Gold Digger/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

by Fanfic Fetishist
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The Technodrome was a near-impregnable fortress.  A massive war machine of tremendously lethal potential.  Even more so now that its sole ruler, the alien warlord Krang, had free reign to upgrade it without the input of so-called 'allies.'  He had added advancements that made it impossible to be infiltrated by mortal warriors.

So Krang was understandably surprised to find out that he had visitors.  

The alien brain, nestled comfortably in the stomach area of his hulking robot body, stroked his chin thoughtfully with a tentacle as he considered the being standing before him.  

He was a relatively handsome man, with a muscular build, long, dark hair and a dark complexion, and quite possibly the most evil face he'd ever seen in his life.  Something about the man made Krang uneasy, unwilling to approach him.

"...First things first," Krang said.  "Who are you and how did you get into my facility?"  

"My name is Dreadwing," the man said in a voice that Krang could only describe as 'demonic,' the alien warlord cursing himself for using the illogical term.  "And as for how... Well, it wasn't easy.  I actually had to use a great deal of magic to sneak past your defenses."  

"'Magic,'" Krang scoffed, sneering.

Dreadwing smirked, and assumed his hybrid form, his body tripling in size as dark purple scales grew over his body.  Massive wings sprouted from his back, his grin becoming fanged as his eyes glowed red.  Krang, mildly alarmed, took a step back, preparing to activate the Technodrome's internal defenses.  Before he could, however, Dreadwing gestured, both he and Krang vanished in a swirl of light.  

When Krang came to his senses again, he found himself in a massive castle overlooking a pastoral paradise.  He looked around, confused, his sensors indicating his location had changed.  He looked over at Dreadwing, frowning.  Lacking no other explanation, he was forced to admit that maybe, just maybe, magic wasn't something to be scoffed at.  

"Magic," Krang said softly.  

"I apologize for that display," Dreadwing said, gesturing and teleporting them both back to the Technodrome, shifting back to his fully human form.  "But I need your full attention on this, Lord Krang."  

"You have it, Dreadwing," the alien warlord said, glaring cautiously at the draconic intruder.  "But first, how did you know my name?  The four factions have kept out of the news completely, so as not to attract the attention of outside authorities."  

Dreadwing smirked.  "That's changing, Lord Krang," he said.  "The Ninja Turtles have made contact with a group called 'Agency Zero,' a group of... " 

Krang sneered.  "I'm familiar with Agency Zero.  They thwarted a scheme of mine in the Alps one time," he said.  "Shortly after I separated from Shredder and those two nincompoop mutants..." 

Dreadwing nodded slowly.  "Yes... I was wondering why the split occurred," he asked.  

Krang growled, and tromped over to a monitor, typing in something and showing a series of battles with the Ninja Turtles.  "Bebop and Rocksteady were two punk leaders that we had mutated.  Shredder was a master warrior of a ninja clan called the Foot.  The four of us, seeing mutual benefit, decided to to team up.  However, our plans were foiled again and again, our desperation to win making our plans sillier and sillier until we became little more than Saturday Morning Cartoon villains, easily beaten by the heroes.  The constant string of failures became too much, and we all turned on each other.  Shredder took his Foot clan and left, going back to using human ninjas exclusively.  Bebop and Rocksteady stole the formula for my retromutagen and left, building an army of their own.  I kept the robot Foot ninjas and remained here.  And... oddly... each of us suddenly found our effectiveness quintupling and quintupling again.  Now, each of us rules a fourth of the city.  The Foot clan controls one fourth of the city.  I control another fourth.  Bebop, Rocksteady, and their army of mutants rules another fourth.  And the Ninja Turtles and a small contingent of heroic mutants are holding the last fourth."  

"A four-way stalemate," Dreadwing said, nodding.  "Frustrating.  I myself am in eternal checkmate against a powerful foe called the Ancient One.  She's drafted me to create a device called 'Negative Infinity.'  With her 'Positive Infinity,' we've been in an eternal chess game for control of the universe for several millenia now."  

Dreadwing gestured, manifesting an image of Negative Infinity in the Terrordrome's control center.  Krang stared at it in awe.  "Remarkable!" he said, understanding the mechanics of it instantly.  "A device that can manipulate the flow of time and space!"  

Dreadwing nodded, pleased he didn't have to go into detail.  "Indeed.  But unfortunately, it functions like a chess board.  I make a move, and the Ancient One makes a move with her half.  It's cost me pawns, resources... and at times, dignity," he said.  "I absorbed the souls of two wererat thieves.  Together, they possess incredible luck, however now their spirits haunt me endlessly and try to steal things from my allies." 

Krang blinked. "...Is that why I felt hands pawing at my android body as I passed by you." 

Dreadwing blushed, embarassed and angry.  "Y-Yes.  They were looking for a wallet.  I wanted to get that out of the way so you understand if you see me talking to myself," he said.  

Krang bit back a chuckle.  This Dreadwing was more interesting than he seemed at first.  

"A-Anyway," Dreadwing continued, "my war with the Ancient One has recently taken a turn for the worse.  An ally called Serpentus has turned on me, making his own plans.  And a major resource, a sentient artifact called the Summoner, was taken from me when her supervillain boyfriend was restored to life by the one who nearly killed him in the first place.  They've both switched sides and now work with Agency Zero, the Summoner going back to calling herself 'Array.'  I'm down to two slaves, both of them master schemers that I trust about as far as a mouse can throw a mountain."  

Krang flinched.  "You do seem to be at a loss for reliable help.  Tell me about this 'Array.'" 

"She's an Enigma.  An ancient artifact of tremendous power.  She can manifest a new body with new abilities and its own personality, giving her a limitless set of resources and powers to draw upon.  The only real drawback she has is that each of her bodies has its own personality and when she takes them back into herself, the personality of that body remains."  Dreadwing chuckled.  "Really, it's a wonder she was able to stay sane with over a hundred voices in her head."  

Krang scowled.  "So she has over a hundred forms already that you know of," he said.  

Dreadwing nodded.  "Most of which she used on me when the dragon queen T'mat restored her lover to her and secured her loyalty.  I find myself... at a loss.  Especially now," he said.  

Krang blinked.  "...'Especially now?'" 

Dreadwing nodded, gesturing, eldritch symbols forming.  "There is a rare harmonic convergence coming, one that's going to take place in New York," Dreadwing said.  "It will, through this city, create a link to the mystical realm of Jade, and your own Dimension X.  All of my more dangerous enemies are being lured here, as well as a few other potential problems, all of them seeking to either end the stalemate or exploit it, allying themselves with one of the other factions.  Shredder, for example, has engaged the services of the Night Flight air mercenary team." 

Krang nodded.  "I think I see," Krang said.  He looked to Dreadwing for permission, who nodded and altered the spell so Krang could manipulate it.  He reached up with his android body's arms, and began to tweak things, moving them about.  "If the forces in this rare convergence are linked, then you and one other could amass a great deal of power.  There's only one issue I can see, though.  Everyone in the area affected by the convergence would be... oh dear..." He trailed off, chuckling.  "Would be overcome by intense sexual desire and a loosening of morals." 

"Meaning everyone of breeding age or older is going to become very horny very quickly and find themselves not caring who they fuck at all," Dreadwing said, scowling.  "If I were to try and take advantage of the forces after I started manipulating them, I'd be overcome by lust as much as those in the city or the affected areas of Jade and Dimension X would be."  

Krang blinked, realizing.  "...Which is why you need my help," Krang said.  "I'm an asexual lifeform, so the magic wouldn't affect me at all."  

Dreadwing nodded.  "I can teach you how to use magic, Lord Krang.  I can get the process started, lock everyone into the affected area, and you can take over from there as I slowly lose my mind to the lust effect," he said.  "Oh, and before you think about stealing all the power for yourself, here's what would happen if one person tried to claim all the power for themselves."  Dreadwing gestured, creating a magical image of a man exploding graphically and violently, in great pain.  Next to the image was the math proving that would be the result.

"...Ew," Krang said, wincing.

"Right," Dreadwing said.  "So.  Do we have an alliance?" 

Krang nodded, extending his android body's hand for a handshake.  "Indeed," Krang said. "You've drafted a very interesting proposal, Dreadwing.  I look forward to our success.  And if nothing else, seeing our enemies rutting like animals will be most enjoyable.  Oh, and stop pretending you actually respect my authority.  It's insulting."  

Dreadwing nodded, smirking.  "Very well then, Krang," he said, shaking Krang's hand.  "To our success."  

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