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by lolherbert
Storyline She Venom
Characters Venom symbiote Black Cat Mary Jane Watson
Category Muscle Growth Symbiosis
Previous Chapter Felicia allows the symbiote to bond with MJ as well

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"Come to me my lover" Felicia cooed. Mary Jane strutted over. Suddenly her mouth opened up to reveal a monstrous foot-long tongue. Felicia grinned and opened her mouth to reveal her monstrous tongue. Both of them embraced one another and their tongues intertwined."Oh Felicia" Mary Jane cooed in a double-voice. Felicia moaned as Mary Jane squeezed her tit and forced her tongue down her throat. Felicia began to gag with pleasure when Mary Jane broke of their kiss. She looked around sinisterly at their apartment surroundings."I think a little redecoration is in order" she joked."Oh Mary Jane, you are so right" responded Felicia.Mary Jane backed up a few steps and then stood still. Suddenly, she thrust her head to the ceiling with her eyes closed, and she stretched her arms apart. Tendrils shot out from her wrists and struck the walls of the apartment. Symbiote began to coat the walls and spread across them, and continued to spread toward the ceiling. Felicia stood by with an evil smile on her face. Soon the symbiote had covered all of the apartment walls along with all of its contents. Mary Jane brought her hands back to her sides and approached Felicia."What do you think lover?" Asked Mary Jane in her."Oh my. It's beautiful. It's our very first hive, and it belongs to both of us" she answered in her double-tone."Look at the possibilities. Forget Peter. We can change everything. We can take over this planet, you and I, and we shall reign as their queens" Mary Jane proposed."Oh yes. I love this new side of you MJ"Felicia opened her mouth and met Mary Jane's, who embraced their kiss."These suits won't be enough though. We need more power than they can provide" said Mary Jane."What do you propose then?" asked Felicia.Mary Jane said nothing but instead forced her tongue back down Felicia's throat. Felicia gladly accepted and let herself go. Suddenly, a egg-like bulge began to arise in Mary Jane's throat like a parasite. The egg swam from Mary Jane's mouth down Felicia's, and continued to swim down Felicia's throat. Horrified, Felicia broke off their kiss."WHAT DID YOU DO?" screamed Felicia. Mary Jane laughed."Oh Felicia, don't be upset. Trust me, you're going to love what happens next" responded Mary Jane as she smiled evilly. Then Felicia let out a moan and grabbed her tit, the other hand reaching down to grab her clit. Suddenly a spray of symbiote shot out of her cunt and slithered down until it attached itself to the floor. She opened her mouth in orgasmic pleasure as she threw up a spray of symbiote which attached itself to the ceiling. She continued to rub her breasts as slowly her body began to lift off the floor and levitate in the air, with the symbiote on both ends supporting her. She muffled yet another moan as a transformation began to take place.Her arms began to swell up. First to proportions of a body builder, and then swelled until her biceps and triceps became almost inhuman, which she almost wasn't anymore. Her abs began to become more defined. A six pack formed, but soon expanded across more of her lower chest until they swelled to become an eight-pack. Her breasts also inflated to become even larger than they were before, with drops of symbiote leaking from her tits. Her legs bulged out as-well, expanding out to a size comparable to that of a tree trunk. All of the while she was in complete ecstacy, moaning and even laughing and her powerful transformation was taking place. Finally the symbiote receded back to the ceiling and into the floor, bringing her back to the ground. She landed on all fours. She faced the ground and then startled to chuckle. Soon she started to laugh even harder, until she erupted into a  full on maniacal laugh. She stretched her arms and legs out and laughed to the sky. Then she looked back down at Mary Jane. She opened her eyes. She was a new being now. Her eyes were completely black. Her mouth consisted of rows of sharp teeth with an acidic tongue alongside it. Small black veins had formed across her forehead and on the sides of her face. She examined her arm and flexed. She felt her new muscles with her other hand."I've never experienced such awesome power like this before. Thank you Mary Jane" she exclaimed."Please, call me your new mistress. I shall do the same" MJ responded. "Now it's my turn".Mary Jane stretched her arms to her sides. Suddenly two large symbiote tendrils burst out from the wall behind her and began to slither by her feet."Come my children. Lend me your strength" she moaned in her double tone. The two tendrils started to crawl and twist up both of her legs. They continued past her clit and up her chest as they reached her breasts, which were covered with the white symbiote emblem. They twisted around her waist and hovered in the air for a second. Suddenly they thrust themselves onto MJ's tits and began pumping symbiote into her. MJ screamed in orgasmic pleasure as her transformation began. Her breasts immediately began swelling to much larger proportions, veins forming around them and below them. Her stomach, once completely void of an muscle, began to form abs. They too swelled out to form a six-pack, but continued growing out even more into an 8-pack, until they finally had completely transformed into a massive 10-pack. Two more tendrils burst from the wall behind her and attached to her arms, which also began pumping substance into her. By this point Mary Jane was shrieking in delight as her arms began to grow at a furious pace until they became extremely defined. Her biceps almost seemed to grow biceps and her triceps were huge. Felicia rubbed her clit as she watched, in just as much pleasure as MJ was. Finally the tendrils detached themselves and receeded back into the wall. Mary Jane and Felicia were now completely transformed from their normal 5'10" figures into massive 7 foot tall displays of muscle. Mary Jane let out a pleasurable sigh as she opened her eyes. Hers had become completely white, almost as if they became white eye patches of the suit itself. She smiled her wide, deadly smile for Felicia, who was in awe at the new "them". "No fair, you got stronger than I did" Felicia pretended to tease."Relax my venomness, for we now have all the power we've ever needed in our lives" MJ responded as she caressed her new breasts and felt her 10 back of muscles below. Both of them came towards one another and MJ kneeled down to suck on Felicia's tits. Felicia gasped in delight as she felt her fingers through MJs hair, which had now become strands of symbiotic tendrils themselves. MJ let go and stuck out her tongue, which Felicia imitated and they both embraced in one last kiss before Felicia separated herself. She looked toward the bathroom and the drains in both the shower and the sink. She looked back at MJ, who was already focused on Felicia was staring at. They looked in each other's eyes."Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Felicia."You know me so well. It's time to expand our kingdom my love." Mary Jane answered.They thrust out their arms simultaneously at the drains. At command, symbiote crawled off the bathroom surfaces, releasing themselves into the drainage systems of New York City.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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