The warden shows up.

by Master_Kind
Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
Previous Chapter "I will do anything to keep my lovely new boobs," Cass Cain murmured

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Bonnie smirked and pointed, whispering in Carmen's ear.

"See that gag on the desk by Maria Hill? Word is she knows something - something REALLY important. If we tell her to trust us now, while she's huffing in Purple Man pheromones and getting those Ringmaster flashes in her eyes, she just might tell us what her big secret is!"

Carmen's eyes narrowed and she nuzzled her partner. She'd always been more into guys but as a former porn star, she wasn't picky about who she fucked. That, and fucking with these snobby superbitches was really turning her on!

"Yeah? What do you think it is?"

"Let's find out!" Bonnie said, giggling, hands reaching for the keyboard.

"What exactly is going on here?" came a booming female voice.

Carmen and Bonnie both fell out of the chair they'd been sharing before clambering to their feet awkwardly.

"Warden!" Carmen gasped. "We were, uh- just administrating the usual suggestions!"

"Yuh-yeah!" Bonnie added with a nervous smile before typing words into the keyboard.

"I will never attempt to escape, no matter what." came the voices of the superheroines in response.

Maria Hill, Fire, Invisible Woman, Squirrel Girl, Batgirl and Wasp all hit the "No" button while the other heroines hit the "Yes" button after various degrees of resistance. Wonder Woman almost decimated the "Yes" button with a hard smack, much to everyone's surprise.

"Hmm." the Warden said with a suspicious look. "The Amazon is obeying far more readily than I would have thought. Keep an eye on her."

"Yes, Ma'am!" chimed the Body Doubles in unison, snapping off salutes and hoping the Warden wouldn't investigate further.

Glaring at the two women, the Warden drew out a dangerous looking sword from the scabbard on her side and raised it towards the two guards.

"Oh . . . and one more thing - keep your extra suggestions to a minimum, you horny idiots! Too much psychic conditioning and they'll snap in an annoyingly unpredictable fashion! I don't think our little prison can take another She-Hulk incident, do you?"

"No, Ma'am!" Carmen said, gulping.

"Not at all, Ma'am!" Bonnie added. "Just the main suggestions, we understand!"

"See that you do." the Warden hissed, sliding her sword back into it's scabbard. "I won't have all of my hard work undone by your libidos."

She turned toward the horny doctor in the corner, glancing down at the bulge still tenting his pants.

"Hmm. Doctor, you should have that looked at. Take one of these new subjects aside and see if you can persuade her to do something about that unsightly bulge."

"Yuh-yes, Ma'am! Th-thank you, Ma'am!" stuttered the doctor.

"Actually . . . take Wonder Woman." she told the greasy little man. "I want to see just how truly accommodating she can be. Perhaps her enthusiasm may be an act. Find out just how far she's willing to go."

"Yes, Ma'am!" the Doctor said with a big smile on his face. The Warden snorted at him, amused, before leaning over the keyboard and entering the final command.

"I must never, EVER disobey the Warden. I will obey her every command." the superheroines murmured in unison.

The results were the same as before, each superheroine who fought the previous command fighting this one as well, while the rest hit the "Yes" button.

The Warden sniffed in approval and moved over to Maria Hill and replaced her gag roughly, making tight rope burns appear on her cheeks.

"Keep this one gagged AT ALL TIMES and do NOT get ideas above your station, Body Doubles. Some Amazon might see you and get ideas as well."

The two former assassins nodded fearfully.

"Now, if you two bimbos think you can manage it, go ahead and send all of them but Wonder Woman to get dressed and assign them to their cell blocks before sending them to the mess hall. Dismissed."

The Warden slammed the door behind her, just as each of the superheroines began to come out of their hypnotic trances woozily.

Bonnie and Carmen both shuddered. Neither of them could place the Warden's face but they each felt a deep and terrible fear of the woman. Shaking off their terror, the two guards moved to shove the former heroines in line and out the door.

"Move it, bitches! We haven't got all day!" Bonnie yelled.

Carmen moved swiftly, smacking Diana right in the ass with her baton when she tried to join her former comrades-in-arms.

"Not you, Wonder Whore! The doc needs you for some 'special tests'. Go with him and do whatever he tells you to do, got it?"

The Amazon merely nodded, following the doctor to the exam room, her face unreadable

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