Courtney returns the kiss, transforming her into the lusty telepathic temptress she'd always dreamed of being

by Master_Kind
Storyline Mirrors, Mirrors
Characters Stargirl
Previous Chapter Another superheroine comes across the Mirror of Sexuality

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Stargirl hesitated for a moment . . . but only for a moment. She leaned in and kissed her double full on the mouth - slowly at first, then with more passion, closing her eyes and leaning into her womanly double. She felt a delicious warm tingling all over body as her other self kissed her hard and expertly.

"You won't regret this, darling - I promise." came a sophisticated purr inside her head just as her entire body exploded with a deliciously orgasmic sensation.

"Ahhh! Ohhh . . . mmmmm." Courtney heard herself gasp in a much sultrier voice. She opened her eyes with a slow flutter and looked down.

She was greeted with a canyon of cleavage to rival Power Girl or Emma Frost's, two epic globes barely contained by their expensive leather corset, her hot nipples rubbing delightfully against the warm leather.

"Oh, my, yes." she said, sliding her hands all over her new body. "I dare say this will do QUITE nicely."

Her mind was now utterly free of teenage doubts and insecurities. She held herself with utter confidence and pants-tightening sensuality, every inch a seductive woman who knew just what sort of body she had and loved to show it off. Of course, her pussy was rather hot but she knew just how to take care of that little problem in short order. The only question was who would take her cherry. She knew she wanted an experienced lover who she'd have fun taking to the brink of pleasure and back again and again. Her former crush Tony Stark? Nightwing? Wildcat? Wolverine? Possibly even Superman?

"Ah, ah, ah - I shouldn't get ahead of myself. I'm sure all of my teammates will need some time to acclimate themselves to the new me. Speaking of . . ."

Courtney raised an eyebrow and concentrated. She knew how to use telepathy like an expert now, just like she now knew she'd be strong and able to fly even without her belt and rod. She read the minds of Hawkeye, Tony Stark and Tigra expertly, along with the dreaming Power Girl. Only Dr. Fate's mind was hidden from her but she knew she'd be able to read it if she pushed - not that she intended to do so. That would be bad manners and he was never her type.

"It seems I certainly wasn't lying about the telepathy. What's this? Oh, dear. Poor Karen."

She clucked to herself and shook out her long, blue-blonde hair before moving with confident strides towards the Med Lab, her six-inch stiletto thigh-high boots clacking as she walked. She loved the way her tight thong let the cool air tease at her thighs and amazing new ass.

"Pity she didn't embrace her secret fantasies like me. It would have be nice to be smarter than her as well as sexier."

Just as she was about to enter the Med Lab, Tony Stark and Tigra rushed out.

"Oh, God, what now?" Tigra hissed.

Tony Stark, however, was just at a loss for words.

". . . Courtney? Is that you?" he finally stammered out.

"Yes, Tony, it is me. Do call me Star Woman - I daresay "girl" doesn't fit anymore, does it?" she added with a wink. "And you needed worry, Greer - unlike poor Karen, I'm in full control of myself and quite happy."

Tigra snorted.

"FATE!" snarled Tigra, raising her claws.

"Must you be so catty? I'm perfectly fine! Better than ever, in fact, given my new telepathic abilities. Oh, Tony! What a . . . VIVID imagination you have. We'll have to see about those notions of yours later."

Dr. Fate came in to see what was the matter but Courtney raised a perfectly manicured hand.

"Doctor, I am not a threat. In fact, I'm a more efficient teammate than ever. I'd offer to join you all on the trip to the CHECKMATE Helicarrier but somebody simply must keep an eye on the bitchy, nymphomanic Kyptonian whilst you're gone."


"I read her mind, Doctor, and I'm keeping her asleep, if only to save poor Hawkeye's jaw. She's having quite the vivid dream about fucking the Hulk into submission over and over again."

The three stared at her in stunned silence.

"She speaks true. I sense no malice in her soul, just strong sexual desire - desires she is in control of, at least for now." Dr. Fate said after a moment, clearing his throat after doing so.

Courtney smiled and traced a finger down Dr. Fate's chest.

"See? He says I'm fine. And do watch those eyes! Careful, Doctor, you're a married man after all."

"I didn't-" choked out Dr. Fate, with a voice that made it clear he was blushing under his helmet.

"I'm merely teasing. Go help out Fury and his friends, I'll mind the store with Hawkeye - he should be recuperated in a few minutes."

Tigra growled as she rolled her eyes at the awestruck Iron Man and Dr. Fate.

"No way in hell am I leaving this . . . "Star Woman" here alone with an unconscious Power Girl and Hawkeye! I'm staying here to make sure nothing else insane happens."

Courtney shook out her hair in a dismissive huff.

"Jealousy really doesn't become you, Greer, darling. Fine, do stay around - I'm sure more chaos is sure to happen if magic mirrors are appearing all over our secret headquarters."

"Uh, are we sure this version of, um, Courtney is okay?" Tony asked Dr. Fate.

"I'm far, far more than simply "OKAY", Tony, darling." Courtney purred. "Wouldn't you agree?" she added, arching her back slightly and cocking out one hip for emphasis and smiling. 

Tony actually gulped in response. The new Star Woman was like Emma Frost turned up to 11 with a dash of Psylocke for good measure.

Dr. Fate cleared his throat and touched Courtney's forehead - one of the only non-sexual parts of her body now.

"She is not evil. More importantly, she is correct - we must find and stop these mirrors NOW! Tigra, remain here and take care of them both. Use her and Hawkeye as allies if you must - I fear this threat is only just beginning."

Dr. Fate gestured and created a portal, pulling himself and a gawking Tony Stark along by the arm to the Helicarrier before Tigra could complain.

"Ha! Tony apparently thinks I have a nicer ass than you, Greer. Psylocke as well. Nice to know I'm so well-regarded."

Tigra scowled at Courtney and pointed a clawed finger up at her chest. Much to the heroine's annoyance, Courtney now towered over her, with or without her added six inches of heel.

"Look, "Star Woman", I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, so just stay out of my way and don't cause any trouble. Got it?"

"I hardly think-" Star Woman began but was interrupted by another distress call.

"-need help! Some kind of mirror, it's infecting everyone with aspects of the seven deadly sins- barely got away from Garfield! He's so full of lust and rage that I can barely-"  a panicked Raven's voice panted out before a crash sounded.

"NO! Beast Boy, STOP! This isn't you- aaahhh!"

The signal died but not before a loud, angry and carnal growl sounded off.

Courtney cocked her head to one side and frowned.

"Looks like we'll just have to get to know each other on the job, Tigra. Shall we be off to rescue those poor teenagers or do you want to stand her glaring at me all day?"

"Fine!" sneered Tigra. "But who's going to watch-"

Power Girl flew through the door, licking her lips eagerly. She hadn't bothered putting on more than just her boots and cape.

"Hey! Did somebody say there was somebody 'filled with LUST and RAGE' we had to stop?!?"

The Kryptonian's eyes were eager and her hands wandered all over body.

Tigra prepared to launch herself at Karen but Star Woman put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry - I'll keep her on target with my new powers." Courtney told Tigra in a condescending tone. "I'm sure you'll be able to claw something while I use her to save the day."

Hawkeye stumbled out of the spa room, putting on his costume.

"Who was that in mah head and- guh." he said, stopping to stare at Courtney with awe and lust in his eyes. "STAR GIRL?!?"

"It's 'Star WOMAN', now, handsome." she purred. "Admire me later, Clint - we've work to do. Go get a Quinjet ready for us and we'll brief you on the way."

Tigra hissed and stormed off towards the hangar bay.

"Tigra! Wait! There's another mi-" Star Woman began.

"God dammit, Courtney! I am NOT taking orders from YOU!" snarled Tigra before taking off on all fours. "Just shut up and stay out of my way! You're still a JUNIOR member, GOT IT?!?"

Courtney closed her mouth and smiled evilly. She was going to warn Tigra about the mirror but frankly, the bitch was annoying her. Besides which, if it turned out as well as it did for her, Grant would be thanking her later.

"Of course, Tigra. I'm just silly little Courtney after all. Do lead the way, SENIOR member." she said with an insincere smile.

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