Nurse Mindfuck finishes her worship

by Anzaleth
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
Previous Chapter Nurse Mindfuck worships her god

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Dr. Psycho grinned as he wiped his cock all over his bitch's face. This was how he liked to see people like her -- on their knees, cum dripping from their mouth, and more cum oozing down their face.

"Ooooo, sir, you're so... ugghhhh!" Nurse Mindfuck moaned, unable to finish. Just having her god use her face to clean his divine magnificent dick made her cum all over again.
"Now, I have a job for you," he said.
"I want you to find the super-heroine you think is your sweetest, dearest friend, and then I want you to mind-fuck the bitch in the most degrading, perverted way you can think of."
"Oooo, yessss!"
Nurse Mindfuck came again, spewing her nectar down her leg. She couldn't wait to show her master how much she worshiped everything about him, how everyone else was worthless compared to his magnificence. She couldn't wait to betray her best friend, break the bitch's mind into numerous sexy pieces.
* * *
Knockout strode down the street, grinning in anticipation. Her throbbing she-dick was rock hard, so difficult to keep it contained as her mind boiled with ideas.
She should start at the top. Someone huge and mighty. Like the Hulk. Maybe the Hulk and then the Thing.
She'd fuck the masculinity right out of them. They'd be the weakest little sissy sluts when she was done with them.
Now, what would be the best way to locate those bitches?
* * *
Starfire sighed. Maybe part of the problem was that she had never tried to compromise with Blackfire. Star was good and Blackfire was evil, which was so different. Maybe if they agreed to meet in the middle they could get along. Like, if instead of good and evil, they both agreed to just be... naughty.

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