A few days later

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Mary Jane Watson Moonstone Emma Frost
Previous Chapter Suzy and Reed meet at the Xavier School

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Xavier Institute for gifted Children.

Reed was in his class again and tried to teach his young students something about the physics while he did write it all on the desk. He finally had found a matching point of his knowledge and theirs and on this Point he would be building up. He had thrown himself into work for a whole week now. Roberta had gave him a few days to get over his feelings but then she had gave him what he really needed. Her body and her love. It wouldn’t take any longer and both of them could show the world about their feelings. See looked into another class where Ben Grimm played with some kinds from the School. Most of them were under the age of 13 and liked the big orange rock and his funny jokes. He also liked it to work with the kids and tried everything he had to get them interested in soccer or like he called it .. FUßBALL.. stupid Germans. She was one of the brilliant mind of this planet but she couldn’t get any interesting thing in this sport. But as long as it would help Ben to find peace she was happy. He also had made it possible that his girlfriend could move to the new home of the Family so he wasn’t alone. Emma was busy in lecturing her students about the benefits of a good old blowjob and she was eagerly sucking on every cock she could get a hand on. Strangely none of her Students had missed on hour in her class for more than a week now. She was sure, that Emma would be very useful for her later time. It was good to have her as a backup weapon if Xavier would come back. She feared the Ruler of the X-Men a little bit because nobody had ever seen him fighting with full force. But it was rumored that he had been able to defeat a level 5 Mutant. Roberta had never seen a registered Level 5 Mutant, but on the Lichtenberg Scale it said that a Level 5 Mutant would have the ability to destroy or alter the whole world at once or at least would have a significant imprint on the life of earth himself. Xavier and Magneto were both Level 4 Mutants, also Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops. Emma too was a level 4 Mutant and the weakest member was Jean Grey. She was only a listed Level 2 telepath, but that wasn’t true. It had been unable for Roberta to copy the Power of Jean grey fully and there were Parts in her mind that were black and blocked from her vision. She would have to deal with this woman sooner or later. But right now she wasn’t a threat to her. She was working in the secret basement of the School and tried to get information about the Quest in middle East. The X-Men fought against some of Magnetos Foot Troopers there but the real reason for taking so much effort in this land wasn’t clear after all. Johnny was depressed like never before. The words from the Doctor had hit him very hard and he feared that he was the main reason for it. But she was sure that he would get over it very soon. 

Ms. Frost? May I talk to you for a second? She catches the blond bombshell right after her class and the blond vixen smiled at her. 

Sure Roberta. How may I serve you? She asked without wondering how that sounded. Was she really this devote to this woman? She looked deep into her and saw only deep obedient feelings. A little part of her knew the brutal truce. It would be hard to erase this strong mental condition that she had put on herself for over a week now. If nothing would happen in the next 4 weeks it could be permanent.

You could do me a special favor. My friend Johnny could need some cheer up. I think that you will know how to make him feel better don’t you?

Shall I fuck him? She asked licking her red lips.

I think you will do all that is necessary to make him feel good again. I “hope” you understand that Ms. Frost? 

Yes Roberta. I understand and will do what I can do for him. Maybe I will find out how HOT he really is! She smiled and moved away. Knowing that Emma was just the person to get Johnny back to his old self she moved to Reed. He surely would need his after-class-blowjob soon and she didn’t want to let him wait too long. 

Mary Jane and her career. 

MJ was bored of this new shooting. The guy on the camera was an Idiot and this shooting was so boring. Her Tiger was working for the Papers right now or tried to save anybody as his alter ego. Life was soooo boring right now. She had spent some hours with Stark to convince him from his work and had wanted to visit the new company. Sadly that hadn’t been possible until now because her work had taken too much time. She had got some new interviews and was sure that Tony had made some calls for it. She would gave him another extra good blowjob when she saw him next time. But finally she would get to Mr. Braun this day and would show him how eager she was to learn and how good she would follow orders. 

Hello. I am Mary Jane. Mr Braun is waiting for me. She said the woman behind the desk as she entered the Trump Tower. It was unbelievable that Tony had managed to get a Porn Factory right inside one of the most famous buildings in New York. But the woman only nodded and gave her a Visitor Card. With that she was able to enter the Lift and drove to the floor of the new founded Star Company. It was just a little hint that Tony had to put on. His Ego wasn’t allowing it that there wasn’t some of his name in the company name. 

She moved to the office of the Chief in Charge but found it empty. She was informed that Mr. Braun was at the set right now and he was waiting for her there. She was so happy to finally get the chance to see how a real porn was made. She had masturbate a whole week about herself jerking and licking the actress hard again or wet again. Finally she would get the satisfaction that she was seeking. And maybe this Mr. Braun could be interested to in her skills. 

Mr. Braun. This here is Mary Jane Watson. She had a meeting with you. A worker introduced her to Mr. Braun and she had to admit that he was a good looking man. He wasn’t extra ordinary good looking or build like Adonis but he was a good looking man in the early 50. 

Mr. Braun. I am glad to work for you. She smiled her warmest smile and pushed her breasts out a little bit, but Braun didn’t even notice her. 

DAMNIT! RICO!! I told you that you have to fuck her in the ass and then that you have to come on the body of the black witch! Can’t you read the script you Idiot!? SHE has cursed you and you will cum on HER not IN Vanessa! Boahhhh. We have to take this scene again. Then he looked to Mary Jane and nodded angrily. Mr. Starkingson told me that you would come. But he said it would be much earlier. Not to worry. He is paying all of this so I think you have some bonuses. BUT if you are here you will do your best okay?

Yes Mr. Braun. I won’t be a burden for you Sir. I promise! 

Okay? Sure? I saw you on a wall outside. But if you want to work here as well fine. I was informed that you won’t take part before the camera. Very sad. I could use an actor with your look! 

MJ smiled at this and licked her lips.

Sorry Mr. Braun. It would be negative for my reputation. But maybe we could talk about that late a little more.. private? She smiled at him and he understood her. 

Maybe I will come back to this. But now. First things first. You are here and I want to see if I can work with you. This Idiot there is called Rico. He isn’t very clever and CANT READ a script! So we have to make this again and again! Get him ready. Or do you have a Problem with that?

She grinned like a little cat and moved to the stunning man on the Set. He was a typical Porn Star with a huge cock and big well build muscles. He smiled at her and said.

Hay. I am Rico …

She didn’t say anything to him and pushed him on the bed between the two woman. Then she started to kiss his dick and lick over his balls. 

I am MJ. But excuse me. Time is Money and Mister Braun wants to see you ready again… So spare your words and be a nice stud and get hard for me again yes? Maybe we could talk about our lives then later in your room!

With that she started to suck on his cock until it was erect again and each one in the room was impressed about her skills while doing it. After the work was done she smiled and followed Braun into his office. 

So Mr. Braun. Maybe we can talk now. She smiled at him and he looked over her body while she opened her blouse. Both of them smiled as she got down on all fours and crawled under his desk. 

Pier Four and the Prototype

8 Roberta Drones were working in the secret Lair that Reed had built after Attacks on the Baxter Building. In here there were the weapons and artefacts that were too dangerous to fall into the hands of any villain. And right the Roberta Drones even build something even more dangerous. In a Cube they scanned the Humanoid Skeleton that was taking form. On his legs some devices were spraying a 0.13 mm thick layer of Adamantium. It was enough to withstand the detonation of a neutron bomb just like Wolverine too. Roberta Prime hadn’t used so much Adamantium for her own body because it would be able to detect to easy. She had only a armor that was half of this one but was able to withstand almost every force on this planet. But on her prototype she wanted an unbreakable armor. More Adamantium wasn’t possible because some chain reaction in the metal would decrease its molecular holding and it would be useless. 

Another drone was busy downloading every combat tactic ever created on the Planet or found on the artefacts of other Alien races. Some other Roberta’s were busy to get the improved Energy Core minimized so that this Android would have the necessary energy output. The design of the new found Rings from the Mandarin came in very handy right now. Right now the Android had an energy output from 14 billion Kilowatts per hour and was as powerful as an average Nuclear Power plant with only 1/ 1000 of its size. But even this amount of Power wasn’t enough for her Prototype. The Hades beam she was working on was a single shot Matter/Antimatter Pulse weapon that generated a single beam of negative energy and needed three times of this power for only one shot. Not to mention the Quantum Fields she was working on. It would be very hard to get all these Weapons and Defense Systems running without crashing the entire System. 
But somehow Sly had managed to get information about this location. The Tech in there were rumoring in his mind. He hadn’t understood what Roberta was building there because it had the highest security Level but even the other Items were very interesting for him. 

A first Impression of Sofen and her skills. 

Sofen had worked very hard to get all the critics silent for now. She had not even tried to do something suspicious and had been very correct with all the restrictions from SHIELD. But her time wasn’t wasted. She had gathered information from multiple Sources. It hadn’t been hard to find the secret bugs in her rooms and it was even easier to fool them. So she had been able to get important information out of her patients. Something was happening here. It were only small parts of the Puzzle but Tony Stark was working on something new. He had put aside great finances but nobody in the company was aware of that. Each one only knew about little pieces of money but she had been able to collect all the information into a bigger picture. She wanted to know what it was. Maybe it was a new Avengers Project? This was a very important Thing. Maybe this was the real reason for him bringing her into this position. Maybe he wanted her in this new Avenger Team. But with whom else? Which other Person would be in her team? It was clear to her that only she had the character and the Willpower to lead a new formed Avenger Team. She had to find out more but how? Then something else came back to her mind. In the last days this young Model Mary Jane Watson had visited Stark very Often. And Susan Storm had been here also 3 times. In each case the Woman and Stark had been very exhausted after their meeting. Was Stark having an affair with this woman? Maybe she should give it a try.

She waited for her next opportunity and found it as Mary Jane Watson entered the building. She quickly moved to her Lift and entered it too. 

She had put on some of her favorite Jewelry and a very good looking Suit. 

Oh my GOD! Your Mary Jane Watson! She smiled with a fake smile and put the young woman at her pride. It always worked with such young starlets. And also it did on this case. MJ smiled at her and looked at the stunning blond. Somehow this woman would be much better placed in the Movies from Braun than in such a boring Business Suit. She saw the beautiful Jewels dangling at her ears and on her neck shimmering in the light. Sofen smiled and raised her necklace to her eyes and smiled.

You like it? It is a very beautiful Necklace don’t you agree? I like how It is reflecting the colors of the light when I swing it like this. 

With that she started to swing the necklace with slow motions from the back to the right. MJ nodded but didn’t followed the movement with her eyes.

Oh my dear. You can’t even see it. It is such a beautiful light. It is like looking up in the heaven and look at the beautiful stars. Do you like the stars? Then say me if you agree with me?

For a short moment she followed the Jewel swinging back and forth and nodded. She saw the necklace reflecting the light in all colors and it was very sweet. Just at the moment she wanted to look away again she heard Sofen say.

Oh don’t look away so fast. I promise that there is a little secret about this gem. If you are able to focus on it you will see a secret inside it. All you have to do is to follow the gem moving back and forth. I will slow down a bit so you can follow it with your eyes. We doesn’t want that you try to hard don’t we? Look just at the gem and relax. I promise that it is worth the try. Trust me. I know what I talking about. 

For some reason MJ found it hard to look away again. She wanted to see this secret and concentrated on the moving gem. 
Sofen smiled. She was a very venerable Object and it was easy to get her under even in this limited timespan

Yes Mary Jane. This is good. Focus on the Gem and try to figure out what I want you to see. I will help you by guiding your Mind to the Place I want you to see. I will bring you to a place you won’t feel any worries or any danger. A place of totally peace and love. A place of total rest and relaxing. 

MJ nodded only and followed the gem now in rhythmical movements.
Yes my dear. I will guide your mind to a place where both man and woman feels safe. I want you to tell me everything that is a connection between and Tony Stark. 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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