Lorelei unties Sif and orders her to make pleasure to her while Sylvie needs to be fucked

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Amora the Enchantress Lady Sif Lorelei Sylvie Lushton, Enchantress II Valkyrie
Category F/F Female Dom Marvel
Previous Chapter Lorelei decides to help her sister mocking Brunnhilde

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Lorelei is surprised to see Sylvie, especially by the fact she seems an almost exact copy of her older sister when she was a teenager and her a child.

Lorelei takes her hand and caresses it gently with her right hand and after look at her eyes, tells to go with her to begin a journey through love and the pleasure of sex and female bodies. When Sylvie starts talking, Lorelei smiles and says to her that looks like a fun girl and her speech amuses her a lot but they need to communicate better, Sylvie gets angry about the fact that she does not understand and threatens her, an idle and useless menace because, Lorelei with a simple gesture throws her to the bed and jump to her, once over her, Lorelei takes all the Sylvie´s top exposing her large breasts, after sweetening and say nice things to her, Lorelei begins to touch her breasts and down her face a little until lift up her short miniskirt and caresses her pussy, Sylvie moans of pleasure while cumming at the moment Lorelei put her fingers in her shaved pussy.

Sylvie begins to understand Wiccan and his gay condition as one of the most beautiful asgardian goddess of the kingdom not seem to care that she is human and touched her giving so much pleasure, Sylvie is not a virgin, as before Loki in his female form transformed her from a day to another, she had sex with one of his friends in high school but never with other girls, Sylvie pretended to be Asgardian believing that it would be easier to fit into the city, but she knew perfectly well to talk in a normal way in spite of the god of lies had complicated her life, Sylvie just faked a strange lisp, mixture of asgardian/human and seemed that the people around her did not understand her or just thought she was a crazy bitch, unfortunately Loki is not around to help her to turn into a normal girl like she was because Loki is a kid now and has no memory about his adult life.

For Lorelei, none of that mattered her, to better communicate with her, she cast a spell to all people in the room could understood better with Sylvie, because she isn´t the only one going to enjoy the young Sylvie, whether she likes it, Lorelei was still over her and smiled, for, Lorelei fantasized about her sister and the fact that Sylvie resembled Amora, Sylvie kisses the blonde-redhaired sorceress before Lorelei did it first.

Lorelei loved Sylvie´s Initiative and begins to caress her body removing Sylvie´s skirt and exposing her pussy, Lorelei downs a bit her look before the satisfaction look of Sylvie and sees as Lorelei´s tongue touches her pussy as the blonde-redheaded worked on it to make her cum again, the pleasure of Sylvie was something she did not know how to describe and liked having sex with a woman, a Goddess.

Meanwhile, outside the pleasure of Lorelei with the intruder, Brunnhilde and Amora still enjoyed their relationship, Amora looked like a submissive woman while Brunnhilde was who took the initiative and took advantage of her old enemy, Brunnhilde wished Amora´s body and they began tinkering in spite of everything that had happened until they were alerted by Sif gasps that desperately needed sex, Brunnhilde had almost forgotten about her and tries to untie Sif as she approached trying to not disturb Lorelei, she turns her head and saw Lorelei pleasuring a person who she had never seen before, but first was Sif and then she will think what to do with the intruder and Lorelei. Amora had a surprised face to see an almost exact copy of herself in an teenage version and so beautiful as herself.

Lorelei sees Brunnhilde and tries to stop her.

Brunnhilde: What are you doing Lorelei, who is that cute maiden?

Lorelei: This is none of your business Aesir, first it´s my turn to enjoy Sif, you would be next.

Brunnhilde: .... How you dare to talking me like that?

Lorelei: I don´t talk with sluts Aesir, that Pervert changes you and my sister and I´m wondered if he used me to make blonde Sif, I don´t care what is happening here but I need to take advantage of everything there and enjoy what I want.

Lorelei unties Sif and orders her to suck her pussy, Sif accepts and knows she has no choice but to obey, Sif kneels before her and starts licking her pussy, Lorelei enjoys and promises she will receive more pleasure she had never dreamed and hoped Sif is up to their expectations.

Brunnhilde not know what to do and believing Amora called her, turns her head and sees Amora face to face with Sylvie Lushton that has a face of satisfaction and panting lay in bed.

Amora: Who are you and where you come from?

Sylvie Lushton:¿?

Brunnhilde: This is something that no one see every day, they seem like two drops of water, except that Amora has green eyes and that girl, blue eyes.

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