Time for community service - each superheroine has to engage in a pornographic photo shoot for charity

by Nighthawk
Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category F/F Female Dom Prison
Previous Chapter Ok, break it up or you get shocked...

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The heroines were ushered into a room that looked like a studio.  Cameras and stage lights surrounded a raised platform.  A number of other guards, all male, stood at the cameras and lights.  They grinned lecherously as they saw the heroines. 

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Cassandra growled, only to earn another shock.  She cried in pain as she collapsed to the floor for the second time in five minutes.   

“You really need to learn to keep your mouth shut, Bat Bitch,” Bonnie smirked 

Susan and Wanda rushed over to help her to her feet again.  Through the pain, Cassandra glared defiantly at the Body Doubles.  The former assassins merely grinned before turning to address all the heroines.    

“The warden’s decided on a relatively light punishment, considering this is your first violation of the rules,” Bonnie began to explain, “We’re going to hold a special charity event and you ladies will be the key attraction.” 

“You’ll all be putting on a little show for the cameras there,” Carmen grinned at the stunned reactions of the heroines, “The footage will be broadcast live online and viewers will have the option to donate to a number of charities.” 

“Y-You want us to pose naked for god knows how many people online for charity?!”  Fire gasped in surprise. 

“Yup,” Bonnie answered, “Should be easy for you, DeCosta, seeing as how you used to model.  Except no pretty dresses will be gettin’ in the way of your tits and ass here.” 

“You can’t do this!”  Wonder Woman shouted defiantly, “I refuse to-AAHHH!” she was cut off as a powerful shock ripped through her body. 

“You can and you will do this, inmate!”  Carmen snapped, "You’ve all been sent here and we intended to make sure you repay your debts to society by any means!" 

“Just because we’re prisoners doesn’t mean you can do this to us!” Janet protested as she helped Diana, “We have rights!  You can’t just treat us like-AH!” she was cut off as Carmen boxed her with her baton. 

“You have no rights, bitch!”  Carmen barked in the Wasp’s face, “Get that through your pretty little head.  Here, your ass belongs to us and we can do as we please with you!  If we tell you to jump, you’ll jump!  If we tell you to dance, you’ll dance!  If we tell you bark like a dog, you’ll get down on all fours and bark like the bitch you are!  Got that?”  Carmen held the teaser-like device up threateningly.    

“Y-Yes,” Wasp muttered quietly.  She and the other heroines were powerless to do anything but stare between the guards and cameras in horror at what was about to happen. 

“Alright, now, who wants to go first?” Bonnie asked mockingly.  

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