Lois Lane and her partner/husband Clark "Superman" Kent.

by jacob.burt
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Characters Wonder Woman Superman Lois Lane
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Lois was fingering herself like crazy, her eyes glued to the screen before her. Through half open eyes she watched Andy San Dimas dressed as Wonder Woman getting ploughed by Charles Dera dressed as Lois's own huband, Superman or as they were calling themselves in the video 'Wonder Whore and Superhunk'. 

Lois couldn't for the life of her remember what the 'plot' of this porno was–not that it mattered to Lois–it could have been about Superman suffering from a 'Pon Farr' like condition and needing Wonder Woman to fuck his brains out before he becomes so blue balled his testicles explode and destroy Metropolis. It could have been about Wonder Woman teaching Superman about human mating rituals. Or it could have been about a dude-bro, he-man, Superman putting a bitchy feminist Wonder Woman in her place and proving the superiority of the patriarchy. It didn't really matter which one it was, Lois had them all, keeping her collection in a lead lined box under the bed at their apartment (she and Clark spent most of their nights at the Fortress of Solitude, so he wasn't likely to find it). 
Lois was absolutely addicted to Superman/Wonder Woman porn. She didn't care much for the 'plot' of each movie she mostly substituted it with her own story: Diana riding Clark's great big cock like it was a bronco, Lois and Clark were each tied to one end of the Lasso of Truth and Diana was using it to make Lois admit that the sight of her husband pleasuring another woman made her feel wet and force Clark to confess that Diana was a better fuck than his own wife.
"Yes Diana, show Clark that you're the better woman!" Lois cried out in orgasm. After the video finished she ejected the disk, put the DVD back in the box and slid it under the bed.
Lois took slow deep breaths, the orgasms she had when she thought about her husband cheating on her were the best she's had in years, the idea of Clark's infidelity turn her on so much that she almost counted it a mixed blessing that her husband wouldn't cheat at checkers let alone on her
Unbeknownst to Lois her husband would indeed cheat (on her, not at checkers, you just don't do that). Now everyone has heard this excuse before, but the truth is Clark really didn't mean to cheat on her and Diana never intended to be an accomplice to his infidelity. Neither one knew what possessed them but one day they just needed to fuck each other more than anything. It doesn't really matter now because Clark and Diana have been seeing each other for over a year now, they both knew it was wrong, that they shouldn't be doing it but at the same time they couldn't stop.
"Is this what a drug addiction is like?" Clark thought as he sucked on Diana's wonderful breasts.
"Clark, I'm so close!" Diana screamed in extasy as her paramour drove his manhood into her again and again.
"Diana!" Clark groaned "I'm gonna cum!" 
"Yes! Cum in my face!" At Diana's orders Clark pulled himself out of her vulva, aimed his cock right at her open and beckoning mouth and shot a big fat load of glowing Kryptonian cum right in her face. "You really are a man of steel" she said as she licked a last little bit of spunk off his deflating penis.
As the two of them cuddled in the fortress, basking in the afterglow of their affair Clark's expression turned from blissful to guilty "We can't keep doing this Diana" he sighed "The guilt is eating at me like a starved rat"
"Clark there's something important I have to tell you" Diana said, her tone of voice indicating a turn for the worse.
Clark's ears picked up a second heartbeat coming from Diana "you're pregnant"
This was a fine kettle of fish Clark was going to have a child out of wedlock with a woman he was cheating on his wife with. What was he gonna do?

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