one..no, ALL of the bat bitches

by THE_Dark
Storyline Tonight on MojoTV
Characters Catwoman Batgirl II (Casandra Cain) Batgirl Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Mojo
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In a dilapidated warehouse, dingy, yet stocked with some lovely, yet cat torn furniture, a curvaceous figure clad in tight black latex and goggles laid prone, her face with the look of frustration and anger. She stroked a black cat, purring with a nice, pleased vibration,while other cats crawled and creeped all around, on her, and on the sparse but classy furnishings of her make-shift lair.

Selina Kyle, Catwoman, was stuck in a bit of a rut. She'd just busted out fresh from Blackgate Prison, after getting busted for stealing an ancient Egytian  statue of the cat goddess Bast, on loan to the Gotham City Museum of World History. Batman had caught her,and she'd attempted to slip her way out by seducing him, which she thought would work. He'd found her on the rooftops a few blocks away from the museum, far from where prying eyes could find them. She'd stripped his codpiece and fucked him with her lavish tits; full and plump, and sucked down every drop of cum she worked out of him. He then took initiative and tore at her suit, fucking her tight, smooth snatch with animalistic lust as she moaned into the night air. Butt hat wasn't enough. He left her stripped on that rooftop for the Gotham City police to see. they snapped  photos and groped her and humiliated her.

So naturally, she had one thing on her mind: Revenge.

Well, make that two things; Revenge, and money

You see, after sending her out to Blackgate, Bruce made sure all her private accounts were cleared out. Wayne enterprises snatched up the Swiss bank keeping her funds. Even her private coffers were bare. Bruce had warned her not to return to a life of crime, and he meant it.He had Barbara Gordon, Oracle, sweep her of all her funds.

She needed to find away to make money, fast. Even a Catwoman cannot live off milk alone.
With the risk of another trip to Blackgate over her head for another cat burglary, she knew she couldn't just  steal some jewels to make a fast buck. Bruce was watching her, she knew it.

"Goddamnit! Next time I see him, I'm going to bite his cock right off!"

Suddenly, the small TV in her hideout flickered on. The image of Mojo appeared, grotesque and rotund. Selina jumped up, startled and sat up, leaning forward to observe the TV.

"Hey there sexy lady! I'm gonna make you a big, big star! and make us both some big, big money while we're at it"

"What the hell!? Bruce!Goddamit, I'm not in the mood!"

"Bruce? Zip, nope, sorry! Name's Mojo. I'm a TV producer. And you and me are about t have the biggest hit on our hands since the one that killed the dinosaurs!"

"Listen hear, fatty, I've dealt with my share of metas and aliens, but you're something else entirely.  How'd you hack this signal? How do you know about me!?"

"Baby, all you need to know is that I'm in show business! Now, let's cut to the chase. you're gonna be the hostess for my newest show. It's got everything: sex, money, and more sex!"
"Listen creep,you better not be trying to pull anything dirty..."
"Oh I am, fuckin' dirty-filthy dirty! Now think back. what is the multiverse's oldest profession?"

Immediately, Catwoman flashed back to her unglamorous beginnings as a prostitute for the most depraved, fetish indulging clients. In fact, she first used her costume for a John before striking out on a  life of high stakes crime.

"Sex." Catwoman blurted "Prostitution, the skin trade"
"Bingo! you got it! This show is all about dirty whores! And you ought to know a thing or two about that, haw-haw-haw! Now, to introduce my lovely assistant, Spiral!"

A bright flash appeared in the warehouse, and a six armed, tall, curvaceous figure appeared, clad in a blue outfit. Spiral, Mojo's cold blooded cyborg assistant. Selina recoiled at first, then looked at the woman with amused fascination.

"Hello, Catwoman. As you heard, I am Spiral. I'm here to help you in our plan, should you agree..."
"And I ain't takin' no for an answer, honeybuns! I'm gonna make you an offer you CAN'T refuse!"

Selina got up and assumed a more battle ready stance.  "Listen here, blobby, no one orders Catwoman around. You better start explaining just what this is all about before kitten takes out the claws."

"Fine, sugar tits, here's the deal:sex sells. sex with smokin' hot super babes REALLY sells. And bad guys winning gets the crowd going. So, what we're gonna do, is open up Gotham City's first, Pay-per view brothel!"

Catwoman looked furious. "Listen here, you piece of festering shit, I'm not spreading my legs for any filthy old men. I'm not that desperate. and if you're going to try to make, me, I'll find your balls and cut them clean off and shove them down your fat gullet."
"ooh! So saucy! Love it, love it! The multiverse is gonna love you! You'll be all over the gossip holovids and the tabloid  simulations! But don't worry, kitty, you won't be the one getting wet. You'll be the Madame of this brothel. No!What we're going to do is find all those  cunts in spandex running around your city. Batgirl, Huntress, Batwoman, and whoever else is wearing a mask this week."

"Hmm.." Selina knew the proposition would real in big money,especially for Gotham's underworld, thirsty for revenge. but how? even Ivy's newest mind control formula has an antidote after batman get's a hold of them."Interesting thought. but how would we do it? as much as I loathe to admit, they're all tough-ass bitches. And we're not all exactly on speaking terms."
"Got it all figured out, babe! We've got devices to control even the most strong willed bitches here on Mojoworld! Spiral! Show Kitty cat here what I mean!
"As you command, sir." Spiral began. She lifted one of her arms up, holding a small choker "This is the control collar. Wearing it will let you reshape minds and put people under your command, as far as we allow you. for now, we'll only let you control the libidos and sex drives of individuals, but if you cooperate well..."
"We'll give you power over anyone! Spiral here will beem you up  anything you need, cash, jewels, sex toys, well-hung studs! So how's about it? Is it a deal, baby?"

Catwoman took the choker, and reluctantly put it on. "It's a deal, lardass. But first, Let's test this out to prove that your telling the truth."
"Alright then! Tell spiral what you got in mind!"
Catwoman smiled wickedly. "Let's go to the Clocktower"

Mojo smiled wide with his disgusting mouth. "Let's begin, Episode 1, season 1: Catwoman's Cathouse

In the Clocktower of the Birds of Prey:

Barbara Gordon, Oracle, the former Batgirl, sat attentive, illuminated by the green light of her monitor. The lovely redhead computer wiz had been communicating with other heroines, the Black Canary, Batwoman, and the Huntress, who'd been taking down one of Penuin's criminal enterprises. She also had tabs on international heroines like Squire, sidekick to the Knight in Britain, and Katanna in Japan.

Barbra was formerly the dominoed daredoll, Batgril, before succumbing to an attack by the Joker that left her paralyzed. Still,she was as lovely as she was years ago, curvaceous, with a well shaped face. Her glasses had a green glow from the monitor, and her fiery locks kept in a neat short haircut unlike her flowing Batgirl locks. Since then, she'd watched over two new girls as the new Batgirl, the martial arts master Cassandra Cain, now Black Bat, and Stephanie Brown, and eager young heroine who'd formerly operated independently as the Spoiler, and briefly:Robin.

The two girls drew her from her technological nirvana when they walked into the room. They'd been dispatching a group of criminals around the city's dicks and were checking in for some rest and to gear up for their next mission. They were as lovely as she was, proper successors in that regard. Cassandra  is half-Asian, with light, golden skin and almond shaped eyes, and short, dark hair. She was much more lithe than the other two, with small breasts, and a very toned and muscled body that showed through the skin tight fabric of her Black Bat costume. Her ass was round and propped up the cape of her costume where it rested, so firm you could bounce coins off it.

Stephanie was much more in line with the former Batgirl's look, just as curvaceous and full figured, perhaps even more so. Admittedly, she had trouble fitting into her costume at times thanks to the size of her tits. Besides filling out the black and purple costume nicely, she also had flowing blonde locks, full lips, and sparkling blue eyes. all-in-all, she was the ideal, redblooded, all-American girl any boy would trip over themselves just to kiss, and would kill to fuck.

"Welcome back, girls. How were the docks?" Barbara turned around and addressed them.

Unbeknownst to them, they had an intruder about to show up. A bright light flashed...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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