He search all over the World for possible Methods too Control Someone. Voodoo, Hypnosis, Mind Control and Magic

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
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He searched all over the World, in all known fields and even in some unknown, long forgotten Fields. He learned about Voodoo, about Hypnosis, about Mind Control Drugs, about Methods of the KGB or the CIA to break the Mind of someone. He found long forgotten magical Spells that could manipulate the way of Thinking but he never found one Method that guaranteed 100% Success. It would be more than enough for him. Most of these Manipulations would not even work on some Super heroine like Superman, but other would. Now he had to find a way to get these new Toys to the right owner. For him it was easy to detect most of the Villains he thought of but some of them kept a very low Profile so not even his Network were able to find them. Nobody had seen Lex Luthor after his latest defeat and rumours had told that he was dead until he had podcast a Transmission were he told the World that he was still there. 

He had to find the right Enemy for the right Hero and that was not an easy task. But to his luck most of the Villains were very territorial in their Movements and so they were unknown in other locations or at least not suspected. So he could maybe fight Heroes with Enemies from other Towns. But then again he had to do some manipulation to the Villains so that they would think that they had a chance. The hardest Part were the City Metropolis and Gotham City. Both of them were guarded with two of the most Powerful Members of the JLA. Superman and Batman. On Batman´s Side there were also his former Partners like the Batgirl or the former Batgirls, Nightwing and the teenager Robin who should be around the age of 18 by now. 

On Superman’s Side there was Wonder Woman and the Archer. Also Dr. Fate seemed to be active in Metropolis but nobody knew anything about him. So it would be very hard to find Enemies that could take on these two Fighters and he had to figure a way out how he could lure them to the City. 
The only one who had been clear by now was Supergirl. He knew that Lex wouldn’t miss a chance to get a grip on Superman´s little cousin. But first things first. He could not take out all of the Heroes at once. It would be very uncommon if 3 or more Members of the JLA suddenly act strange so he decided to take on Batman first. He had to find a Way to keep him busy and he would need help for that. The best Chances for a good success had Cat-Woman and Poison Ivy. It was rumoured that the Cat Burglar wasn’t a true Villain and was on Batman´s Side as often as she was on the other Side. Maybe there was some connection between them he didn’t know about or maybe she was just one of his little distraction he liked so much. But it was clear that she would be able to get close to him. 

Poison Ivy on the other Side was clearly a Villain and she and the Bat had fought many Battles. It made her mad that there was a Man that was able to resist her and he thought that Ivy was only in Gotham because she wanted to overcome Batman. Maybe she was the better Choice. But how could he help her. She was able to produce her own toxins and was almost immune to Poison. She had also the ability to produce her own Pheromones that could charm a Person. 
Then it hit him like a Hammer. This was it. The Bats know that Ivy would work mainly with her Plants and Poison or Pheromones build up in her own Body. But as everyone knew there was always an antidote for each of her Poison. If the Bats would inject themselves with enough Antidotes they would be immune against her Power. But if she would use something that wasn’t her standards she might be able to archive her goals. He scanned his Network for a matching way and soon he found it. It was called the Lady Charm. It was an ancient Ring out of Gold and Silver. It made the wearer unearthly beautiful but nothing more. This alone would not help her against the Bats. They would just ignore it and capture her. 

No she had to get something else. And he found it soon after he had found the Lady Charm. It was a Poison that wasn’t an organic Poison. So it was something that Ivy couldn’t produce inside her own body. The Bats would not be prepared for something like that. It was a poison used by Voodoo Priests and was able to make a Victim highly open for Instructions. It wouldn’t last long and the instructions weren’t permanently but with some clever thinking she could get a foot in the door. If she would be so stupid to attack the Batman with these gifts directly she would be fail. But for him that wasn’t so bad. He would only take another Round with Cat-Woman. It took only a couple of days for him to gain access to both Items and then he send it with a special Instruction to Poison Ivy. It would find her way to her and it would look like it was from Lex Luthor. Ivy would not have any doubt that Luthor would try to take Batman out to get to one of his own master plans.

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