a 'lifebar' of sorts appear in the corner of their eyes, as well as a 'super bar.'  "Everyone has their own little lifebar that shows how close you are to cumming.  The number by the lifebar shows how many 'stocks' you have left before you fall unconscious from sheer bliss," MUGEN explained.  "You're allowed to use physical attacks to soften your opponent up for fucking, but these are sex matches.  Only fucking someone silly can knock them unconscious or do any damage to them.  Each of you has been given three 'super sex' moves that will cause your opponent a great deal of bliss.  The Level 3 can take out a whole stock."  

    MUGEN giggled. "Oh, and don't think you can get away with not fighting.  Here's a little sample of what happens when you don't fight."  

    Everyone screamed as the worst agony they had ever felt coursed through them for the briefest instant.  Even the most reluctant of them resolved to fight, just so they didn't have to feel that again.  

    MUGEN laughed, and sent them to their fights.  "Good pets..."  

    Batman landed in his familiar Batcave.  He frowned.  Well, at least MUGEN is giving me home field advantage.  He looked around for his opponent, and saw a catgirl sitting on the Batmobile, grooming herself.  She was athletically built, nude save for patches of white fur in appropriate places on her body, although Batman's eyes could see that what appeared to be an outfit was actually just the odd way her fur grew in.  Her long tail flitted about, betraying her distress despite her calm face, her fluffy blue hair bouncing slightly as she cleaned herself, showing a cat's unnatural flexibility.  

    Batman cringed.  The catgirl grinned.  "Not much of a cat person?"  

    "Long story," he said.  "And you are?"

    "The name's Felicia.  I'm a Darkstalker.  And to explain what that is is also kind of a long story..." she purred.  "So I guess we have to have sex?"  

    Batman hnhed, frowning.  "I suppose so," he said.

    The same thought passed through their heads.  At least my opponent is an attractive one...

    Ranma Saotome, currently locked in his redheaded female form, pouted.  She hated the fact that she was trapped by this MUGEN thing.  And she was absolutely terrified of having sex in her girl form.  She sat on the edge of the Daily Bugle rooftop, staring out into space, as her opponent, Tommy Oliver, paced nervously.  He was worried about his girlfriend, Kimberly.  And while this Ranma person was attractive, there was the whole 'is a guy normally' thing she mentioned.  

    But on the other other hand, there was that pain if they didn't 'fight...'  

    Spider-Man crawled around the wooden covered bridge between the two bases of the area known as 2Fort.  His opponent, a young woman who gave her name as Katara, was staring at him cautiously, going through what looked like a tai chi kata, the water underneath the bridge moving in time with her motions.  He wasn't looking forward to this, even though he knew he had to fuck her.  He just wished that he could think of a way out of this.  

    Katara, for her part, didn't like anything about this situation.  But she was determined, if she HAD to fight, to win each match.  She blushed, as she was reminded once again that she had to dominate Spider-Man sexually to do it, fucking him unconscious.  Oy vey...

    Duke Nukem may have been a self-admitted pervert and proud of it, but he was always respectful (in his own way) to women.  He hated rapists with a passion, and he had sworn to shoot his own dick off if he ever forced himself on a woman for any reason.  It was for that reason that he was openly flirting with his opponent, Lara Croft, trying to win her affection and make the 'match' more consenual instead of something potentially more brutal...

    "BEGIN!" shouted MUGEN once he felt all his toys begin to ready themselves...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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