Amora and Sylvie enjoys their relationship like a challenge

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Amora the Enchantress Sylvie Lushton, Enchantress II Lady Sif Valkyrie Lorelei
Category F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter Amora talks with Sylvie to understand why she is calling herself Enchantress before touching her

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Sylvie lies face up on Amora´s bed and opens her legs showing her beautiful shaved pussy, Amora is happy playing with her ??breasts and her lover´s breasts, she bend over to start licking it, Sylvie freezes and starts to gasp at the sensation of the touch of the tongue of Amora in her pussy, after licking the pussy of her new friend, Amora want to see Sylvie's ass and orders her to put on all fours with her legs open, Sylvie obediently and blushes with a happy face and sticking her tongue to the caresses of Amora in her ass, Sylvie thinks that Amora´s hands and fingers are magic and likes the feel of hands so soft and so warm inside her. Sylvie is panting and moaning with pleasure and want to do what Amora is doing to her. Amora continues licking with great intensity Sylvie´s teen and soft ass until Sylvie cannot avoid cum and letting out all the liquid from her vagina in the face of Amora. In other circumstances, a very angry Amora would feel offended, but in this situation, shows a face of a naughty girl and very happy, and taste the juices from her lover, wiping her ass and pussy to leave nothing and swallowing every drop.

Sylvie is exhausted and with a happy face as she never felt before in her life. Meanwhile, Amora showing comprehensive leaves her to rest, sitting pensively on the edge of the bed while looking at Sylvie in a tenderly way, as the second round will start soon and now it´s Sylvie´s turn to satisfy her.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Sif kisses the Valkyrie and tells her, that she has no problem in having sex with someone who respect and admires, even if is a woman, revealing that the change of her hair from black to blonde on the part of Lorelei´s magic has clearly caused a change in her personality. Sif and Brunnhilde again pick up their swords to the surprise of Lorelei and external to the relationship between Amora and Sylvie, but this time, they will not fight like before, they put their swords in their sheaths and begin to use them using the hilt, introducing them like sex toys in their asses and pussies to give pleasure to each other.

Lorelei seems pretty amused and quite amazed and wonders if that's what they call the rest of the warrior, plus she feels a bit ignored again, she just watches like a voyeur how the other four girls do it to each other in positions that she never had seen before, and even testing the tribbing which is a mutual pleasure their pussies rubbing against each other and that can only be done by women, something that mortals seem to know well what it is.

Lorelei asked herself how much time must have passed since they began having sex with each other and whether or not the pervert is someone with a power so great as to change both her ??sister, Sif and Brunnhilde and even herself for her half-blonde condition.

Returning to Amora and Sylvie, Sylvie has rested enough to get up and look on the other side of the room how the Valkyrie and Sif are enjoying each other and among them, Lorelei is watching the warriors and Amora sitting on the edge of the bed, watching her like a mother see with proud her daughter. Amora turns around and walks very seductive toward Sylvie as she is ready in a position that Sylvie can have easier access to her pleasure points, Sylvie felt a mixture of emotions, first a feeling of happiness and lust, second, a sense of admiration and respect when she looks to her eyes.

Sylvie gets on all fours on the bed with her spread legs and her ass up high, lowering her head to her pussy trying to imitate Amora on what she had done before to her. Sylvie raises her hands and plays around with Amora's breasts, blushing both Enchantresses at the touch of their skins, shortly after, Sylvie continues working on Amora´s pussy again and starts to lick it intensely, knowing that perhaps will not be easy to satisfy a goddess, but she is willing to accept the challenge forgetting any inhibition that she had, since the Pervert had changed and had given her new skills of seduction, and having sex with the original Enchantress was the best she could do.

Meanwhile, Lorelei still looking at the two warriors and when she turns her head she has a vision difficult to forget, Sylvie licking and biting Amora´s pussy, Lorelei forget for a moment the two warriors and their sexual games and advances slowly to Sylvie, putting behind her and looking at that beautiful ass moving from side to side while Sylvie satisfies Amora, Amora is increasingly more and more excited and looks at her sister´s eyes looking for a kiss of her.

Amora panting and moaning like a crazy girl: Please come with me sister, I need you to kiss me, this girl is amazing and I need she continue working on my pussy, I think that soon I will cum.

Lorelei who keeps looking Sylvie's ass, does not know whether to follow her sister, or stick a finger in the teen blonde girl's ass, while she thinks on her decision, something unexpected happens, Amora disappears in the eyes of the witches, a cry of Lorelei alerts to the two warriors who were with their games, while Brunnhilde is kissing Sif, they hears the cry of Lorelei and realized Amora had dissapeared, Sylvie was also surprised, none of the four girls imagined was going on.

Meanwhile, in some unknown place, Amora was materialized in a sort of strange room full of machines, while recovering, Amora wondered what had happened, suddenly, a voice came from somewhere.

The Pervert: You're Amora the Enchantress, Asgardian goddess expert on sex and lust, a pride powerful witch, let me introduce myself, I am one of the elders of the universe and you call me The Pervert, I'm the one who has changed you and made your darkest desires come true, I have invoked you here because I wanted to talk to such a magnificient woman like you and make things more interesting, I had fun with your lesbian relationships but I think something has to change if you want to be the winner of my challenge, the other competitors really are giving all of themselves to win, really was a good idea to include Sif in the challenge, and the inclusion of the young Sylvie Lushton has changed some things, your sister has done much for me, without realizing of anything.

Amora: I know nothing about you, why don´t you show your real look and what do you mean to make things interesting?

The Pervert You'll find soon milady, I will grant you a new skill that allows you to give pleasure to every woman you meet (even men), I hope you do not feel bad, but I don´t care of what you think, I care only about the game.

Amora: What are you talking about, show yourself, I do not like games and I do not like that someone laugh at me.

The Pervert:  You will see soon, my dear witch.

A lightning comes from some hidden place and surrounds the Asgardian sorceress leaving her unconscious, shortly after, she is back to her bedchamber on Asgard.

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