Emma encounters Wolverine and Storm, who becomes the first teachers to fall victim to her mental rewiring...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Wolverine Emma Frost Storm
Category Mind Control
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    Emma moaned, bringing herself to climax, lewdly fingering herself as she watched her students, not even caring anymore if someone saw her.  A steadily weakening part of her mind wondered if she was going insane due to what the Pervert did to her.  But that part of her was quickly being drowned out by a lustful, Onslaught-esque personality that called itself by her old title, the White Queen.  The idea of making all her students her love slaves appealed to her not just because it would save her from being a pleasure slave for an Elder of the Universe, but because of the level of control it would give her.  

    Oh how she loved control.  How FUN it was.  All those delicious cocks and tasty cunts...

    "Having fun, Emma?" said a gruff, amused voice.  

    Emma eeped girlishly, turning to see Wolverine and Storm in the doorway of her office, amused expressions on their faces.  

    She hastily closed her shirt and pants, snapped out of her White Queen state for the moment.  But she could feel it rising again...  "Can I help you?" she asked.  

    Storm just shook her head, smiling gently, guessing incorrectly that Emma had been feeling lonely and making a point to talk to Scott about it later.  "We were just wondering if you had the grades for the last exam finished," she asked.

    "I sure hope so, considering that you seemed to have some free time just now," Wolverine quipped.

    Emma glared at him, pulling the file out with the graded papers.  "Here.  As a matter of fact, I did have some free time.  Anything wrong with that?" she said.

    Wolverine took file, chuckling.  "Nah.  When you've been on your own as long as I have, you learn to get your pleasures where you can.  No harm in indulging when there's nothing else to do," he said, Storm nodding in agreement.

    Emma smirked.  "Figures you'd approve of indulging an animal instinct," she said.  And then, the White Queen part of her mind reminded her of what she wanted to do to the teachers.  She smirked, and discreetly reached into their minds, accessing their thoughts about the students.  As she made small talk with the two of them, she did some discreet editing of their thoughts and personalities, rewiring the way they thought.  

    By the time she was done, both of them now viewed the students as their personal fucktoys.  Neither of them would think anything at all about dragging one of them off to have sex with them, willing or otherwise, nor would they even care if they saw someone else do it.  Their personalities were the same otherwise.  And neither of them would be aware of the difference in their behavior.  The White Queen part of Emma's brain cackled wickedly, savoring this.  

    The two of them wandered off, discussing the grades.  Emma grinned, turning her attention back the students, who were enjoying the day out on the grounds.  

    Mine, she thought.  All mine.  I'll share with the others, but all of these young, nubile mutants are mine.  They are all the property of the White Slut Queen, Emma Frost.

    Elsewhere, the five Stepford Cuckoos sense Emma's movements, and worried.  They had been among the heroines brought to the Pervert's sordid party, and were trying to make plans of their own.  Something inside Emma had unlocked, causing her to become stronger than them.  They, like Wallflower and Emma, had plans on seducing the whole campus.  But Emma was rapidly becoming dangerous.  The collective mutant girls debated staying and teaming up with Emma, or fleeing.  They felt Wallflower considering the same thing, leaning more and more towards running away, and were starting to lean that way themselves.  

    Emma, meanwhile, sent out a wave of psychic energy that would make the students unable to resist when one of the altered teachers grabbed them.  She'd go after the other X-Men later, but right now she needed some relief.  She sent out a telepathic message to her Hellions to meet her in her office, and sent out another wave to make the teachers that weren't Wolverine or Storm have something else to do for the next three hours.  She licked her lips in anticipation.

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