Cal enjoys his titty-fuck

by ESchorcho
Storyline Hard Reboot
Characters Power Girl
Category DC Corruption M/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter Karen Starr knows she must accept to many jobs are at risk

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Wasting little time in taking off her professional-looking blazer, Karen Starr began to unbutton her silk designer blouse when Cal stopped her.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, a smile of disbelief on his face.  He was shaking his head, "When I told you to slip that top off, I meant I want you topless.  Now!  Is that clear?"

"Y...yes, sir," Karen stammered nervously.  She grabbed her buttoned-up blouse at each side of her considerable chest, exhaled hard in defeat, before she yanked hard.  Buttons went flying in all directions, the top ripping in two.  She then scrambled to unhook her bra, leaving her kneeling completely topless before Cal in nothing more than her business skirt and heels.  Without warning, Karen shuddered unexpectedly in pleasure having obeyed the new CEO of StarrWare Industries' orders.

"Good, good.  You finally did as your were told," Cal said, smiling down at her and feasting on her bare, spectacular breasts.  He really was impressed by her sudden show of strength.  Cal wondered what her secret was?  Did she do pilates or something.  Still smiling that shark-like grin of his, he continued, "Perhaps I need to be more specific with my commands from now on, my little Office Bitch."

"Yes, sir," Karen gasped, feeling the air conditioned air play upon her hardening nipples and naked chest.

For a while Cal simply drank in her unbelievably sexy appearance.  Her head was bowed in either submission or shame, more than likely it was a combination of both.  Karen breathed heavily, as her her full, sensuous breasts hung loosely and her nipples stood out painfully erect despite herself.  Cal fought back the urge to bend down and lewdly grope her.  No, he decided.  It would be Karen Starr herself who would do all of the work.

"Bitch, I mentioned another part of our bargain.  To be clear, I did say I want those world famous titties wrapped around my cock," Cal finally spoke, his tone dripping of arrogance, "Or did you forget?"

"No, sir," Karen meekly said, "I didn't forget.  Please forgive me, sir, for taking so long."

Cal's already hardening cock grew rock hard in his trousers hearing the formerly self-assured Karen Starr acting so timid towards him.  She was already becoming quite submissive, and he smiled devilishly knowing that this was only the beginning for the blonde, soon-to-be officially titled Office Bitch.  Cal looked her over.  Her face was so beautiful, her breasts were large and perfectly natural and she had a slim, athletic model-like figure.  He couldn't wait to degrade every natural aspect of of Karen Starr's beauty!

He watched her move towards him.  Karen Starr's hands shook nervously as she tenderly undid his belt buckle and lowered the zipper of his pants.  She then reached in and caressed Cal's cock before fishing his member out of his pants.  Cal instructed Karen on how to please him, and soon, she had her big, natural breasts squeezed together tightly around his erection.  Her hands were squeezing her tits together around him, and her tits gently squeezed his cock.  She began to glide her fat tits up the length of his pole and back down, repeating the motion just as he had instructed.

For Cal, it was perfect.  Just when he thought things couldn't get better, she looked up at him with big, questioning eyes.  No, not questioning eyes.  They were innocent eyes, he realized.  Cal looked down at her, savoring this moment.  He thought for a second of taking his smart phone out of his pocket and snapping a picture of her big, innocent eyes.  For Cal had plans for the blonde beneath him.  Just as he had done with Lois Lane before her, Karen Starr was in for a major change compared to her former existence.  When he was finished with her, innocence would be the farthest thing from anyone's mind upon laying eyes on his Company Bitch.  He looked down at her again and thought he caught a look of reluctance on her gorgeous face.  Cal scowled.  This wouldn't do.

"Bitch, look at me.  Look at me this whole time.  Never take your eyes off my eyes," Cal commanded, and Karen's eyes immediately fixated on his, "Listen to me.  You are my new Company Bitch and titty-fucking will be one of your many new duties in your new role.  But here's the thing.  Your titties are your best feature, and you absolutely love titty-fucking anyone who will have you.  Simply put, you absolutely love this!"

A pulse that sent shivers of pleasure through Karen's body shook through her.  Cal saw Karen's head briefly twitched for a second and she close her eyes.  When she opened them, she gazed up at him anew.  Her beautiful blue eyes burned with a fiery new passion, and a little smile played at the corners of her mouth.  Karen no longer simply went through the motions of titty-fucking Cal.  Instead, she ran her spectacular tits up and down the length of his shaft, almost gyrating to meet his thrusts.

"What do you love, Bitch?" Cal groaned out.

"Titty-fucking, sir," Karen moaned out.

"That's right, you love fucking my big cock with your huge tits, don't you, Bitch?" Cal asked through gnashed teeth.  He could tell he was so close.

"Yes, sir!  I love fucking your big cock with my huge tits!" Karen husked, her eyes now half-lidded.  It was clear she was also getting off on the sex act.  Cal grinned.  Her corruption had already begun!

"You're going to have so many chances to titty-fuck the male members of my hard working staff, Bitch!  You're going to love it!" Cal groaned once more, feeling his cock on the verge.

The heroine known as Power Girl to the world flashed a winning smile and cooed out her excitement.  Her girlish display of excitement was too much for Cal.  Both Cal and Karen felt his cock quiver and he shot his load directly into her unsuspecting face.  Cal laughed at the formerly strong, independent woman, her gorgeous face suddenly covered in his white gooey semen.  It dripped down off of her chin and onto her large, round orbs.  It was clear that Karen was utterly disgusted by what had just happened and she knelt in front of him with her hands in the air, completely frozen.  She wasn't sure how to proceed.  For Cal, seeing her so lost was the icing on the cake.

"Bitch, you're covered in my hot cum," Cal mocked, "You have a press conference in a few hours.  You can't go on television covered in my cum.  You need to clean your face.  Oh, I forgot to add before that you love to drink cum.  Especially my cum.  You love it almost as much as giving titty-fucks, Bitch."

Karen immediately began to scrape the cum from her face and fed it into her waiting mouth.  When the sticky white substance hit her taste buds, Karen nearly creamed herself.  Cal was right!  Of course he was right, she though.  Karen Starr was finding that Cal was always right!  She did love the taste of cum!  She would need more and more of it, Karen decided, still slurping up the remnants of his ejaculate all over her face.  Power Girl then thought back to her secretary, Rachel, and how she had given her the duties of Office Blowjob Dispenser.  That lucky little bitch!  Karen was suddenly jealous of the sexy tart.  No, matter.  Karen was now the Office Bitch and according to Cal's contract, that meant that she was about to be used in a great many ways and with that, would come all the cum she could drink.  Would Cal tell the male staff that she loved titty-fucks and drinking cum?  She secretly hoped that he would.

'Fuck!  I'm becoming so perverted now that I'm Cal's Office Bitch,' Karen thought to herself, a delicious thrill running up her spine. She brought her sticky hand to her hungry mouth and started to lick her fingers clean.

A short time later, Karen finally had cleaned her face of Cal's seed.  She looked up at him, batting her eyelashes seductively.  She then licked her lips, before opening her mouth wide for the man to prove that she had swallowed every last bit of cum from her face.  Suddenly, a look of realization dawned on her and she looked down at her big tits.  It seemed as if some of Cal's cum had dripped onto her round melons.  Karen looked down, and then back up at him with a troubled look in her pretty blue eyes.

"Sir...I...." Karen stammered, but Cal knelt down and put a finger to her lips to silence her.

"Don't worry, Bitch," Cal said, his once mocking tone sounded almost soothing to her ears, "I told you to clean your face and you did just as I commanded.  Such a good Bitch!  No, I think you've had just enough cum for the moment.  Such a hungry Bitch!  Instead, you will rub that cum into your skin like lotion.  To anyone watching your press conference they won't be able to see it, but you and I will know it's there.  It'll be our little secret.  It'll be a little reminder for you throughout the press conference that I've marked you.  That you're no longer the CEO of StarrWare Industries, rather you're its new Office Bitch."

"Yes, sir," Karen nodded her head in shame.  She really wanted to bring her fat titties up to her mouth and lap up the cum with her tongue, but instead she began to rub it into her skin just as she had been ordered.  She did have to admit playing with her tits did feel good.  Finally it was done, and she gazed up at the StarrWare CEO, waiting for him to instruct her on what to do next.

"Now, we need to get you ready for the press conference, Bitch.  You will rise and follow me out of the office.  But you can't walk around half naked around here, not quite yet, so you will wear your red jacket over those fat tits of yours for now.  I've already arranged everything for the press conference.  New clothes and you will also have a completely new look for your big announcement.  You're going to love it.  Come, Bitch.  There is much to do," Cal ordered.

"Yes, sir," Karen Starr purred, rising to her feet.  She slinked over to her blazer and slipped it on over her naked chest, before she followed him out of the office submissively.

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