While Suzy enjoys her new toys, Sly outlines a new plan

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men Iron Man
Category Marvel Mind Control
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Suzy Storm reveled in the latest present from her best friend Roberta.  The Robins were great and Sly was happy for the help but these new Suzy drones were the best!  Through the Mento-Intensifier ring, she could access the Suzy Collective, sharing thoughts and experiences between her and her drones instantaneously.  It gave the former heroine a taste for how it must be to be Roberta Prime.  She could replay the events of any or all her drones as if she were there herself and, although it felt as if she were experiencing events herself exactly as the drone had, in reality the replay took less than a 1000th the time. Whenever she took time to rest or sleep she would use the time to access the Suzy Collective so that her body got the rest it needed without her having to stop experiencing the sex she now demanded.


Roberta had been insistent that two of the Suzy drones needed to remain constantly emulating the old Susan Storm-Richards persona.  One would be there to support Roberta’s children (as Suzy now thought of Franklin and Valeria).  They were cute kids and this new Suzy liked them, but it was because her best friend Roberta, who made this heavenly existence possible, needed this that it got Suzy’s full support.  The second one imitating the old Susan was needed to help keep up appearances with heroes and authorities.  Her rings could do that, but why waste a second’s more whoring time than she had to?  Both of these drones were ‘necessary evils’ to Suzy’s mind, but she certainly did not waste her other drones.  One was hooking on the street 24/7/365 with Robin Prime who now ran Sly’s street whores.  The other was hooking with her here in the Baxter Building.  She helped with double bookings as well as covered for Suzy when she was otherwise occupied with Sly’s majestic attentions, visiting high profile John’s like Tony, or simply getting some rest.


Sly watched his favorite whore smile delightedly in her sleep.  He knew exactly what she was doing.  She was occupying the body of the street hooker drone that was getting two-wayed by a couple dirt-bags in a Yancy Street alley.  Robin Prime kept him informed of this drone’s activities at all times. As if he needed the excuse, his dick grew hard as a rock watching the once moral and pure heroine revel in the debauchery that he had inflicted in her life.  Between these new drones and the healing capacity of the rings, Suzy was in a constant sex high that was deeper than the lowest crack whore.  He wasn’t just her pimp or lover; in this state he was her undisputed love god and she would do anything for him without question or hesitation.  Her old life and morals would barely be a memory now.  The world’s favorite heroine was now his devoted whore AND faithful old lady; that was NEVER going to get old!  Sleeping or not, he needed to get off and there was no better place on earth than HIS woman’s sweet cunt.


Sly pulled Suzy roughly over and plunged his huge cock into her exposed pussy.  Suzy cooed with delight as she disengaged her control of the street hooker drone to give her lover her full attention.  Sly had to laugh at her devotion; even if she were fucking Thor himself she would drop the God like a bad habit just to lick Sly’s cock! As she opened her mouth to say something, Sly pulled her into a deep fiery embrace, more to shut the bitch up while he pounded her hot wet snatch like a pile driver. Whatever was on her mind, her pimps raging love hammer and passionate embrace blew it out of her pretty little head as if it never existed. Suzy returned his zealous devotions with a frenzied eagerness of her own.  She giggled as she thought of what she was to him; love doll, fuck puppet, cum dump, love slave, fuck meat, cock candy… All these derogatory terms she would have been appalled with a month ago were wonderful testaments to what she was now and the only thing she would ever want to be; HIS, in all possible ways and in all possible meanings!! Sly could see how far this beautiful woman had fallen and it made him even hornier, but it also gave him an idea.


After two hours of merciless nonstop sex, Sly rolled off his disappointed woman.  For him, it was like pulling off early but he needed Suzy to be able to think coherently to his plan. As Suzy lit up a smoke and curled up next to him he cooed “Baby, your fuck holes are gold mines!”


Suzy grabbed his cock and expertly massaged it back to full attention as she purred back “Oh, baby! You say the *sweetest* things when you pillow talk your woman! You know I’ll do *anything* for you; anytime, anyplace!”


Sly smiled evilly as he mauled her sensitive pussy with expert fingers and ask “That a fact?  Ya know, your *not* just my old lady… Your one of my *whores* too.  Pimps and hos are *criminals*; you know that right?” Suzy had a look of supreme satisfaction as she nodded her complete agreement.  He flicked her clit as he continued “Good! Then you’ve got no problem lying… stealing… conning…beating… maiming… raping… killing??" Suzy just kept smiling evilly as she continued to nod complete acceptance and approval of everything Sly said so he gave her a hard incredulous stare as he growled “Is that a fact?  You would rape and kill without a second thought? BULLSHIT!!”


Suzy surprised her pimp as she stared daggers at him and poked a finger in his chest as she replied “BULLSHIT??? BULLSHIT MY ASS!! How the hell do you think I got MJ to be a sex crazed fluffer?  By giving her a lollypop, telling her be a good girl and to go suck some cocks?  Hell no! First I fucked her mind and then I made her fuck me and Tony for good measure.  That’s rape on two counts; mind AND body!  And what about Hardcase?  I fucked that asshole up for LIFE! He’s a human throw pillow now for Christ’s sake!  Why? Because he wanted to KILL you so I made damned sure he would never get the chance or even be able to tell someone else to try.  Now he is a living example to the other pimps NOT to FUCK with YOU!”


Normally, any bitch that confronted him like this would have gotten her ass handed to her, but in this case he knew that Suzy’s anger was 100% about zealous support and protection of her man.  As long as she did it in private she would get away with it because 1) she was HIS woman and 2) he knew he could count on her complete loyalty and honesty where he was concerned.  Still he snarled back “Who you poking, bitch?! You do that outside of closed doors and I’ll have to knock you on your ass for your own good!  But for now, LETS talk about Hardcase… Fucking him up for life isn’t exactly killing him, now is it?  Neither was fucking up his bitch until she had a face out of a horror movie, was it?”


Suzy eased back a bit out of respect for her lover, but she still held his angry gaze with a fire of her own as she replied in controlled anger “Well, the bitch was more for fun and entertainment but there was a reason for Hardcase.  He didn’t DESERVE a quick death.  Hell, he didn’t deserve a slow painful one either; but don’t you think *that* didn’t cross my mind!  *He* deserved a long life of helplessness worrying when one of the people he fucked over would find him and what they would do.  He deserved to know that no matter what, he had lost everything and wasn’t able to do a fucking thing about it. You think those bitches stayed and helped him? Fuck no! They dropped his ass off at the hospital and headed for Vegas on the first plane out of town!  Robin found him in a crappy, underfunded rest home in the Bronx.  I had her pass a ‘get well’ card with his new address to all the pimps and hos for a 10 block radius making damn sure that anyone with a grudge knew right where to go to laugh in his ugly face!  Killing him would have been a *kindness* and I don’t give that shit out to no one but you and my friends!”


Sly smiled wryly as he said “Now friends is a good topic.  You’ve been getting lots of calls from them since the announcement that you and Stretcho were finished… What kind of kindness are you doing them?”


Suzy knew who he meant.  The Wasp, She Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Firestar, and Crystal had been leaving messages every day.  She, or more accurately one of the Susan drones, had met a couple of them for lunch a few times but that is all.  Suzy cooed in response “Baby, I only have 3 friends; Roberta, Robin, and Tony.  And they are a far, *far* second place to you! Those other bitches calling are just more reflections from a past I want to forget!”


Sly pulled her in close again and cooed “So you’ve got *no* problem using the phone bitches?”


Suzy smiled wickedly as she replied “Oh fuck no baby!  What do you have in mind?  Turning tricks on the street? Starring in one of Tony’s pornos? Come on, I know you’ve got something sweet in mind!”


Sly gave her a warm kiss before he told her what he had in mind “I’ve bought a big storefront on Upper Yancy Street.  It is close enough to the respectable part of town that I can open a swanky gentleman’s club. I’ve got 4 Robins making the updates as we speak. Now about 20 of my girls are good looking enough to dance there, including your street whore drone, but I can’t spare more than a few hours a week from them.  For the most part, I have it covered with deals with 10 of the other pimps that their top shelf girls can dance there and arrange for big spender regulars to visit their normal work environment, same is my girls.  I was thinking though, it would be great to open up our playground here to select clients too but even with the drones, I can’t do it with just you and Robin.  We need some more power pussy.”


Suzy giggled with excitement as she pushed her pimp on his back and straddled his enormous erection before he could say a word.  Her ideas started gushing from her mouth “Oh, this will be SO cool!  First I will arrange a ladies night with the girls and get them into a nice closed room at a nice restaurant.  I will send my most prim and proper Susan drone and load it to the gills with the perfume.  Next I have the drone gas the shit out of the bitches with the perfume and bring them back here where we can put the finishing touches on our new cunts for hire!”


Sly grabbed her hips and started to pump her harder as he replied “No, you’re going to meet them *personally* and *one at a time*. Use the perfume and then the rings to seal the deal, but remember we are only going to make them ***PART TIME*** workers for us.  We can’t have the whole superhero community hunting our asses.  The bitches *need* to keep their day jobs!.  March their asses to the new club where I will fuck them senseless before we put their sexy asses on stage.  We will have a transport pad there at the strip club that will bring them and their johns back here.  We will have all sorts of subliminals and other hypno, Mind control bullshit at the club and here to reinforce the heroines’ new moonlighting careers as well as make it so the John’s won’t know where they really are or be able to tell anyone else about the hookers or our Fantastic Whores brothel here.  But for anyone that they know to be cool and would enjoy the fantasies we offer, our satisfied customers will be compelled to bring friends to the club.”


Suzy had a multiple orgasm as she cooed “oh, fuck yeah!”  The thought of changing her old friends into part time strippers and hookers was just too damn sexy.  This was going to be lots of fun!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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