Naughty Petey is fed Mama Suzie's milk

by Gorel
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Spider-Man Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic Blob
Category Marvel M/F Muscle Growth
Previous Chapter The Lady Liberators help the rest of the Avengers relax under their care.

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Spider-Man felt like he was suffering deja vu, having gotten his head out of one boobie abyss only to find himself trapped in another. He didn't have much time to breath as he was pulled up and pressed face first into one of Susan Storm's bare nipples, his head pressed deeper into her tit flesh until it looked like he was buried there. "Hmmmzmmm, ghemmphmmfgmm!"

"What was that Petey? Your trapped down a well? Well of course you are." Chirped Susan as she enjoyed the double attention she was getting from both him and her husband. Reed continuing to dive into her pussy face first like his life depended on it, more likely because it did.

Gasping for air as he was finally given enough slack to pull his head out of Susan's bust, Spider-Man looked up at the now amazonian Susan Storm as she smiled back impishly. "Susan, Miss Richards-" "STORM!" "Miss Storm, you gotta hide me! There's a group of giant power babes after me because they think I kidnapped the Blob."

"The Blob?... Oh yeah I left him at the hotel after I squeezed him like an orange." Giggled the tall muscular beauty as she twirled her long hair with her fingers. "Susan! Y-you cheated on me?!" Cried Reed in shock before his head was planted back between her legs. "I didn't say stop Reed, but no I didn't, 'cheating' is such a cold way of seeing it." Reasoned the Invisible Woman as she let Peter sit down beside her, keeping him close with a powerful arm and squishing the side of his face against her breast. "More like... I took a free sample, After all the X-Women, Avenger ladies and the Brotherhood girls all took a ride on him and look at them now. I mean come on Reed, I would NEVER cheat on you." Cooed Susan as she played with Reed's hair while he ate her out.

"Do I have to be here while you two are doing this?" Cringed Spider-Man as he saw the Invisible Woman squish her husband between her muscular thighs, moaning with her eyes closed as he finally got her off. Her cries of passion making Pete whimper. This was a bit too much for him. "YES Peter!" Panted Susan. "You should know better than to sneak into a lady's window while she's occupied, next time use the door!"

"OK OK sorry. So... What are you gonna do?"

"Well first off Reed is going to fix me some lunch, aren't you Reed?" Lifting her dazed and mangled husband from between her legs he wobbled off to do just that while Susan redid her night gown. "Second, nothing is going to happen to you while I'm around, besides you still need to make up for interupting playtime with my husband." Moving elegantly towards the Wall-Crawler she leaned up against his chest, her breasts pressing up to his chin as she enjoyed their size difference looking down at him.

"But Susan, I thought you said you would never cheat on me." Cried out Reed from the kitchen.

"It's not cheating Reed... Its a free sample."


"Gotta get to that Strange place, find a place to hide!"

Sneaking his way through the streets Fred Dukes tried to make his way back to Doctor Strange's sanctuary in the city. He managed to steal a long coat and hat to hide himself as he walked down the streets, everywhere he went women leered at him like a prized steak ready to be marinated. And who could blame them? Before he drank that glamour potion he was the epitomy of the Fat-Sack-O-Crap, now he looked like an underwear model that did muscle magazines on the side.

But he knew better than to let ANY of these women get too close to him, one ride on the Blob express led to the ladies in the Brotherhood to turn into amazon power houses, along with every other super powered lady that got whiff of the thought that he could 'enhance' them. Eeeping in shock as one woman actually pinched his rock hard behind he turned a corner and ran, knowing he was less than half a block from his destination.

"Almost there, just gotta run a bit longer, avoid eye contact and... And... Awwww FUCK!"

Collapsing to his knees in front of the empty lot where Doctor Strange's mansion once stood was a picket fence and a sign that read that he would be gone for the year. Sniffing back in both fear and worry he wondered how this could get any worse.

"Well well well, we knew you'd end up here sooner or later."

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