The Pin destroys the original Scarlet Witch and moves on to its next subject/victim

by BatPimp
Storyline The Anti-Broken Hearts Pin
Previous Chapter The Pin makes even more copies of the Scarlet Witch

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After the Pin detached itself from the original Scarlet Witch, the woman was converted into energy. All that she was, all the years she lived, all the emotions she had experienced during her life fueled the Pin and allowed it to create the different copies that were now ready to go after their intended lovers.

It was time for the Pin to find it's new subject. It found him in a dark and dirty city called Bludhaven. The Pin's target was no other than the city's protector.

Richard "Dick" Grayson, also known as Nightwing among the superhero community, was one of those men that were both extremely popular among women and had rotten luck at relationships. It was exactly the kind of candidate that The Anti-Broken Hearts Pin liked. So many lost loves, so many short flings, so many unresolved crushes, so many broken hearts...

The Pin was delighted at the prospect of making so many copies. Dick's love life's history being rich and complex, the Pin decided to proceed in order and grouped Nightwing's affairs by themes or time periods.

Nightwing's two great loves had undoubtedly been the first Batgirl and Starfire. Barbara Gordon, who had been the first Batgirl and was now known as Oracle, and Richard had fallen in love when they both apprenticed under Dick's adopted father, Bruce "The Batman" Wayne, and served as his sidekicks, the first Robin and Batgirl. Their relationship ended on a sour note when Dick left Gotham because of his conflict with Bruce. Even after his comeback years later, Richard and Barbara were unsuccessful at rekindling their flame.

His history with Starfire, Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, had been equally as tragic. The two had started falling in love when they met and founded the Teen Titans along with Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. Their team however broke up when Starfire had been forced to return home to rule over Tamaran. Nightwing contemplated the possibility of following her, but could find it in his heart to abandon Earth and his duties. Dick's ensuing depression made him unable to lead his team properly and they simply parted ways.

That made two copies that didn't need much tweaking.

During his time in Gotham as Robin, Dick had had only two crushes aside from Barbara: Alfred Pennyworth's niece Daphne and Bette Kane, aka Flamebird, sidekick of Batwoman, who was a rival vigilante of Batman. But during his Teen Titans years, there have been many girls Richard had been attracted to or that had unrequited feelings for him. That list included Raven, both Wonder Girls (Donna and Cassie), Supergirl and Dawn and Holly Granger, the female version of Hawk and Dove.

Which made eight more copies.

After the Teen Titans disbanded, Dick returned to Gotham and established himself as the protector of the neighboring city of Bludhaven. He had then had quite a few flings and affairs, with both superheroines and normal women.

In the non-superheroines category, Dick had had trysts with Cheyenne Freemont, a metahuman that didn't want to be a hero, Emily Washburn, that was involved in a case he solved, Raya Vestri, a childhood friend from his days in Haly's Circus, and Amy Rohrbach, with whom he partnered in the Bludhaven police.

Four more personalized copies.

In the superheroine category, Nightwing had encountered many women with whom he partnered on different cases. Most of them were actually part of the Birds of Prey, a mostly female team lead by Oracle. His previous lovers included Helena "Huntress" Bertinelli, Catalina "Tarantula" Flores, Dinah "Black Canary" Lance, Cynthia "Gypsy" Reynolds, Karen "Power Girl" Starr and even Sandra "Lady Shiva" Wu-San and the Amazon Artemis (Dick does have a weakness for redheads).

Making it seven more adapted copies. For example, the copy destined to Power Girl had been given the same powers as her (a Kryptonian Dick Grayson), while the copy destined to Lady Shiva wasn't a good person anymore, as Sandra had actually been an assassin.

Speaking of villains, Dick had enjoyed a few encounters with some of them. Long ago, when he was still Robin, he had been captured by Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn who decided to teach him about sex. More recently, he had infiltrated a supervillain team under the nickname Renegade and became a mentor to Deathstroke's daughter Rose "Ravager" Wilson, who had later reformed.

That made three more copies, though some of them were made to be as insane as their intended partner.

Batman had later put him in charge of another superhero team: the Outsiders. Nightwing had caught the eye of a few of his colleagues, mainly Emily "Looker" Briggs, who was a vampire, Tatsu "Katana" Yamashiro, Kimiyo "Dr Light" Hoshi and Jade, the daughter of Alan Scott the first human Green Lantern.

An additional four copies were made.

Speaking of Batman, Nightwing was so popular with the ladies that he had even had affairs with some of his adopted father's ex-lovers, which included Zatanna Zatara, Selina "Catwoman" Kyle and Talia al Ghul.

Three more customized copies were made. Catwoman's copy was just as wicked as her, while Talia's was outright evil.

Those weren't the only superheroines and villainesses Nightwing had met during his surprisingly long career, considering his age. He had notably encountered Thundra, as a villain, Barbara "Mockingbird" Morse, Ophelia "Viper" Sarkissian, whom he met with accidentally when he was after Talia, Laura "X-23" Kinney, Carol "Ms Marvel" Danvers, Betty "Red She-Hulk" Ross, Natalia "Black Widow" Romanova, Felicia "Black Cat" Hardy, Jessica "Spider-Woman" Drew and Elektra Natchios.

Making it an additional ten copies, for a total of fourty-one copies! The junior Dark Knight sure got around.

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